Which Zodiac Sign Should You Start a Family With?

By Tassie Zingaro Jun 28, 2021
Rely on astrological compatibility to find your perfect spouse!

Are you searching for the perfect mate to start a family with? Let us help you determine which zodiac sign fits the bill!

Your ideal partner is written in the stars

In a domestic partnership or marriage, there has to be a solid bond of love and friendship, as well as deep understanding. In this article, we’ll outline the best matches for your star sign that would support an enduring, balanced relationship.


You partner well with others who are bold and spontaneous. Leo brings out the best in you and meets your demand for loyalty. Sagittarius matches your courageous spirit and will happily accompany you on new adventures.

Gemini satisfies your need for exciting conversation and complements your high energy levels. Aquarius matches your individualism and can inspire you with their charity.

Ideal family partner for Aries


You desire a reliable and practical mate. Virgo appreciates your determination and will enjoy your romantic ways. Capricorn understands your cool-headed approach, and you’ll connect beautifully on an emotional level.

Cancer will add some sensitivity that blends well with your sensual, loving nature. Pisces will appreciate your stable nature and inspire your creativity.

Ideal family partner for Taurus


Who can truly match wits with you? Libra and Aquarius can both fulfill your need for good conversation and connect with you in a way you’re most comfortable with.

Leo will add just the right amount of excitement to your life and be an excellent parent. Aries might be just what you need to cheer you on and offer motivation and support through thick and thin.

Ideal family partner for Gemini


You’re a devoted partner who needs someone just as loyal and attentive. You can form a strong bond with an equally devoted and passionate Scorpio or a kindhearted Pisces who matches your sensitivity.

Virgo can also meet your needs perfectly and be an excellent lover and teammate. Taurus would keep you grounded as well as make you feel safe and loved.

Ideal family partner for Cancer


You need a partner who’s just as generous and fun-loving as you. Aries will match your passionate nature and keep you motivated. Sagittarius understands your need for adventure but will also have your back no matter what.

Libra will fulfill your need for high-romance as a couple and support harmony within your family. Gemini can give you adequate room to breathe, as well as complement you with a healthy dose of adoration.

Ideal family partner for Leo


You need a partner who is as down-to-earth as you. Capricorn will match your work ethic and support you no matter what. Taurus will seem to just know what you need on every level and work tirelessly to make you happy.

Cancer will match your thoughtfulness and prove to be a devoted partner and a fantastic parent. Scorpio’s quiet intensity complements and balances your cool-headed nature and motivates you in ways you would never expect.

Ideal family partner for Virgo


You have a deep need for good communication within your family. Gemini will keep you mentally stimulated and prove to be the perfect companion. Aquarius provides excitement but also the dependability you deeply crave.

Leo’s parenting skills are full of warmth and are on par with yours. Sagittarius appreciates your intellectual approach and will inspire your sense of adventure.

Ideal family partner for Libra


You need a partner who understands you on a deep, emotional level. Cancer will make you feel emotionally secure and tended to. Pisces will understand and support your passion and need for deep connections.

Capricorn understands your drive to be the best and will support and motivate you. Virgo can balance you with an even-tempered, logical approach that you will appreciate and admire.

Ideal family partner for Scorpio


You need a partner who can keep time with your need for adventure. Aries matches your appetite for adventure and optimism and also understands your need for breathing room. Leo adds a healthy dose of stability you need while also fulfilling your need for fun intrigue.

Libra can satisfy your need for good conversation and balance you with their high emotional intelligence. Aquarius will connect with you intellectually and understand your deep need for personal autonomy.

Ideal family partner for Sagittarius


You need a partner who is as responsible and goal-oriented as you. Virgo’s sensibility and communication skills make them an excellent match. You’ll adore Taurus’s sensual nature as well as their patience and determination.

Scorpio understands your need to climb to the top and has the emotional passion that keeps you engaged. Pisces will inspire your imagination and enrich your family with their compassionate ways.

Ideal family partner for Capricorn


You’re an intellectual who wants a meaningful connection on all levels. Gemini can meet your need for good intellectual rapport and will appreciate your ideas. Libra can fulfill your need for mental stimulation and make you feel safe and accepted.

Sagittarius supports your ideals and can satisfy your deep need to broaden your perspective. Aries will inspire you to embark on new adventures and complement your own straightforward parenting skills.

Ideal family partner for Aquarius


You’re a sensitive dreamer who needs someone with grounding energy. You can form a soulful bond with a fellow water sign, Cancer or Scorpio, who would both understand your emotions and support your dreams.

Taurus will satisfy your need for closeness and romance but also add more stability to the family dynamic. Capricorn will support your idealistic vision as well as inspire you with their wisdom and work ethic.

Ideal family partner for Pisces
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