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By Briána Jan 16, 2023
Interested in what is written in the stars about your birthdate? A Pythagorean Square, also known as a Psychomatrix, is an interpretation of different numbers in your life that reveal information about the uniqueness of your own identity.

The Pythagorean square is a numerological system created by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras in the 5th century BC. Ancient Egypt used this tool to describe human characteristics throughout history. Within the square, numbers are assigned to different cells that correspond to a feature that gives you information about qualities and frequencies of yourself. The Pythagorean square is based on birthdates and is interestingly unique to each person.

What is the Numerology of Pythagorean Squares?

To understand how the Pythagorean Square appeared, we'd better start with the basics of numerology. 


Numerology can essentially be understood as the universal language of numbers. In other words, it is the study of how numbers interact in your life. It is an open door to witnessing and revealing vast information about each person and the world around them. Numerology was first noted in written records by ancient Egyptian people and was documented as it spread throughout ancient Rome and China. Numerology can be used as a guide for your life, and this is precisely why it is vital to understand what the numbers in your life mean through the interpretation of a Pythagorean Square.

Pythagorean Square or Psychomatrix

Out of numerology bloomed the Pythagorean Theorem, founded by Pythagoras, who created a complex system that explains the presence of numbers 1-9 in a person's life. One of the most popular numerology interpretations to date, the Pythagorean Square or "Psychomatrix," allows each person to understand themselves, their dedication, and their ability to handle situations. Experts can interpret what the presence of these numbers means in relation to different conditions, relationships, activities, and traditions. Understanding the numbers in your Pythagorean Square can be very beneficial to you.

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A Pythagorean Square provides in-depth information about the interconnections of characteristics unique to you.

Discover Characteristics Unique to You

You can learn what your Pythagorean square has to say about you by getting an interpretation of different lines and cells. The characteristics are described from top to bottom, starting in the first column on the left, then moving to the second column, then the third column. All of these characteristics are related, but their specific orders in the columns, lines, and diagonals will determine the qualities that stand out in you.

Psychomatrix Lines

The lines within a Pythagorean Square connect the values of all of the cells along its path. A single characteristic does not define one's personality. It is the connection between all the characteristics that is important. Understanding the information along a line allows you to see a fuller picture of the main aspects of yourself and predict how you would react in different situations. For example, the first row uses the character, health, and luck cells to determine a person's sense of purpose and desire to achieve goals. 

Psychomatrix Diagonals

The upwards diagonal means a person's temperament in intimate relations. The degree to which two partners' temperaments match can be a strong indicator of the quality and length of their relationship. The downward diagonal signifies one's spirituality level. This is the degree to which a person feels connected with Nature (Universe). 

Psychomatrix Cells

Each cell represents a different human characteristic. The intensity to which it expresses itself in a person is determined by quantitative and qualitative indications of numbers 1 to 9. Comparing the cell indicators allows a person to understand the qualities they possess as individuals and as a part of a group. A person is then able to avoid negative situations and problems in which they would not do well in. 

The Meaning of Psychomatrix Cells

Character Type

This characteristic specifies the strength of human nature through the number 1. This is your ability to understand and defend your own beliefs and point of view. Character type will explain how you tend to present yourself in personal, social, and professional situations. 

Vital Energy Levels

Vital energy levels, number 2, relate to your behavior in your family, work environment, and society. This is not identical to the inner energy source Chi. In the Pythagorean Square, having energy will allow you to do things that are necessary. 

Interests and Cognitive Abilities

Within this category, you can understand your interest in the exact sciences or the techniques of science. The number 3 is very influential throughout your entire Pythagorean Square. These interests can range from the social humanities and art to invention and design. 

Health Potential

The number 4 in the Pythagorean Square is understood as the potential for health, not its current level. A person's healthiness at birth is crucial as it will assess one's ability to handle negative factors that impact their body. This number controls the body of the person and the amount of energy they will need to put into their health as they age. 

A Pythagorean Square provides information that allows a person to find balance and harmony in their life.
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Logic and Intuition

Logic and intuition are ruled by the number 5. This controls a person's ability to understand, analyze, and plan situations. These are considered the "main" characteristics of 5, but there are additional ones. A lack of logic could mean that the person does not make plans and tends to spend their time daydreaming. The high presence of 5 in the squares suggests the person has a strong intuition and often feels as though they can reason out what will happen in future situations. 

Labor and Aptitude for Work

The number 6 relates to the person's ability for physical labor. This characteristic assesses the ways in which a person's ability to work is put into play. It also takes into account the willpower and desire to work.

Luck and Good Fortune

The angel number 7. Ancient people dedicated this number to the work of divine beings. In the Pythagorean Square, 7 denotes good luck and fortune. It shows one's interest in Nature (also called the Universe) and its importance in a person's development. The stronger the presence of 7, the greater your mission in life may be.

Duty and Responsibilities

Duty, or the number 8, is a fundamental principle in understanding one's identity and personality. This is the feeling of responsibility to family and friends. It also denotes tolerance and kindness towards those who are close to the person. Humans are able to separate other people from each other through understanding where their duties and responsibilities lie. 

Memory and Intelligence

The number 9 specifies a person's memory, intelligence, and clairvoyance levels. This characteristic closely follows behind the number 8. It is related to the person's ability to remember those they have a duty to. These levels shift from forgetfulness to being able to foresee situations. Having a strong memory and energy can allow a person access to tap into many generations worth of stored up information, allowing for a greater ability to foresee and predict future situations. 

Interpreting Your Pythagorean Square

Birthdates are an important aspect in numerology and guide us in our lives.
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One of the most popular aspects of the Psychomatrix is the interpretation. There are endless interconnections between the meanings of separate cells and the lines of cells. Each cell (or characteristic) may directly or indirectly influence another cell. The strength of a cell also affects other cells in the square, as well as the interactions between the diagonals. It is essential to look for a knowledgeable interpretation of your results to ensure that you receive an accurate description of your Pythagorean Square. 

You can rely on our advanced Pythagorean Square Report to make understanding your personality and what your birthdate has to say about you a whole lot easier. You will get an individualized, comprehensive interpretation of your Pythagorean Square that will provide you with a detailed, thoughtful, and educated description of what makes you unique. Discover the qualities that were bestowed upon you at birth and how you can create your future path to utilize your strongest traits!

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