Common Relationship Problems of Each Sign and How to Handle Them

By Tassie Zingaro Dec 16, 2021
No one is perfect, and an important part of being in a relationship is accepting your partner, flaws, and all. Unfortunately, more often than not, these flaws can lead to bigger problems that negatively affect the relationship. If we can pinpoint the problem, we can become mindful of it and learn to work past it.


Aries people are bright, feisty, and love to move fast. On the flip side, they can sometimes be too impatient and rush into things without looking. Along with the fact that they can have a hard time following through, they often find themselves in short-lived relationships that fizzle out quickly. Aries people should try to slow down and think critically before making a commitment. Patience is a virtue that will help them greatly in their love life.

​Relationship Tips for Aries


Taurus people are sensual and thoughtful and can usually find something to appreciate in any given situation. Unfortunately, their biggest relationship problem can be their tendency to get complacent and allow the relationship to get stuck in a rut. If they form a self-indulgent habit, it will be very hard for them to break it. Taurus people should stay mindful of their habits and their tendency to be too stubborn and resistant to change or improvements.

Relationship Tips for Taurus


If you’re interested in a Gemini, it’s likely because of their wit and intelligence, as well as their conversational skills. Their quick minds can start to backfire on them, though, leading to forgetfulness and scatterbrained tendencies when under stress. If they feel backed into a corner, they may try to lie their way out. Their best bet is to remain honest at all times and to have a partner who understands their fast-moving mind.

Relationship Tips for Gemini


Cancer people are some of the kindest, most considerate, and loyal people. Unfortunately, they can also be insecure and clingy and may become codependent. Any criticism from their partner will hurt their feelings, leading to moodiness and shutting down emotionally. If they become too clingy, it can lead to issues of possessiveness. Cancers should be with someone who makes them feel secure, but they need to give their partner some breathing room.

Relationship Tips for Cancer


Leos are generous, fun-loving, and intensely romantic. However, they’re very prideful and will react dramatically if their pride is hurt. They need to feel praised and appreciated, and if their feelings aren’t reciprocated in the way they want, they can throw a tantrum or give you the cold shoulder. Leos need an attentive partner, and the Leo person should be mindful of their own needs and cultivate patience in their relationships.

Relationship Tips for Leo


Virgos are highly dependable and love to take care of their partner. On the flip side, they can take their analytical and critical thinking tendencies too far and become overly judgemental of their partner. They can lose their patience quickly when things aren’t up to their standards. Their partner can become defensive, feel insulted, or feel like they’re not good enough. Virgos need a dependable partner, but they should also be more accepting of their partner.

Relationship Tips for Virgo


It’s easy to fall for a charming, accommodating Libra native; however, one trap they can fall into is being too much of a people pleaser and ignoring any problems to avoid confrontation at all costs. When this happens, their partner will eventually see through this false front, which can cause distrust and confusion. Libra needs to be with an equally easy-going partner and not be afraid to assert themselves and speak their minds.

Relationship Tips for Libra


Scorpios attract others like a magnet with their smoldering intensity. Unfortunately, that intensity can turn into obsessive tendencies. Scorpios have a jealous streak, and an unhealthy, distrustful relationship can bring out their dark side. They may protect their emotions and dignity by trying to emotionally manipulate their partner, which, of course, only makes things worse. Scorpio’s best bet is to find someone they feel secure with but to ask for a reciprocate total honesty.

Relationship Tips for Scorpio


There is rarely a dull moment with Sagittarius -- they love to surprise their partner with lavish gifts or a good time. Their free-spirited ways can get them into trouble in the romance department if they feel bored or unappreciated. They may even start a double life if they feel understimulated. Their best bet is to find a partner who keeps them on their toes and to be upfront about their needs and desires.

Relationship Tips for Sagittarius


The best thing about Capricorn as a partner is their dependability. They usually say what they mean and can keep a cool head in times of crisis. They tend to get stuck in their ways and become closed-minded. Pent up stress can make a Capricorn depressed or overcompensate by being a workaholic. They can remedy this by balancing work with play or getting into a fun hobby that they can do with their partner.

Relationship Tips for Capricorn


These intelligent and eccentric folks can be hard to resist. If they are well balanced and grounded, their unpredictability can make them fun and exciting partners. The negative side of them can emerge if they feel restricted. They can become cold and aloof. They may even do things to cause chaos within the relationship just to stir things up. Aquarians need a partner who would give them total personal autonomy, and they should get in touch with their emotions.

Relationship Tips for Aquarius


Pisces can be the sweetest romantic partners as long as they feel secure and emotionally fulfilled. If they don’t get what they need from their partner, their self-confidence takes a hit. Without a sense of safety and emotional security, their self-defeating tendencies will come out, and they may even stay in an unhealthy relationship long past its expiration date. Pisces needs someone understanding and reliable, and they should learn to not be too nice for their own good.

Relationship Tips for Pisces
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