Strengths and Weaknesses of Every Sign

By Nataly Porter Mar 07, 2023
We’re all imperfect but all in different ways. Some of us are too stubborn, some are too quick-tempered, some are lazy, and some are overly emotional. On the other hand, there are some things about each of us that make us stand out against the background like being creative, hardworking, friendly, or independent. Which good and bad qualities are most typical of your sign? Read now!


Strengths: Aries people are extremely determined. Besides, they’re always motivated which makes it easier for them to chase their dreams. Naturally confident, these guys attract others and do it in the smoothest way possible. These guys are courageous and passionate which makes them leaders during any journey.

Weaknesses: On the other hand, Aries reps can be really short-tempered. Being overly passionate, you let your emotions win over your mind and start acting on impulse, not on reason. (Learn to use reason and a bit of magic to make the right decisions here.) Sometimes, such behavior makes you say something you don’t really mean and make both yourself and those you love suffer.


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Strengths: Taureans will do their best for those they love. These guys are devoted and passionate and you can surely rely on them in times of need or in any other case. People often come to you because they know they can ask you for help and get it at any time.

Weaknesses: On the other hand, sometimes it’s too difficult for Taureans to communicate and make connections with people. If you’re obsessed with an idea, it’s next to impossible for you to let it go. Stubborn Taurus representatives can confuse those who know them as open and generous people.


Strengths: All Gemini people value affection. They like it when they know that somebody wants them and loves them only. They possess a big loving personality and are ready to share their affection with those around them.

Weaknesses: Gemini people are typically very fastidious and indecisive. It takes them ages to make up their minds. For others, this may be a sign of their inconsistency. You keep playing with ideas and thoughts, jumping from one emotion to another one, and changing your mind all the time. For those around you, such behavior may mean that they shouldn’t take you too seriously.


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Strengths: Cancer people are very creative and possess a heart of gold. It’s not a hard task for you to sympathize with those who surround you. People of remarkable emotional intelligence, you attract those who need advice. Besides, you easily make others believe what you say.

Weaknesses: On the other hand, the emotions of a Cancer person do a disservice to him or her. Sometimes, you’re too emotional, and it destroys your life and your relationships with others. Your mood can change instantly, making it hard for others to understand what you’re feeling at a particular moment. 

How unhealthy are your relationships with others? See here.


Strengths: Leos are the leaders of the zodiac who always stand out against the background and shine brighter than the reps of any other sign. Leo people are very generous and have a big heart. They willingly share their possessions, both material and spiritual ones, with their close people.

Weaknesses: The reverse side of the coin is the arrogance of Leo natives. They are often selfish and self-obsessed. For Leo guys, their needs and wishes are way more important than those of other people, even their significant others. They want to do things in their own way, and it’s hard for them to be flexible or behave differently in different situations.


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Strengths: Virgo representatives are one of the most prominent workaholics of the zodiac. They are not afraid of hard work and even enjoy it because, for them, work is the most natural way to achieve everything they want. Dear Virgo, you frequently use the practical side of your character to achieve your aims. In fact, you change the world around you so that it suits your dreams. Despite being a practical person, you still aim high. And you can achieve even more if you analyze your career and life in more detail. Check out this reading to learn more!

Weaknesses: On the other hand, Virgo people want others to be just as perfect as they believe they are. They actively criticize others whenever possible and judge others based on the tiniest details that they find wrong. You worry about what other people think and feel too much. However, you often forget that judging others will neither help you establish a good relationship with them nor make you smarter or better.


Strengths: Libra people are everybody’s best friends. They’re always cheerful and attract others with their empathetic nature and ability to comfort others. Other people see you as a person who’s able to let it go. You love to spend time in groups and like it when you’re surrounded by many people. You easily adapt to any situation and cope with any challenge you face.

Weaknesses: Your greatest strength can become your greatest weakness, too. You hate conflicts and hardly ever confront others. You prefer to escape such situations and simply run away from them. It’s easier for you to pretend you don’t see the problems and simply ignore them. You don’t like to make decisions, especially if they concern not only you but other people as well. You prefer to let others decide instead of you and then accept their choice.


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Strengths: Scorpio guys make great friends. They’re unique and are always there for you when you need emotional support. They’re brave and protective, and you’ll never regret a Scorpio guy who has come into your life as your close friend. Speaking of a romantic relationship, you should know that Scorpios are crazily passionate and yet very faithful. A great combination for their life partners! By the way, Scorps can make their romantic relationship even better. Just use these tips!

Weaknesses: Scorpios can be very distrustful. It’s hard for them to trust others because there is always something in other people that they find hard to accept. They can be rather jealous, even of their closest ones which causes a certain amount of self-loathing. It’s hard for Scorpios to feel happy for others because they envy these other people at the same time.


Strengths: Sags can boast of an amazing sense of humor. You’re always cheerful and happy and make those around you happy, too. People love spending time with you because it makes them feel good. They admire you for the same reason, and you’re never alone or underappreciated because of it.

Weaknesses: On the other hand, Sagittarius natives can promise a lot. Sometimes, they promise more than they can do. You can discuss your great plans but, in most cases, won’t take a step to turn these plans into reality. You have some problems with patience, too; that’s why you require instant gratification for everything you’ve done.


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Strengths: Capricorns have no problems with self-motivation at all. They’re naturally disciplined and go through their life with no help from others. Dear Cap, you’re always the responsible one who does the right thing under any circumstances. People around you see it and appreciate it in you more than anything else.

Weaknesses: The reverse side of the coin is that you’re too self-confident and can be seen by others as mister/miss “know it all”. Yeah, you can believe that you really know it all, and you MAY really know it all, too. However, to others, it can be a sign of your arrogance. People who know you can decide that it’s easier to stop communication with you than to bear your conceit.


Strengths: Aquarians are independent people who don’t actually need anyone to feel happy. They can take care of themselves and don’t need the help of anyone else. The ideas you generate are inspiring and uncommon, and other people often notice them and praise you for them.

Weaknesses: Aquarians can not be called highly emotional people. On the contrary, others may think they’re emotionless, and this is because those born under the sign don’t want to demonstrate their weaknesses. For them, displaying emotions is just the same as displaying their weakest sides. This is partially (or mostly) due to the fact that Aquarius guys manifest their independence as their strongest feature.


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Strengths: Pisces people deal with their emotions much better than all the other signs do. You do not just feel – you really understand what you feel and can perceive your emotions. There is no need for you to dig too deeply as you see more than other people can just because you’ve been born under this sign.

Weaknesses: Pisces representatives are really good at playing victims. Others see you as a sad soul who strives for compassion and sympathy. It’s pretty hard for you to trust not only in others but in yourself, too. At times, you’re so deeply injured by the negative emotions that find it impossible to look at the bright world around you and notice its positive sides.

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