Do Your Dreams Fail to Come True? Here Are 5 Reasons Why.

By Nataly Porter Jul 30, 2020
We all have some dreams. Some of us want to become richer, some want to stay healthy for as long as possible, some are eager to travel around the whole world, some want to meet the reciprocal love of their life and spend the rest of our lives with them… Our dreams are numerous and almost all of them are real! Why do your dreams fail to come true? What do you do wrong?

Reason 1. You Try to Feel Good the Whole Time

Pretend to be happy

We tend to believe that if we are not happy then something is wrong with us. We try to meet high standards, and when we fail (which happens sooner or later) we feel that we’re failures, too. Dear friend, remember that you simply can’t be happy all the time. Our life is different and beautiful and we have so many moments to go through and all of them just can’t be the ones that make us happy. It’s ok to feel sad or disappointed because these emotions are just as natural as joy, hope, love, or interest. These diverse feelings make our life balanced. Don’t try to be happy all the time; instead, focus on what you’re going through now and try to appreciate it.

Reason 2. You Believe It’s Selfish to Get What You Want

A daughter and a mother talking

When people die, their most frequent regret sounds as “I wish I listened to myself more and followed the expectations of others less.” While we’re still alive and strong, why not use this piece of advice as an instruction? Many (if not most) of us think that it’s selfish to do what we want and to live in the way we want to. This makes us unhappy and disappointed but we realize it too late to change anything. How to cope with this situation? It’s very easy – pursue YOUR dreams. Doing this, you not only make yourself happier; you change the whole world around you for the better, too. Why so? Because there are one less suffering person and one more person who’s ready to make the world a much better place.

Reason 3. You Think That You Will Be Happy When…

Happy woman getting a car key

Your life can be ok now, but you still believe that you will become so much happier when you buy a new car, lose weight, get a promotion, meet a person who’ll love you so much, and so on… Many people are sure that they become happier when they move to the next level of life. However, you don’t start a new and happy life every time you purchase something, meet someone, or move somewhere. Your life is here and now. Focus on it and think of all you have right now; celebrate your happy life now, not when a change comes.

Reason 4. You Pretend Things Are Better Than They Are

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People have always been influenced by what other people say and show to them. However, with the arrival of the digital era, things have become much worse. Social media make us see “every step” of people who we know and don’t know. We see how beautiful and successful, smart and healthy, fit and wealthy they are and start to believe that they’re happy at every moment of their life. Realizing this, we feel that our life is crap. 

As a result, we start pretending that our life is endlessly happy, too. We smile, we laugh, we buy things we don’t need, make photos of them, and share them on Instagram. Meanwhile, inside we become so desperately unhappy that it can even lead to depression. Don’t do this! Instead, stay true to yourself – it will help you preserve your inner peace.

Reason 5. You Are Sure That Giving Up and Failing Are the Same Thing

Tearing up a picture with a hppy couple

Most of us believe that failing and giving up is the same. It makes us hold on to people we don’t love anymore, beliefs that we know are false, and habits that have already started to irritate us. If you still think that giving up a thing you’re failing, this can be a reason why you feel so unhappy. To get rid of this feeling, look at the situation from a different perspective. We grow and change and we won’t be the same people in 10 years who we used to be 10 years ago. You don’t have to stay with the same person if you don’t like or love him or her anymore; work in the same position if you’re now disappointed in it; be patient to a situation that is unpleasant to you. Allow yourself to let it go and move on. At the very moment you do it, you will see how beautiful and many-sided your life is. 

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