Health Tarot Spreads: Explore the Depths of Your Health Concerns with Tarot

By Kristen Cooley Sep 22, 2021
Having trouble getting to the root cause of your health issues? Use our Tarot spreads to help tap into the core issues of why certain symptoms are manifesting!

We’ve all been there… you wake up with a new back problem or a stubborn headache that won’t go away. The doctor is relentless with their many tests to find you a diagnosis or even explain why these things are happening. It can be frustrating, especially when your health is on the line.

We often use Tarot to ask about our love life or finances, but what about our health? Tarot cards hold the answers to so many of our life problems, and the condition of our physical well-being is one of them. Below with be 3 simple Tarot spreads to help you get to the root cause of the most important thing you have — your health!

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‘Listen to Your Body’ Tarot Health Spread

The first Tarot spread we’re going to dive into will help tap into what your body is trying to say to you. Oftentimes, headaches or “random” discomforts are due to a lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency, and much more. This spread will allow you to ask your body what it needs regarding specific ailments.

You may use traditional Rider-Waite cards or your favorite oracle cards. Keep in mind that certain oracle decks may not give you a good answer as a traditional Еarot deck would.

This will be a 6-card in-depth spread. You will place one card in the middle and 5 cards that circle the one in the center.

  • Position 1: The card in the middle will symbolize your current health concern or what your physical body is trying to let you know is wrong,
  • Position 2: This card begins the circle you will have around the first card whenever completely done with the spread. It will fill you in on what from your past has caused this ailment to manifest.
  • Position 3: For this position, it will tell you any immediate changes you can take to alleviate discomfort.
  • Position 4: Card 4 will let you know what in your daily routine needs to change to make a more permanent change for your health.
  • Position 5: This card represents any mental health problems that may be causing ailments to manifest (for example stress, anxiety, etc.).
  • Position 6: The last card can help you get a sense of the outcome when you do follow the guidance given by your doctor and/or Tarot cards.
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‘General Health Check-In’ Tarot Spread

If you’re feeling okay but want to check in with your body in a more general sense, this Tarot spread is perfect for you. It’s an easy 4-card spread that lets you ask if there are areas you can improve or focus on. For this, you may also use the deck of your choosing, but be sure to follow the same advice we gave in the first spread regarding the decks you choose.

The 'General Health Check-In' spread will look similar to the letter “T” once all the cards are laid out. So, the first position will start at the left side of the “T.” The second and third cards will follow, and the fourth card you will place under the middle card (should be under the second position).

  • Position 1: The first Tarot card centers around where your current health stands. Here the cards will reveal if there’s anything under the surface you should pay more attention to (similar to the first health spread).
  • Position 2: Since this is a more generalized health reading, the next card will fill you in on any areas that may give you issues in the future. This helps prepare for the future if any illnesses were to transpire.
  • Position 3: The next card centers around the guidance you need to hear now regarding your health. For example, it can reveal the negative habits that can contribute to something more serious in the future.
  • Position 4: The last card tells you how you can express more positive energy towards your body: things like gratitude, setting specific intentions, and so on.
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‘Scan Your Body’ Tarot Health Spread

The third Tarot spread we’re going to reveal is a 7-card spread, but it checks in with each of your important bodily functions, such as heart, immune system, reproductive organs, and more. This allows you to tap into your overall well-being and give you an idea of how each system is functioning.

The final result of this spread will give you an “H.” So be sure to position three cards vertically on one side, one card in the middle, and three more cards on the other side vertically as well.

  • Position 1: The first body part the cards check into will be the head/brain. It will reveal to you any concerns (if any) that may be present in this area.
  • Position 2: The second card will tap into the well-being of your immune system. It will reveal whether it is strong or needs some improvement.
  • Position 3: This card is all about your heart and its function. Check into this vital organ to make sure it’s ticking as it should.
  • Position 4: The fourth card allows you to check in on your lungs and how they are functioning.
  • Position 5: This position will tap into your stomach and digestive system as a whole.
  • Position 6: The second to last card is centered around your reproductive organs and system. It may reveal if there are any fertility issues or anything of the like.
  • Position 7: The last card covers the lower half of the body, such as the knees, ankles, and feet.

The ‘Scan Your Body’ Tarot spread is ideal to do about every 6 months if you want to track any changes within your body and the functioning organs. It will keep you and your body in check and alert you of any potential threatening changes.

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Tarot Spreads are an Amazing Tool

It can be hard to get clear, concise answers from Tarot cards without having a guideline for the cards to follow. Especially when it comes to health matters, you want to be sure to ask the right questions to receive the answers you need. If you’re still learning how to interpret cards, these spreads are a great tool for beginners to get a feel of how Tarot cards speak to us.

Sometimes, interpreting cards for yourself can be tricky. Don’t feel bad if this is true for you! You needn't be afraid to lean on a professional reader to help you find the answers. Let our team of professional readers interpret the cards for you. They would love to help you get to the bottom of your health concerns!

Ask Your Tarot Cards About Your Health

Whether you want to do a quick body scan to make sure everything is functioning properly or need a more in-depth answer on health problems you’re having, your Tarot cards are a great tool to help. They allow you to keep your most important asset running smoothy and give you advice on how to improve your overall well-being.

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