Most-Read Horoscopes of 2021 That You May Have Missed

By Eugenia Dec 08, 2021
2021 was a pretty eventful year for most of us (especially for you, Capricorns and Libras), and it’s almost over. Time to look back at it and find out what horoscopes and predictions you may have missed. Check out the best astro reads of 2021 now!

10. What Crime You’re Most Likely To Commit?

2021 Horoscope Digest: Crime
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We all have dark sides to us. We all have come to a point in our life where we question if it would be easier to commit a crime – for example, the times when you have been cheated on or betrayed or just really wanted something expensive but couldn’t afford it…

And astrology can tell you something about your dark side. Of course, if your sign can commit a crime, it doesn’t mean that you will.

Find out what crime you’re most likely to commit, based on your sign – check out this horoscope.

9. How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Sign?

Mercury will be retrograde 4 times in 2022. So, what does this mean? To put it simply, Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that happens when the fast-moving planet Mercury seems to reverse direction. And looks like, when this happens, a lot of things can go wrong for most of the Zodiac signs.

So, how does it affect your sign? Should you be afraid? What should you do, and what should you avoid? Check out tips for your Zodiac sign and try to remember 2021’s Mercury retrogrades – did you feel anything special?

8. What Happens When Mercury Goes Direct?

2021 Horoscope Digest: Direct Mercury
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Mercury retrograde is bad for us, but what about those moments when it finally goes direct? Does it mean that everything goes back to normal?

There’s something your sign should do to make the most of these special periods. Check out your sign’s tips here!

7. Will You Be Poor?

No one wants to be poor, but sometimes life just happens. It doesn’t have to be this way, though – there may be a path to financial freedom written in the stars. You only need to discover it!

Are you worried you will be living below the poverty line? Will you be able to achieve financial freedom? Check out your horoscope here to find out how to improve your finances based on your Zodiac sign.

6. What Magic Creature Are You?

2021 Horoscope Digest: Magic Creature
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Every sign has a connection to a fictional creature. So, what is your creature? Is it a dragon, an elf, maybe a unicorn? You probably already know your sign’s personality traits, but how does your connection to the world of magic work? Check out your magical horoscope and find your sign’s fictional creature here!

5. Who’s Your Guardian Angel?

When we are born, we are given protectors that guide us and fight off evil forces. Who is your protector? Will you feel something when you read his name? Are you protected by the angel of peace, the angel of forgiveness, or the angel of healing? Find your guardian angel’s name here!

4. How Does Equinox Affect You?

2021 Horoscope Digest: Equinox
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The solstices and equinoxes signal the changes of the seasons. But what do they mean for us, astrologically speaking? Do they affect us at all?

In this horoscope, we’re talking about this year’s September Equinox and how it affects Zodiac signs. On September 23 (sometimes 22 or 24), the sun shines directly on the equator making day and night equal. In the Northern Hemisphere, this date marks the beginning of fall.

Check out your Sun Equinox horoscope and see how accurate the prediction for your sign was!

3. What’s Your Lucky Number?

Your sign’s lucky numbers can help you find the path you should be following… or even help you win the lottery. What are your lucky numbers? Do you feel any special connection with them? Check them out here and find out what they mean from the numerological point of view.

2. What Do The Tarot Cards Say About Your Health?

2021 Horoscope Digest: Tarot Spreads
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Having trouble getting to the root cause of your health issues may result in a lot of unnecessary stress. We often ask the Tarot about our love life or our career, but what about our health? These Tarot spreads can help you find the root cause of your issues – check them out here!

1. Is He Cheating On You?

Infidelity can happen. We want to believe that it will never happen to us, but trusting someone a bit too much can result in pain. Astrology can help you find out he’s seeing another woman.
This was our most-read article this year. Check it out here and see if HE is cheating on you!

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