Spirit Animal of Your Zodiac Sign

By Nataly Porter Aug 27, 2020
Astrology has been helping people for many years showing what type of creatures we are, how we can successfully deal with each other, and what our preferences are. Now, we’ve come to the topic that would catch everybody's interest – your spirit animal. Are you a brave lion, a mighty bear, or a cute panda? Time to find out!




Dear Aries, your spirit animal is a hawk. Although you’re as bold and stubborn as a ram, you possess a sharp, alert, and observant personality. You’re vigilant and confident; you can arouse fear in others but they can’t but adore your grace. 

Another spirit animal that suits your sign is a cheetah. You’re full of speed and energy; besides, your prey will never escape once you fix your eyes on it. When you’re speaking, everybody is listening to you. You’re a force that other people have to respect.




Bears are just as cute as they’re unpredictable, just like Taurus people. Bears symbolize independence, strength, and exceptional capabilities. Just like a bear, you’re brave and powerful; you aren't afraid of changes and challenges and take them willingly. Besides, you can sometimes be just as lazy and unpredictable as a bear. They value their comfort, love to see food delivered right to their “table”, and can even enjoy the obstacles they face on their way to success. Besides, a bear is a symbol of protection; we all know it well how a bear mom protects her cubs. Taurus is very similar to it and genuinely cares about his or her closest ones.


Black Panther

Black panther

As Gemini people have very complicated personalities, they can be shy and silent at one moment and dominating at another one. Just like black panthers, they’re smart, fast, and even dangerous. Once you have a look at a Gemini native, you will hardly be able to avert your glance. They’re extremely charming thanks to both their radiant appearance and strong personality.

Another spirit animal that can be close to your soul, dear Gemini, is a dolphin. Besides being attractive, you’re also smart and eager to explore the world around you. You’re lively and curious, too.




There are at least three spirit animals attributed to your zodiac sign, dear Cancer. Let’s start with a moose – peacefully-looking yet very big and dangerous animals that can easily attack a car or even a person. Their poker faces prevent others from understanding what a moose feels now, which makes it even more dangerous than a lion. Just like Cancer, a moose has a kind heart but can turn into a devil when it’s angry. 

Another spirit animal idea for Cancer is a dog. The best friend of people, a dog is warm, loyal, and dependent just like Cancer natives are. One more spirit animal idea is a rabbit, a shy animal that can be creative and smart, too.




Yes, it’s that simple – Leo’s spirit animal is a lion. Just like any true lion, Leo would do anything to stay in the spotlight. Every Leo is the leader of their pack, who will never give up or back down. They’re very self-confident and are never afraid or too shy to show off. You can love or hate a Leo person but you will never ignore them. 

What else could your spirit animal be? We believe no animal alive would deserve such a role, but what about a mythological one? Dragon is a creature that could deserve being your spirit animal. No words are necessary when a dragon is standing in front of you, right? Brave and powerful, it’s always ready to fight, just like all Leo reps are.





Who is as smart and shrewd as a Virgo person? That’s a fox! They notice everything everywhere; nothing will slip their attention. These people are so self-confident it makes them irresistible. Ruled by Mercury, they possess outstanding grasping skills and mindset. Although foxes are small, their mental skills are truly great. Besides being intelligent, they’re also adaptable and quick. It’s not a hard task for them to cope with a new and tricky situation that could be too challenging for other signs. The wise men of the zodiac, Virgo natives are so like their spirit animals. 




Libra people are probably the kindest zodiac representatives and so are their animal alter egos – pandas. Nothing bothers them and nothing will ever make them lose their temper. On the other hand, their softness and positive attitude to life sometimes become harmful to these peaceful creatures. The same can be said about Libras, who are sometimes too open to others and frequently suffer because of it. 

Another option for a Libra is a swan. Soft, gentle, and elegant, this animal attracts everybody’s attention immediately. Finding a balance on the rough waters of life is essential to you and you’re the happiest when surrounded by other people. 




Dear Scorpio, please don’t think of Nagini when you imagine a snake. We mean a different type of snakes, gentle, quiet, and calm. However, if something or somebody bothers them, snakes can apply their forked tongue and sharp teeth and punish their offender. For a Scorpio person, there is no third type of relationship. They won’t hesitate to take revenge and this is what makes them so close to snakes, too. 

However, there is another magic creature that could become your spirit animal – a phoenix. It also possesses a two-fold personality that can either protect its dear ones or attack someone they dislike. 



Red Panda

Red panda

Dear Sag, you are a true travel aficionado but remain a person with whom it’s nice to spend time with. Sagittarius is somebody others can always rely on. They possess features that representatives of other zodiac signs simply can’t resist; on the other hand, in their everyday life, they can be too lazy. 

Another spirit animal idea for you is a cat. Just like this pet, you don’t want to be limited in anything and don’t belong to any person. You’re both curious and independent and don’t answer to anyone but yourself. 




Dear Cap, your spirit animal is the one anybody would like to have. Wolves like to begin and end the war and know it well whether they can beat their opponent or not. They start a war only when they can and always win. Just like wolves, Capricorn natives are smart and savvy. They notice every fresh opportunity, catch it, and use it wisely. 

Capricorn could also be an alligator, though. They’re just as stubborn – when they sink their teeth into prey, nothing will make them open their jaws. If Caps, in their turn, have prepared a plan they will follow it whatever happens. Capricorn natives are patient and self-confident, just like their animal alter egos. They will wait for a perfect chance and only then they’ll open their jaws and bite. 




Dear Aquarius, your spirit animal is a spider, with all the expected results. Its brightest traits are creativity, patience, territory, and dark + light. Just like your alter ego, you can spend hours creating something outstanding. In some cases, you like to be left alone working on things that help you feel happier. Some spiders, though, can be rather territorial. You realize all your positive and negatives sides and don’t try to fight them. Your nature is quite complicated that’s why not many people can understand you; some can even be afraid of you.

One more spirit animal for you is a black buck. This animal is silent and very choosy, just like any Aquarius rep. Besides, they can only survive under particular circumstances which reminds the life of an Aquarius, too.




Deer are very compassionate, open, and peaceful creatures, just like the majority of Pisces people. Your greatest value in life is to find people who will support you and be like you; when you’re in your tribe, you feel the happiest. Besides, deer are shy and sensitive and so are you. You genuinely dislike vulgar and harsh people and prefer to stay away from them. Those who know you well and love you know how to deal with you – calmly and quietly. Just like deer, you like fine things and highly appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Besides, you could also be a fish – ta-da! Both you and fish love to remain in the comfort of your small worlds preferring to never leave. However, you like to spread good vibes and have a big and warm heart.

What do you feel after reading this article?








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