What Crime are You Most Likely to Commit Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

By Kristen Cooley Aug 15, 2022
Keep reading to find out what crime your zodiac sign would be good at... it may just surprise you!

Most of us (maybe even all of us) have come to a point in our life where we question if it would be easier to commit the crime or go the more ethical route. The times that we have been wronged by an employer, cheated on by a partner, or we really wanted that pair of earrings but couldn't afford it—yeah, you know what I'm talking about. We all have dark sides to us, it's human nature, and it's written in the stars with our astrology chart. Now, just because your sign is capable of committing these crimes doesn't mean you will. But isn't it fun to imagine what your life would be like if you did?

What Crime is Your Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Commit?

Before reading through each zodiac sign, think about which crime you think you would be good at! Do you have what it takes to become a money launderer? Or maybe you are capable of pulling off a series of murders without being caught? Keep reading to find out which crime you are most likely to commit based on your zodiac sign.


Oh, Aries... you are confident, ruthless, and never back down from a challenge. This is why you would be perfect for being the leader of a gang. We all know gang-related activity can lead to drive-bys, drug activity, and even murder if someone really crosses you. You are not afraid of being in charge because you know the others will listen to you. The good thing about being the leader of a gang is that the people who work under you are the ones who take the fault and go to jail if something were to happen. You get to call the shots and get off scot-free? That's a win-win for you, Aries!

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What crime would an Aries commit?


We all know Taurus loves the finer things in life, but sometimes having the money to obtain those things can be difficult. You want to be rich without doing a lot of hard work, and that's why money laundering is the perfect crime for your sign. You have what it takes to be sneaky and work with others to make it happen. Don't get too lazy, though, Taurus, or you may just get caught!

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What crime would a Taurus commit?


Gemini, most people would say you live a double life—after all, you are the Twins of the zodiac. You guys would most likely commit a crime of fraud or even being a con artist. Geminis are smart, almost too smart when it comes to lies and deceit. You can easily trick people into thinking you are something you're not, which is why persuading people so that you can take their money suits you best.

What crime would a Gemini commit?


Cancer tends to be overly protective of their family and friends, anybody they love really. This over-protectiveness can lead to obsession if you break their heart, though. Cancers are most likely to be passion killers. This means they won't kill just anybody on the street, but they will mess you up if you break their heart. Cancers want you to feel the pain you put them through, even if that means taking you off this Earth. Cancer, don't act too much out of emotions to you kill this person in their home, or you run the risk of the police finding out!

See how to handle heartbreak without committing capital crimes here!

What crime would a Cancer commit?


If Leo commits a crime, they aren't going to do something halfway. They want to get noticed for the crime they commit, especially if there's any risk of getting caught. They may love the spotlight just enough to do something crazy like kill someone famous or torture someone in strange ways. They want their 15 minutes of fame for the crime they commit because what's the point in doing something if you won't be recognized for it?

What crime would a Leo commit?


Virgos are practical, analytical, and most of the time, don't want to be seen. They won't commit a crime they have to perform in front of others; Virgos are much better suited for hacking because at least they can hide behind a screen. Virgos will start with hacking something small like their ex's email or phone, but once they get good enough, you can catch them hacking into bank accounts and maybe even the dark web.

By the way, if you want to learn someone's darkest secrets, you don't have to hack them. Just use astrology. 

What crime would a Virgo commit?


Would a Libra really commit a serious crime? Maybe or maybe not. They would most likely commit a crime by accident. After all, they are people pleasers, so why do something that could hurt someone? Libras are too busy texting back their friends or checking Instagram that they run a stop sign. It may not be a heinous crime, but it's the one that can get them pulled over!

What crime would a Libra commit?


Scorpios are intense, especially when it comes to someone they love. Try breaking up with a Scorpio, and you may find them stalking you at every event, restaurant, or friend's house you go to. It doesn't stop at stalking, though; Scorpios are the type to burn down your house if they see you better off without them. Stalking and arson? That's a wild combination, Scorpio!

What crime would a Scorpio commit?


Sagittarius may act tough on the outside, but they don't have the ability to hurt someone, let alone kill. Sagittarius would most likely commit a crime of theft, especially if it's stealing money so they can pay for travel. Since they're always on the move, it may be hard to track them down, which makes them a very successful pickpocket or burglar. Who could stand in your way now? See your worst enemy!

What crime would a Sagittarius commit?


Don't leave a Capricorn high and dry, or they will figure out a way to get back at you. Capricorn, you want what's rightfully yours, even if that means bending the law to make that happen. Capricorns are most likely to be caught up in embezzling money, especially if it's from a company that doesn't treat them fairly. It's not stealing if it should be yours, right?

What crime would a Capricorn commit?


Aquarius has the charisma and skill to be a serious hustler. This can be as small as persuading your parents to give you money or as big as hustling investors to fork over thousands of dollars. Don't get too comfortable, though. Eventually, the people around you will catch on. Be sure to stay on your toes!

What crime would a Aquarius commit?


This sign is known to have a dark side. Sometimes they even have self-destructive tendencies. Pisces start out by doing drugs every now and again, but eventually, it's hard to let the habit go. Instead, they start selling drugs or being involved in drug-related crimes. They may even get caught for possession!

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