Three of the Most Common Relationship Problems

By Tassie Zingaro Jan 17, 2022
Everyone needs companionship, which they commonly find among family, neighbors, and coworkers. While navigating through these various human ties, they sometimes experience common relationship problems that inhibit closeness.

In a relationship, one partner may have their head in the clouds while the other is fighting in the trenches. They both want the same goal to journey together in a hot air balloon. Still, they have quit showing appreciation for one another, argue over money, and thus grow further apart.

Lack of Appreciation

Lack of appreciation presents problems in both personal and professional relationships where ingratitude and resentment build. For example, professional relationships may develop irritation when the big idea Product Development dreams of selling a new product, and the detail-oriented Engineering Department first sees the obstacles. The Product Development resents Engineering for bursting their bubble instead of proposing positive solutions and acting immediately. Over time, both departments may harbor resentment when Engineering lacks enthusiasm, or Product Development refuses to consult with Engineering. Throughout the process, they forget to express appreciation for one another.

As lack of appreciation and resentment build upon each other, professional and personal relationships suffer more damage. Instead of recognizing each other's strengths, they focus on each other's weaknesses.

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Big-idea and detail-oriented people often quarrel about money


One partner may propose a weekend trip, but the other partner wants to check the bank account and research cheaper accommodations. The detail-oriented partner focuses on the lack of money. In contrast, the big-idea partner feels frustrated that they can't travel now. Instead of working together to save money for a trip or settling on a cheaper option, they continue arguing over money.

Growing Apart

Sometimes opposites—in our case, big-idea and detail-oriented people— attract to one another. Their personalities work well to balance each other out. Over time, they either adopt each other's traits or polarize more. These traits can bring a couple together or cause them to grow apart. For example, detail-oriented people may resent big-idea folks for not considering the consequences. Vice versa, big-idea people may resent their detail-oriented people for obsessing over minutiae.

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Detail-oriented and big-idea people's personalities work well to balance each other out.

Ideas to Resolve Common Relationship Problems

Opposites achieve more tremendous success when they work together. To grow closer, they can make time to reconnect and to say "thank you" often. When dealing with money, both partners need to consult one another for larger purchases or set aside some mad money.

Now both partners can work to safely launch the hot air balloon. The partner in the trenches tethers the dreamer to the ground by assigning tasks. The dreamer reminds their partner of the future fun. As they work together, they can ascend to the clouds in the hot air balloon.

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