How Tarot Can Relieve Stress — Good & Bad Cards

By Eugenia Jun 14, 2023
You already know that Tarot cards are used to predict your future or make decisions. But have you heard about the benefits of using the Tarot to relieve stress and anxiety? Below, you will find out how to use the Tarot in your meditation practices, which cards to use, and which cards to avoid!

Use Tarot In A Healthy Way 

Tarot can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and a deeper understanding of our thoughts and emotions. While understanding Tarot cards is an important aspect, it is equally important to establish clear intentions before even starting your reading. Make sure that your motives for turning to the cards are healthy and cannot cause anxiety or an unhealthy obsession.

How to Use Tarot to Relieve Stress? 

How Tarot Can Relieve Stress — Good & Bad Cards
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Meditation comes in many forms, such as mindfulness, mantras, yoga, and more. Tarot cards can be another beautiful way to meditate. The key is to set the intention to use the cards to uncover your inner conflicts, relieve stress, and become more self-aware.

An easy way to start using Tarot for meditation is to take one card from the deck every day and study it. Let your mind or intuition take over. Then take about 2 minutes to interpret while maintaining meditative thinking and deep, slow breathing. Even if you don’t have a Tarot deck, you can use a virtual one — just pick cards here, see their interpretations, and focus!

A Quick Tarot Guide 

Pick a card (you can do it online). Take a moment to study the card and imagine yourself as the card’s character (or just imagine yourself feeling the card’s vibes). For example, if your card is the Ten of Wands, you can imagine yourself holding the wands and then letting go of them — this can symbolize the burden you’re carrying. This way, you can experience a sense of relief. Think about what weighs you down — your workload, your responsibilities, your conflicts with others. 

Each card has as many meanings as you want. Interpretations can vary widely. As you study each card, ask yourself questions and reflect on the emotions that arise. Remember, the card speaks through your intuition, so listen to yourself. 

Tarot Cards And Self-Analysis 

How Tarot Can Relieve Stress — Good & Bad Cards
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Using the Tarot for self-reflection can be a powerful tool. Cards can shed light on various aspects of your personality and give you a fresh perspective on the challenges you may be facing. By contemplating the cards, you can better understand yourself and your situation.

One of the benefits of using the Tarot for introspection is that it can help you deal with difficult issues without becoming overwhelmed with stress. Tarot readings can gently nudge self-improvement by helping you identify areas of your life that may need attention and guiding you toward solutions.

What Can Tarot Do For You 

Tarot can make communication easier.

Using the Tarot can encourage open communication not only with you but also with other people, such as friends or your romantic partner. They can give you a platform for problem-solving and sharing positive experiences. 

Tarot cards can complement therapy.

For those seeking mental health support, the Tarot can serve as an additional tool to relieve stress and anxiety. It is important to note that the Tarot is not a substitute for professional treatment!

Tarot can promote mindfulness.

In addition to their therapeutic benefits, Tarot cards can be a valuable component of your mindfulness practice. Incorporating tarot cards into your daily life can provide a unique form of meditation.

Try meditating with virtual cards — no need to get your own deck. Just pick your cards, see interpretations, and try to feel the cards' energies. You can also check your vibes for today!

Some Cards Are Better Than Others 

How Tarot Can Relieve Stress — Good & Bad Cards
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Of course, cards can be interpreted in various ways (it depends on your understanding of them), but some cards typically have more beneficial meanings and symbolism when it comes to anxiety and stress. Here are some beneficial cards and not-so-beneficial cards! 

Good Cards 

The Sun: This card represents vitality and success. It often symbolizes joy, fulfillment, and optimism.

The Star: This card represents hope and guidance. It can signify a time of healing and new beginnings.

The Empress: This card represents nurturing and creativity. It’s all about growth, fertility, and prosperity.

The World: This card represents completion and harmony. It can signify a time of achievement, fulfillment, and recognition.

How Tarot Can Relieve Stress — Good & Bad Cards
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Bad Cards

The Tower: This card shows a tower struck by lightning. It may signify sudden upheavals or crises, loss, or a significant change that is difficult to handle.

The Devil: It represents addiction or a situation in which someone feels trapped. It may also indicate unhealthy attachments or temptations.

Death: It is often associated with transformation or major changes that may be challenging or difficult to navigate.

The Three of Swords: It represents heartbreak or emotional pain. It may also indicate difficult choices that may require sacrifice. 

However, card meanings are not really fixed — you can interpret them as you wish or based on your own situation. If you need help understanding your cards, try this Tarot app and get your interpretations!

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