Mercury Finally Goes Direct. So What?

By Nataly Porter Sep 28, 2022
Great news for all zodiac signs – after about three weeks of going retrograde, Mercury turns direct on October 2 and won’t go retrograde again up to December 28. We can have rest from confusion, frustration, and delays. Hooray! People hate it when Mercury goes retrograde, so now we can relax a bit and enjoy this period of peace. What can your sign expect soon? Scroll to your sign to learn!


During the coming three months, Aries people can boast of good intentions and positive thoughts. You want your close ones to have the most pleasant time and to ensure it you’re even ready to relax the grip on them and your relationships. Remember, dear Aries, that you can fix neither situations nor people by your pure will. In some cases, listening to others is a more powerful tool than trying to thrust your opinion. When Mercury goes direct, learn to respect people more, help them more, and be more attentive to their feelings. Giving your dear ones more space will bring you more profit than controlling them all the time. And if you need more help managing your relationships with others, this Tarot reading will help. 



The post-retrograde period is a great time for silence and reflections. Dear Taurus, try to preserve this silence in your life, too – drive with music off and make pauses in your conversations to think over what has just been said. Give more time to contemplation but don’t spoil it with unneeded guidance or noise. You will soon see how transformative this time can be for you. The world that is not filled with things that can distract you from the real feelings and emotions is much brighter and yet calmer than you might have thought before. This Tarot reading will help you focus on your present and explore your destiny. 


The latest Mercury retrograde has been a real coaster for you, dear Gemini. One day you’re absolutely over the moon and the next one you’re totally desperate. Your feelings are strong and during the retrograde period, they’re only becoming more intensive. Now, when Mercury finally goes direct, there will be less tension and nervousness in your love relationship. Your job will bring enough pleasure and fun into your life, too. If you feel you’re too tired just take your time and have some rest. Don’t try to make things look like they did before the retrograde period. Enjoy today’s life to the fullest!

This is a positive period for you, but if you still have any relationship issues, see how to handle them here. 


Happy family

The current post-retrograde period will mark your life with domestic bliss. No more family dramas expected! If you feel there is something you can let go then the coming three months are the best time for it. There should be a way for you to give more time to your feelings and this simple practice will help you become calmer and not worry over trifles. You know it well, dear Cancer, that we can’t always get the apologies that we want to get but there are always chances to try again! Maybe, next time you just shouldn’t expect any outstanding results or should try a bit harder. It’s your choice!


Leo, cool times for your hidden (and not hidden) talents are coming! Have you ever thought of joining Etsy? It’s high time you did it now! No matter if you write stories, crochet, draw pictures or make clothing – you’re an artist and your creative power is stronger today than it has ever been. Starting from March 10, your creative work can bring you real money! However, that’s not the only benefit you can enjoy. Doing things that you like and doing them well will help you feel rejuvenated and appreciated by others. What else can make you happier?


Having rest

During the post-retrograde period, many things will happen behind the scenes and still influence Virgo natives a lot. You’ll finally be able to enjoy your success as you’ll reach the goal you’ve been working on for a long period. It can be a new position at work or purchasing something you’ve been dreaming for. Now, celebrate what you’ve done and give yourself at least a short break. Things like living a quiet and happy life or finding friends who will always be there for you are going to become more important than financial or career success. Get ready to enjoy small things that bring you great emotions! 

So, Mercury promises career success. How to attract even more of it? Check out this reading and find out how to boost your career!


Mercury that has now turned direct can have a deep impact on your long-term financial goals. Certain family secrets and even a family drama that have been revealed during the retrograde season will not be a problem for you anymore. You will get enough time to cope with your tasks successfully. Now you may have an urge to take a serious decision but stars advise you not to hurry in this matter. In many cases, time is the best or even the only solution you can expect. Think of your decisions from the viewpoint of every person involved in a situation. It will prevent you from many mistakes. 

If you need to deal with family-related problems, see how to handle them here.


Help in climbing

As far as it concerns Scorpio, the post-retrograde period won’t be radically different from the retrograde one. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to suffer many challenges or troubles, dear Scorpio. It’s more about your attitude to the situation and the way you see things gaining momentum around you. Don’t worry – you have all the tools necessary for a successful solution of all your doubts and dilemmas. Just make sure you use your strength responsibly and work not only for yourself but for others, too.


Quite often, we become our biggest enemies and obstacles. The recent Mercury retrograde has shown Sags’ weakest sides including their being not compassionate enough or staying silent when they had very important things to say. Now it’s time to remember that self-love is not only appreciating ourselves and being more attentive to our own wishes. It’s also about the inner growth and ability to realize how your strengths, dear Sagittarius, can support others. Try to learn not to hurt both yourself and others with harsh words or immoral actions.



Have you got many talents, dear Capricorn? We bet you’ll say you have almost none and it’s so typical of Caps! During the current post-retrograde period, be ready to welcome and make use of the talents you’ve never even thought of. Capricorns tend not to value things that come easily to them. They strongly believe that you can boast of something only if you’ve been working extremely hard to make this thing happen. They believe that only the hardest work can make them the most remarkable, most unique, and the best of the best. However, even a small thing can be important if it’s really important to you. Be more attentive to the things that you can cope with little or no effort as they’re still worth something.


The post-retrograde period is the time of changes for you, dear Aquarius. These changes will take place on many levels, both micro and macro ones. You may decide to change your breakfast and sleeping habits as well as the way you see your future and yourself in 10 years. There is enough time for everything from grieving your previous dreams and plans to get ready for the new ones. Some of you may think you won’t be able to live a life different from the one you used to live. Don’t worry – you’ll cope with it quite successfully.


Lonely girl

The coming three-month period is mostly about being lonely and being alone for Pisces. Although loneliness is a generally normal thing that exists everywhere in the world, for some of us, and Pisces people are of no exception, this is torture. Pisces natives are known for their sensitivity and this loneliness can affect them more than others. This time, try to resort to logic more often as it can help you fight many fears of yours. What is the difference between being alone and being lonely and what does it mean to you? It’s high time to give your answer now!


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