101 Tarot Questions to ask your Psychic

By Nataly Porter Nov 09, 2022
Tarot can answer any question and light the necessary path up. But you should be very accurate with the question you ask. Learn the rules for formulating Tarot questions and get the key to your situation!

What questions can Tarot answer?

Everybody faces challenges in their lives. Sometimes even the strongest and extremely goal-oriented people don't know their next step, feel lost, and need support. Most people don't like discussing their private life with friends and close ones. Psychologists and coaches are too aloof for them. Here Tarot comes to the rescue. Tarot is the easiest way to get answers to the questions that torture you and light your following steps to reach your goals. 

Tarot is:

* Safe. It's not even necessary to pronounce your question out loud. It's enough to think about it and concentrate on it.

* Comfortable. You may get Tarot reading anywhere you want and need it.

* It has answers to all your questions. 

Sometimes you may not understand the meaning of your reading or think it's not related to you. But some time later, you will realize that the cards were right. 

Celebrities admire this fortune-telling as it gives precise answers and ways to solve any issue if you have a specific request. Most Hollywood stars use Tarot to decide whether to try a new role.

But! Before using a Tarot spread, you should prepare. If you ask your question the wrong way, you may get the wrong answer, leading you nowhere. Here are the rules to ask Tarot for help:

* You should concentrate on your question only (you may meditate before it to help yourself relax and avoid noise in your head)

* Choose one sphere for every Tarot reading. Don't mix up career and private life.

* Money questions should be asked on separate days.

Here you may find the 101 most popular Tarot Questions you may ask your Psychic. You may use them if your request coincides with them and you are afraid to ask the wrong question. It would help if you were accurate (as we explained above). Firstly you should define the topic of your question. The most popular topics are private life, money, career, and health. Below you can find tips for correctly asking your question on the most popular topics. Don't be upset if you don't find the necessary questions here. In this case, you may find a question closest to yours and edit it according to the rules.

Private life

Private life:

1. What can I do to meet my significant other faster?

2. How can I make sure I have found my significant other?

3. What character trait will attract love into my life?

4. What can I do to strengthen my relationship?

5. What obstacles should I overcome to meet my true love?

6. Is my heart closed to a new relationship? If it is so, what can I do to correct the situation?

7. What negative things can I bring into my relationship?

8. What positive things can I bring into my relationship?

9. What can I do to understand my significant other better?

10. Why did I break up with my ex-partner?

11. Why do I attract cold people?

12. How can I forget my ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?

13. Can I follow my inner voice if it hints at love?

14. How can I help my partner to grow in a relationship?

15. What is my lesson for the next relationship?

16. What hidden negative attitudes prevent me from getting married?

17. What prevents me from being happy?

18. Is my partner faithful to me?

19. How can I break my current relationship?

20. How can I start a new relationship after the breakup?



1. Where will I be in 10 years?

2. What should I do to earn more?

3. What colleagues should I avoid?

4. What should and shouldn't I do to succeed?

5. What negative beliefs about money have I inherited from my ancestors?

6. How can I learn that I've found my destiny?

7. What is the energy of my workplace?

8. What does my boss think of me?

9. Should I quit my job?

10. What are the spheres suitable for me?

11. What sphere will bring prosperity to me?

12. What activity will bring me a fortune?

13. What are the ways to work less and earn more?

14. How can I attract prosperity?

15. How can I get rid of negative beliefs about earning money?

16. What are my strengths?

17. Do I need to change my profession?

18. How will the new training help me increase my income and change my status?

19. What is the cause of the conflict?

20. What is the key to my success?

21. What are the prospects of my work?

22. What should I do to get promoted?

23. How can I improve my position in society?

24. What am I missing to build a career?

25. Why am I not advancing in my career?

26. What energies surround me in freelancing? (Specify the activity.)

27. What are the project prospects?

28. To what extent will this business idea be promising in social terms /from the point of view of finances?

29. How favorably will it affect the activity to hold an event not in point A but in point B? (Here, you can ask about any detail of the project and how it will affect the course of events.)

30. How does the boss evaluate my work? What does s/he think of me as an employee?

31. How favorable and promising is it to enter into a partnership with (insert the name)?

32. What are the prospects for a business partnership with (specify the name)?

33. What are the chances you can earn more in this job?

34. What are the chances of getting a promotion?

35 What are the chances I will continue working with the same boss?

36. How favorable and promising is it to invest money in the project?

Looking for yourself:

Looking for yourself:

  1. How can I start finding joy in life again?

2. What prevents me from enjoying life?

3. What changes in my life would make me happy?

4. Should I resume a relationship with (insert the name) or let them go?

5. Why do I feel stuck or stagnant?

6. What is the state of my health?

7. Is my malaise dangerous for my health in general (describe)?

8. What should I do to improve my health?

9. What do I need to give up for my health to improve?

10. Why do I keep attracting the wrong partners?

11. Why do I hold on to a toxic relationship?

12. What is the primary goal of this stage of my life (specify the sphere of life)?

13. Should I take the initiative, or is it better to be quiet (clarifying the situation)?

14. What is the energy of my close ones?

15. Who is spreading rumors about me?

16. What do my close ones think about me?

17. Should I move to a place I dream about?

18. How can I change my life?

19. Why can't I have a baby?

20. What crystals are helpful for my aura?

21. Why did I come to this world?

22. What is my karmic task?

23. What can I do for this world to make it better?

24. How can I get out of sadness?

25. What is the main thing in my life, and what is secondary?


1. What will my future child be like (the specification is needed)?

2. What spheres should I avoid in the nearest future?

3. What health problems can I prevent?

4. What pitfalls are waiting for me in (specify the sphere)?

5. Will my dream come true?

6. What exactly influenced the emergence of the current situation?



1. What can I do for a full recovery?

2. What happens if I agree with the treatment prescribed to me? And if I refuse it?

3. What will happen if I have an operation (or manipulation)?

4. What will happen if I choose a particular doctor?

Some abstract questions may be helpful if you want some tips to improve your life and learn what sphere needs your attention. 

1. Does Tarot have a message for me?

2. Who is my spiritual mentor?

3. Does my mentor have a message for me?

4. What new things should I be open to (specify the life sphere)?

5. What are the features of my aura? 

6. Why do I often see duplicate numbers?

7. What magical abilities are available to me?

8. Am I on the right path now?

9. What signs of the Universe do I fail to notice?

10. Should I follow my plan (specify the sphere)?

So, as you see, the rightly formulated question is 50 percent of success. Besides, ensure your Psychic is competent enough to interpret the cards' answers. Some beginner psychics can't answer all the questions and only use the simplest ones. The best way to choose your Psychic is to ask your friends, close ones, and acquaintances for recommendations. You may use this website if you need a trusted psychic right now and don't have time to look for guidance. It will provide you with only authorized psychics.

This article will help you get ready for your personalized Tarot reading. Mind that you shouldn't concentrate on "yes" or "no" questions. Concentrate on the questions that will help you learn your next steps.

So, how lucky are you?
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