Your Ideal Friend, Based On Your Sign

By Eugenia Mar 23, 2021
Your Zodiac sign says a lot not only about trivial parts of your daily life – in fact, it can reveal a deeper look into your tendencies as a lover, as a professional, and as a friend. Here’s what the stars say about which sign is the ideal friend for you!

What is the zodiac sign of your perfect friend?


Best friend for Aries

Ruled by red Mars, which represents aggression, war, and blood, you like winning, getting attention, and being on top. Thinking outside the box is natural for Aries natives. Creativeness is a huge part of your character – just like spontaneity and emotionality. You’re also known for your ambitions which sometimes make you really impatient and hot-headed. That’s why you need a friend who can keep you in check – and probably the only Zodiac sign that can handle you is Libra. When you’re overreacting, your friend Libra will bring you back down to earth without pissing you off. 


Ruled by romantic Venus, you share her traits of beauty, artistry, hedonism and a love of luxury and comfort. You don’t like to be pushed, you have strong opinions, and you’re unquestionably charming. You’re probably the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac, and it can make it difficult for you to deal with certain people due to your single-mindedness, but it also makes you one of the most persistent and hardworking signs. You’re always focused on achieving your goals. That’s why Pisces, one of the less confrontational signs, is your ideal friend. They aren’t likely to butt heads with you over your opinions.



Best friend for Gemini

Gemini native, you’re a passionate creature. Versatile, youthful, curious and fun, you are the liveliest air sign. You make great company. You think way more than you feel or do. You don’t usually hesitate to react or make a decision, no matter how important it is. You know lots of things but your interests rarely linger long enough for you to truly delve into any subject.  Due to the dual nature of your character, you can get moody sometimes, but generally, your mind is flexible. Your ideal friend according to astrology is Aquarius: you’re both easygoing and are likely to enjoy simple things together. 


Cancer native, you’re typically satisfied with little things in life, like reading a good book, chatting with friends, or watching a movie. You are known for your traits like intelligence, loyalty, emotional depth, and your parenting instincts. The moon, your ruling planet, has an impact on your moods, which wax and wane as swiftly as your the satellite. You don’t crave the spotlight of attention. Being alone from time to time is extremely important for Cancer natives, and when there is a bit too much talking happening around, you may appear a little grumpy. Sagittarians enjoy introspective thinking as well – that’s why they are your ideal friends. 


Best friend for Leo

Leo, you’re one of the most dominant and powerful signs of the Zodiac. You are famously known for your exuberance, loyalty, and self-confidence. Just like a real lion, you tend to treat your environment like your own personal kingdom. You’re enthusiastic, optimistic, and spontaneous. As a natural-born leader, you’ never fail to gain respect from others. You’re somewhat stubborn but also extremely charismatic, witty, and charming. Your ideal friend is Capricorn – selfless, hardworking, calm, they will help balance out the pompous nature of yours. 


Justice is one of the most important things for you, Virgo native. You tend to object to the mistreatment of people, especially those weaker than others. The most important parts of your character are your charisma, charm, and ability to convince others. Ruled by Mercury, you are smart, organized, fast, and communicative. You know how to present a good face to the world. The ideal friend for your sign is fiery Aries: you are sure to enjoy the creativeness and passion of this passionate sign’s natives. Spending just a little time with an Aries native can inspire you and boost your self-esteem.


Best friend for Libra

You are all about balance and harmony, just like the symbol of your sign. Keeping everything in their realm on a fair, harmonious and even keel is extremely important to you. As an idealistic perfectionist, you just cannot stand chaos or mess. You invest most of your energy in keeping your environment and lives lovely and tidy. You’re also known for your sophisticated taste and ability to appreciate high art: reading books and listening to classical pieces of music are probably your favorite pastimes. That’s why the ideal friend of your sign is Leo – this royal sign is all about beauty, art, music, and being gorgeous.


You probably already know it, Scorpio, but you’re one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac. You tend to be very bold in your sense of style but you don’t usually like to show it to others. You live a very secretive life – often you remain a mystery even to your closest friends and family. Emotional, intense, and imaginative, you don’t even feel like a water sign. Even though you’re bold, you don’t enjoy the company of other bold people. You need someone reserved, goal-oriented, calm, and focused – someone like Aquarians. This sign’s natives are the perfect match for you, Scorpio!


Best friend for Sagittarius

You are known for your constant motion and never-ending pursuit of knowledge. You work hard and leave your comfort zone whenever it’s possible – sometimes, when it’s impossible, too. Setting bold goals is your second nature. Your confidence sometimes makes you preachy, urging you to impose your opinion when no one’s really asked for it. You also tend to dismiss the ideas of others if you don’t like these said ideas. Due to your no-rubbish mentality, you will get along with Capricorns, who value hard work and balance. 


Capricorns are known for their intelligence and high-level thinking. They also tend to be somewhat stubborn. You’re a systematic, organized planner, Capricorn native, and care a lot about balance and harmony. You’re ambitious, persistent, realistic (and sometimes a bit pessimistic), sensitive (and sometimes a bit touchy). You’re a compassionate, selfless friend. As a result of your systematic, well-balanced lifestyles, you will get along best with Sagittarians. These two signs will both benefit from this friendship. 


Best friend for Aquarius

You tend to be very reserved, Aquarian. You usually don’t require too much attention to be satisfied. Ruled by Uranus, which is associated with disruption, change, and all the unexpected sides of human nature, you’re sometimes a bit chaotic and unpredictable. You are known for your low-key temperament and when you go uninspired for too long, you can become lazy. Because you’re somewhat carefree, you are likely to enjoy the company of Taureans who tend to be soft-hearted friends. 


Just like Scorpios, you are one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac. You tend to bear with you a large vault of wisdom, even though you often appear to be simple. You’re an easygoing, selfless friend who can always be relied on. One of your flaws is that you sometimes allow people to take advantage of you. The ideal friend of your sign is Scorpio. These mysterious folks will help you feel more confident and break free of your shell from time to time. Scorpio natives make you a better version of yourself. 

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