Your Guardian Angel, According to Your Sign

By Nataly Porter Aug 21, 2023
When we’re born, we’re given angels that protect us, guide us, and lead us through the hardships of life. Several angels help us in our lives, so which of them is yours? Scroll to your zodiac sign to find this out!



Dear Aries, your guarding angel is Ariel. This holy creature takes care of our whole planet, its health, and regeneration. Ariel is most often associated with greenery and ecological protection, that’s why many Aries natives love green spaces so much. Having this angel as your protector will help you ward off lots of illnesses and negative vibes and will help you feel healthier. Besides, he can make your wishes and dreams come true and will remind you of your dear people. You may also be supported by other creatures — learn more here! 



Angel Samuel

Samuel is the angel of peace, and it’s no accident that this angel is the one that guards Taurus! Taureans need some rest from time to time but find it very difficult to stay away from work. This is the moment when Samuel comes bringing them the desired peace and tranquility. Why do Taurus natives need this leisure time so desperately? When they lack it, their fears become too intense and prevent them from achieving their goals. Samuel helps Taurus reps build healthy social relationships and surround themselves with people possessing positive thinking. It is also good for getting rid of anxiety and stress that follow Taureans all the time.  

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Archangel Zadkiel is the one responsible for forgiveness. In holy terms, forgiveness is a form of compassion that helps you reduce the feeling of discomfort. Being an air sign, Gemini people often have their heads in the clouds, and it’s Zadkiel who helps them find the proper balance. When a Gemini person listens to his or her mind more than to the heart, Zadkiel is always here to restore the balance. If you need forgiveness or want to get over something that happened in the past but still tortures you, ask Zadkiel for support. 



Angel Gabriel

Cancer is the most family-oriented zodiac sign, and it’s not by chance that it has got Gabriel, the messenger of God, as a helper. Gabriel provides Cancer people with almost unlimited patience and gives wise advice to those around them who need it so much. Besides, in old books, the name of Gabriel stands for God is my strength, which gives Cancer even more strength, too. Gabriel turns any Cancer person into a wonderful and caring parent and supports Cancerians in their wishes to give the best only to their kids. 

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Raziel is the guardian of mysteries, and he only delivers them to those who deserve it. And which zodiac sign is more deserving than the king of the zodiac, Leo? This quality of Raziel turns Leo natives into even more mysterious creatures who can produce an unforgettable impression on both those they know well and those who see them for the first time. Leo representatives know well how to use this gift and do it all the time, attracting more and more followers. Besides, Raziel manages to temper the ego of Leo guys, thus teaching them to follow the rules.



Angel Metatron

Metatron is the angel of healing, and it’s very helpful for Virgo natives who work hard and have to restore their health somehow. Metaron allows them to keep up with the huge amount of work they have and achieve their goals without the necessity to give up when they’re too tired. In response, Metatron demands from its protégés to be merciful and compassionate, which turns Virgo people into somebody who possesses positive values. 



For Libra people, the order is the core of their existence. They constantly strive for harmony and balance. Jophiel, the angel of beauty, takes care of Libra people and helps them support their wisdom and compassion. Jophiel turns Libra natives into almost perfect creatures! The sense of aesthetics is one of the weapons that help Libra support daily balance. In some cases, this sense can even become a problem because it makes it pretty hard for Libra reps to harmoniously combine all their talents. 



Angel Jeremiel

Jeremiel is one of the most peaceful angels, and this is just what the doctor ordered for explosive Scorpio natives. He helps them to reach the sometimes-needed tranquility and to calmly fix the frequently occurring issues that can be rather irritating. Without this support, Scorpio representatives would be much more aggressive. Besides, Jeremiel allows Scorpio people to see the world around them from different perspectives, especially when it comes to things they fail to understand at once. He teaches those born under Scorpio not to judge others and to enjoy life as it is. Want to learn more about your explosive personality? See your analysis here. 



Raguel is the angel of friendship, and it’s no wonder it’s been sent as a protective angel to Sagittarius, one of the friendliest zodiac signs. Raguel encourages and supports Sags in their attempts to cope with their shyness and finally become the center of the celebration. Besides, Sagittarians often worry about the problems of their close ones and do their best to solve them. As a result, Sagittarius becomes one of the most vulnerable signs that require the protection of someone strong. Besides, Raguel is helpful when it comes to getting rid of painful memories of the past; he helps Sagittarius natives form a happier and healthier relationship sooner. 



Angel Azrael

You can be scared by the fact, but Azrael is the angel of death; however, there is nothing to be afraid of! Azrael is responsible for accompanying the dead souls when they’re leaving their bodies – so, as you can see, this angel will follow each of us anyway. Having the angel by your side will also help you succeed in business as well. Besides, Azrael is the protector of justice and order; he helps Caps live in the “right” world, and if others play havoc around them. Azrael will also come to help you when you’re experiencing a big loss and will support you during the period of mourning.



Uriel is the angel of wisdom that patronizes both your study and your creativity. That’s why Aquarius natives are so often considered the most intelligent and sophisticated zodiac sign. As a result, every intellectual activity you start is destined to lead to a positive result; now you know that it’s Uriel you need to thank! When you’re feeling lost and in despair, you can ask for Uriel’s advice. Besides, he will teach you to appreciate every experience of your life and become wiser in this way.



Angel Sandalfon

What’s so special about Sandalfon? This angel is responsible for delivering the prayers of people to God. Thanks to him, our prayers become more powerful and work even when there is hardly any chance for them to work. If you’ve been lucky enough to get born under Pisces, never lose hope because you’re supported by one of God's closest angels. Besides, he’s also the patron of protection and mutual help; he teaches people to help each other, especially in times of need.

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