Love Compatibility Horoscope

By Tassie Zingaro Jan 26, 2021
Sensual attraction can be of different types – check the type of chemistry that may appear between you and other signs!

We all heard about love chemistry – the unexplainable connection building up between two people as if at a wave of a magic wand. Unfortunately, this connection is a very rare occasion, and the chances of having a disappointing experience are way higher. In fact, everyone has been there. But we are ready to share an astrological secret with you: the sun sign you were born under predetermines your behavior in love relationships. Would you like to find out what sign is destined to be your best match in bed? Then read on and learn with whom the fire of your passion will burn the brightest!

Forest Fire: Aries and Sagittarius


Passion sweeps over Aries-Sagittarius duo like a forest fire. Both of you are into adventures like hiking, swimming, or running, and your love life is nonetheless dynamic. You like to act on the spur of the moment, which means going to bed together wherever you are whenever you feel like it. Arian and Sagittarian independence and ambition will add up and result in an eventful, fun and versatile love life, with experiments being an essential part of it.

Bonfire: Virgo and Taurus


Both of your signs are practical, so your love life is nothing like the beautiful pictures from romantic movies. It is very similar to an indoors bonfire - you are focused on getting warm rather than on whether it looks strange. There is enough awkwardness, but not the shy variation. Some things (odd sounds, etc.) might ruin the moment for others, but when it comes to Virgo and Taurus duo, neither of you cares, since you are only concerned with what you feel. Taurus enjoys Virgo’s perfectionism, since it drives the latter to please the partner no matter what, while Virgo is turned on by Taurean strength and readiness to take action.

Fire Show: Gemini and Aquarius


Your duo is exotic and spectacular, just like a fire show. Both of you are playful and open-minded. It’s never a problem for you to share desires with each other, to express disappointments and offer solutions, to experiment; your communication skills make dirty talk the best prelude. All in all, you are quite comfortable in bed with each other; your love life is anything but boring.

Sulfur Torch: Cancer and Pisces


Ancient Romans made torches out of sulfur and lime, and they kept burning even when plunged underwater. Your love life is very much like this torch – since you are both Water signs, you are most likely to catch fire in a pool, lake, or ocean. Your combined empathy and sharp intuition help you read each other’s bodies like a book and ensure the greatest pleasure possible. You have a passion for new things, always changing types of positions and even locations. Your love life is both romantic and intense, very harmonious and fulfilling.

Fireworks: Leo and Libra


Leo feeds on adoration, appreciation and love, all of which Libra is eager to provide. None of the two signs is too shy to explain in detail what they prefer and dislike and why; their love life needs a little effort to be exciting, but when the effort is made, the lovemaking is a firework, spectacular, romantic and at times dramatic. Another reason for their successful union is Leo’s love of showing off the pretty things they have, and Libra’s being the most stunning of all Zodiac signs.

Candle Light: Scorpio and Capricorn


Scorpio and Capricorn are very different, like soft wax and burning fire, but when they come together, their duo works, producing a gentle glow, just like a candle. Capricorns love to work hard and sometimes get wrapped up in their thoughts, but passionate, dramatic Scorpios help them loosen up and get funky in bed, which goal-driven Capricorns willingly do. No matter what tickles Scorpio’s fancy – whipped cream, bondage or something more hard core – Capricorn is up for the challenge.

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