Your Perfect Success Mantra and How To Create It

By Eugenia Oct 01, 2019
How to make your dreams come true? Mantra is one of the most effective ways of bringing more luck and happiness into your life!

Mantra is a repeated word or phrase used for focus while meditating and chanting. But you know what? Mantras can also be used to make magic.

Mantra magic is quite simple and uses a repetitive phrase to make certain things happen in your life. Mantra’s magic is effective and, most importantly, amazingly easy to perform. Some people use it to find their soulmate, to start a business, improve their health, and many more.

To begin, find a beautiful piece of paper to write your mantra on (you can use thick cards of any shape if you want).

Mantras feel like praying, and with every mantra, you’ll read the special words out loud. You can read your mantra as many times per day as you want, but you can also rely on the magic of the number 3 (or 9). Reading your mantra for 21 days in a row is said to be effective.

But reading is the easiest part. Finding the right words is harder. Here’s how you do this.

How to find the right words

1) Decide what you really want

Find right words

Don’t hold yourself back by thinking that it’s not okay to want what you want or that you don’t deserve to achieve it. It’s perfectly okay to ask for money if you need it and it’s okay to ask for love.

If you want to improve your own business, just ask for it in your mantra. Describe carefully what you really want to improve, though. Don’t say that you just want more money in this case. If you need more clients, say it. Say what kind of clients you want. Repeat your mantra every day and eventually, you’ll start seeing some signs the universe sends your way. For example, if you see an ad that says “Exactly what you ask for”, it may mean you’re almost there.

So don’t hold back and be specific in your request!

2) Be honest

Good woman

It’s important to ask for what you HONESTLY want. You need to be specific in your request but make sure to whittle your request down to the truth of what you truly want. For example, if you want to get that certain job, do you REALLY want to get that job? Or do you just want financial freedom? Do you want THIS job or do you want the job that will serve you best?

When you’re writing your mantra, imagine the world where literally everything is possible – a world where you can achieve anything you want. Limits don’t exist there. If you were in such a world, what would you ask for? Be honest. Go for your dreams. Analyze your emotions carefully. Your desire fuels your mantra’s efficiency. Ask for your deepest desires to be fulfilled!

3) No harm

Love bubbles

Do NOT ask for anything that can hurt you or others. Don’t infringe on the free will of others. Don’t ask people to do or feel certain things. Respect their individual freedom!

So, using your mantra as a love spell to make some person fall in love with you may be a bad idea. Even if it works, you’ll face consequences. Don’t harm other people. Don’t ask them to change their behavior or personality.

If you want someone to fall in love with you, think carefully about what exactly that person values in his/her partners. Try to become their type – maybe with the use of your mantra! You can change yourself but you can’t change others.

4) Don’t assume you know best

Loving people hands

Make sure to surrender to a higher power – don’t pretend to know best. What you think you want to achieve in life and what you think is best for you is not necessarily what’s best. It means that you need to be specific in your mantra but also leave some room to let the higher power to come in and fill in the blanks for you. If you want to create a perfect mantra, it needs to be specific and general at the same time.

For example, if you want to meet your soulmate, you don’t need to describe them in detail. Don’t write something like “I want to meet a 6′ 3″ guy with a crooked nose and a spider tattoo on his left arm”. Ask for something that really matters to you – attractiveness, sexiness, intelligence. Focus on the main thing and get to the heart of your desire. Trust the universe to deliver what you want.

5) Speak with your own words

Make sure to be true to your own voice. Listen to your intuition and use the words that feel magical and special to you. Write about what you really want to achieve as if it’s already written in stone.

You may express your desire in many ways. For example, if you want a fulfilling career, you may write:

“I really want a fulfilling career that serves my main purpose.”

“I WILL have a fulfilling career that serves my main purpose.”

But it’s more powerful to say, “I have a fulfilling career that serves my main purpose.” Saying it this way sets the right mood and convinces the universe that you are serious about this whole business.

Your mantras can be as short and as long as you want them to be. If you feel your mantra should be short, make it short. Some people write mantras that are a paragraph in length – and those mantras work! Include what you feel needs to be included. There are (almost) no restrictions.

Now that you know how to do it, decide what you want (you probably already know it!), grab a piece of paper, and write down your mantra. Read it out loud, read it again and again, every day, until your dream comes true. Let the energy of the magical mantra go through your body, and stop reading when your body and mind signal that it’s enough.

Don’t forget the main thing: this stuff works. You will get what you ask for and what you think you deserve.

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