Your Lucky Numbers: How to Gamble and Win

By Nataly Porter Apr 29, 2024
Some people are lucky, others are luckier. When playing a lottery, taking risks is an essential part of the game. What can support you in your gambling endeavors and help you win or at least win more than you will lose? We’re going to disclose the secret and reveal the lucky numbers of every sign. Ready? Let’s start!


Aries natives are very competitive, which sometimes even leads to aggression. They like companies and like spending time playing games with them. However, there is a very thin dividing line between the thrill of the competition and the aggression that can appear. If Aries reps know how to restrain his or her intense feelings, they can become good poker players. If the task seems too hard, they can try games based on skill or interactions with other players.

Another trait common for the majority of Aries natives is their stubbornness. It’s hard for them to stop until they win a jackpot which puts them in a riskier position. Be careful not to cross the budget limit as it may push you in a wrong and unwanted direction.

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Lucky days: Tuesday and Saturday

Lucky numbers: 9 (and its multiples including 18 and 27) and 22.

Lucky color: red  


First and foremost, the sign is not likely to gamble at all as it doesn’t show any interest when it comes to anything not related to its comfort zone. However, if they still decide to play, they will be more interested in predicting the results than in winning big sums of money. Taurus people like to bet even if they don’t have an opportunity to play. Besides, you’ll hardly see a Taurus playing several games at once as they want to focus on one activity and put all their efforts into it.

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Lucky days: Wednesday and Thursday

Lucky numbers: 6 and 15

Lucky color: green


As players, Gemini natives are very active and always surrounded by a crowd of people. They like being in the spotlight and, of all games, would prefer bingo because it brings more fun than any other game. When a Gemini person wins, everybody congratulates him or her, and it makes the game even more attractive and makes the sign rep even happier. A perfect game for a Gemini guy is a game that makes their minds busy. Games of skill would work best, especially if a Gemini representative is at the top of the list.

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Lucky days: Wednesday and Sunday

Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 15, and 35

Lucky color: yellow


roulette 22

Cancer people are very indecisive and hate being in a crowd. That’s why they hate noise and gangs of people in casinos. However, when they find themselves in a quiet place at a poker table or in a private room of a casino, they can be good opponents. Online casinos are a good choice for Cancerians, too, as they can enjoy the game in the peace and comfort of their home. Other gambling ideas for Сancer people include sports betting because they can analyze the players first and make sure their decision is right.

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Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday

Lucky numbers: 2 and 22

Lucky colors: red


There is hardly a sign that has a greater opinion of itself than a Leo. That’s why gambling is one of the activities that flare them up and make them show how cool and bright they can be. They are not afraid of trying the latest tricks and starting the riskiest businesses. Casino games, progressive slot machines, and virtual casinos are all among the things that attract them most. However, being great winners makes Leos one of the most obnoxious losers, too. They find it extremely hard to accept a defeat, which means they can continue playing even if they feel they’re currently losing. Sadly enough, this can result in losing lots of money and other negative consequences.

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Lucky days: Saturday and Monday

Lucky numbers: 11, 13, and 17 

Lucky colors: red and bright yellow


number 14

Leos are all about strategies. If they take any risks, they carefully calculate them beforehand. They think things over and work through different scenarios. If a Virgo is playing poker, it will probably take him or her ages to make the next move. Virgo reps will hardly ever go bankrupt if they decide to gamble impulsively. When they realize they can’t handle the budget they won’t take any risks. That’s why the staff of casinos hate Virgo players – they hate it when emotions don’t rule their visitors. They more often come to blackjack tables as these are the places where a strategy can help you win. They’re good poker players, too, as they possess enough skills to win.

Lucky days: Wednesday and Saturday

Lucky numbers: 12 and 14

Lucky colors: red and black


Just like in many other life aspects, Libra natives remain rather unbalanced people when it comes to gambling and luck. It’s pretty hard to read them as poker players, but it’s not because they’re incredibly smart. The reason is that they keep changing their strategies all the time. They quickly start doubting their actions, are always discontent with their decisions, and often double-guess their choices. The same can be said about the amount of money they’re going to bet – they can go to extremes.

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Lucky days: Thursday and Friday

Lucky numbers: 6, 16, 26, 36

Lucky colors: blue and black


dice 4

Scorpio is a sign for which a decision-making process seems the easiest. When a decision has been made, nothing will make them change it. No doubts are allowed! The drawback of such a strategy is that they behave in the same way in any case, whether the decision made is a good or a bad one. However, if we speak about gambling, such a confident manner of behavior makes others believe that Scorpio guys have more information than other players. It’s a real benefit for Scorpio natives who play poker as they manage to produce an impression of a guy ready to win. Those who keep buying lottery tickets even if they fail repeatedly have probably been born under the sign of Scorpio, too. Stubborn, persistent, and self-confident – it’s all about you, dear Scorpio.

Lucky days: Monday and Sunday

Lucky numbers: 1, 4, and their combinations (41, 14)

Lucky colors: black


Sags prefer to hide from others (and even from themselves) what they feel. They would rather say everything is all right and keep smiling, burying themselves even deeper into their problems and depression. These people often become addicted to gambling because they’re sure that remaining optimists will sooner or later attract luck. Another interesting trait of Sagittarius people is that they love bright and shining things but quickly lose interest in them. So they feel quite at home in lustrous casinos but will hardly be able to sit for long at a table. That’s why tournaments are not a good idea for them.

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Lucky days: Tuesday and Friday

Lucky numbers: 1, 16, 19

Lucky colors: deep blue and black


Capricorns are probably the most disciplined zodiac representatives. They’re so disciplined you’ll hardly see any of them in real casinos. Gambling would never be a part of their lives at all but for the hungry ambitiousness of this sign. If they’re planning to become rich, they will only see casinos as another opportunity to make their dream come true. What’s good for Caps is that they know for sure what their limits are, how much they need, and when they have to stop. They prefer skill-based games like baccarat and blackjack just because it brings them fun. Poker would suit, too, but only its video version, as Capricorns don’t want the human component to be involved.

Lucky days: Thursday and Sunday

Lucky numbers: 6 and 8

Lucky colors: black


Of all zodiac signs, Aquarius best fits the image of a true gambler. The sign’s unpredictability benefits its reps when it comes to games, as they can easily change tactics when necessary. Their ability to adapt and switch decisions makes them more successful players than other, more inflexible signs. Another thing that pushes them to gamble is luck – the sign’s natives seem to be luckier than others and what’s even more important, they know how to use it to get the most out of the game. All these facts make Aquarians great live poker players, especially its long-term tournament variations. They’re very good at confusing their opponents, as Aquarians are very hard to read when they’re playing.

Lucky days: Tuesday and Saturday

Lucky numbers: 3, 7, 21

Lucky colors: black and deep blue


cards 9

As Pisces is a highly romantic sign deeply affected by emotions, it’s not a very good idea for its reps to gamble at all. First, important decisions can be made under deep emotions and will lead to no good. In some situations, they can even agree to a small win just to learn how it feels and then to lose a lot. Surrounded by cold-blooded players, Pisces will realize soon that it’s been a bad idea to even try. These guys should never start a skill-based game as the serious pressure they will experience will make them take higher risks and consequently lose more. However, they can try roulette tables or slot machines that will best suit their vivid imagination.

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Lucky days: Monday and Thursday

Lucky numbers: 5, 9, 19

Lucky colors: red

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