How Will Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Sign?

By Nataly Porter Sep 05, 2022
The third Mercury retrograde of the year will last from August 23 up to September 14. So, how does Mercury retrograde affect us? Does Mercury in retrograde affect everyone? Who will experience positive changes thanks to Mercury retrograde this summer? Time to find out – scroll to your sign to learn!


Aries people like to act fast and move fast. During the Mercury retrograde period, things become quite complicated for them. They don’t like to be limited in anything and if they face any prohibitions they get furious and think of how they can overcome them. Dear Aries, you will have to keep it in mind that violence is always a bad idea, and it’s even worse during a Mercury retrograde period. The time is good for patient ones – the more you push, the more often you fail. Try to cope with your emotions and don’t get mad over trifles.

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How does Mercury retrograde affect Taurus? For Taurus people, things are not going to be very easy. Two factors will affect you, dear Taurus. On one hand, things are not going well; on the other hand, you fail to treat things calmly as you usually do. You’re normally careful and think twice of what you’re doing; Mercury retrograde will change things greatly. It will make your decisions impulsive and this will prevent you from being as rational and stable as you usually are. What is the biggest drawback of this period? You may spoil the communication with your close people easily. When you see that your get-togethers don’t go the way you want them to, you start blaming the wrong people. Try not to get angry if you’re not sure it will lead to positive results in the future. 

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As Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, this sign is struck the most when the planet is going retrograde. The good news is that you have been born under the sign that sees every new change as a new chance to improve its life. That’s why when Mercury is in retrograde, you simply find a new way of reaching your desired destination. If you don’t hurry too much, you cope with the task successfully and are even eager to face this new challenge. Try to stay away from your social media accounts and you’ll avoid unpleasant thoughts and envy.


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Dear Cancer, brace yourself. Mercury retrograde is going to scare you with a big emotional overload. The more you suffer from it, the more often you will have the urge to go back into your shell and hide in it. However, this is not a way out as you will only postpone the inevitable. You will feel not only moody – you will feel desperate and exhausted because of the emotions that suffocate you. When you see that things at home start to go wrong, you lose all your energy. Don’t build a wall between you and the negative effects as it may sooner or later backfire. Dear Cancer, stars know you want to be as caring and nurturing as you normally are; the time is hard but you’ll cope with it!

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So, what does Mercury retrograde affect in your case, Leo? The fact that Leo people love to be in the center of everybody’s attention can backfire during the Mercury retrograde period. You want others to see you and adore you, but don't want to feel ashamed in front of a big crowd. This time, many things can go wrong: presentations and meetings can bring negative results, you may be asked questions you don’t want to answer, a Wi-Fi signal can be lost when you least expect it, your phone decides to reboot, etc. You may even lose the contacts of people you need to get in touch with right now, be it your friends or colleagues. Dear Leo, take a break and think about your plans. No rush is needed now!   


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As Virgo people hate disorder more than anything else, the coming Mercury retrograde period can bring big trouble to you. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is now in retrograde and to you, this is similar to a betrayal from within. Things you usually rely on, like daily routine and order, have turned into chaos and lack of stability. What can you do now to cope with the consequences of this planetary madness? Rely on your adaptability and your ability to stay grounded. These two things will lead you through the turmoil of Mercury retrograde with minimal casualties. 


For Libra people, a relationship is more important than anything else. However, the coming Mercury retrograde period can make the distance between you and your dear ones bigger than ever before. Another problem is that you can find it hard to get in touch with people in the way you did before - using social media, texts, phone calls, etc. You will have to find other ways of communication. As negotiations are also hard to conduct during this period, pay more attention to the agreements you initiate or take part in. Many people from the past can reappear in your life now – from former colleagues to your exes. The news they bring can be either good or bad and it will mostly depend on how you ended your relationship when you previously parted.


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Despite all rumors, Scorpio is a fixed sign that hates ups and downs. You may not be eager to enjoy the challenges of the Mercury retrograde period but you’ll not be afraid of them either. You will find your ways of coping with trouble; besides, you’re smart enough to realize that even the hardest period has to sooner or later come to an end. If a Scorpio person is patient enough he or she can endure a lot. The only stipulation is that you have to know that this run of bad luck will soon be replaced by a run of a good one. And if you need extra luck during this special period, check out your lucky days calendar!


How does Mercury in retrograde affect Sagittarius? Sags are always on the go, that’s why this Mercury retrograde period is going to become a harsh lesson for them. The planet will mess things up preventing you from reaching the place of your wishes. All vehicles – buses, trains, planes, cars, and even bikes – will suffer from technical difficulties that will lead to losses of time and important connections. Even traffic apps won’t work, which can be a serious disappointment for you! Dear Sagittarius, please slow down for some time or at least make sure you have some alternatives if you don’t want to miss your opportunities.  


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As the progress at work has stopped, the life of a Capricorn person has stopped as well. You’re ready to do anything just not to sit and wait in vain for at least any work to come. The biggest pain for a Cap native is having to depend on other people, especially when it concerns their job. If IT guys have to wait for another person to finish the job before starting theirs, that’s truly excruciating. On the other hand, you want to do and control things yourself and if you can’t do it you are severely upset. Dear Capricorn, please try to relax and don’t take things so close to heart at least now. 


Aquarians are the most gadget-savvy zodiac reps. For them, the Mercury retrograde period is going to bring some disappointments connected to their devices. Unluckily, in this period you will have to look for other ways of processing or searching for the necessary information. The good news is that Aquarians are innovators by nature and are not afraid of challenges. They will not only successfully cope with the task but will also get new acquaintances and new helpful skills. Dear Aquarius, just remember that adapting is the key and once you learn doing it, you’ll get more from the Mercury retrograde than from any other, more benevolent period. 


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Although it’s normal for Pisces people to have a strong intuition, this Mercury retrograde is going to make some adjustments. It will turn off your feelings and apprehensions making you guardless in front of negative events and actions of others. This, in its turn, will make you feel confused because you’re used to believing yourself and you don’t know who or what to believe now. Dear Pisces, an escape to your daydreams or your Instagram feed is not a good idea for you. Instead, resort to your creative mind and you’ll surely find a couple of perfectly right solutions. 

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