September Horoscope Digest

By Nataly Porter Sep 01, 2022
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Hello, my dear friends!

I'm so happy to see you here again! It's already September, so Nataly Porter is here to do her job as editor-in-chief and provide you with our freshest September horoscope as well as August predictions that are still urgent. Which of them will help you make the right choice today? Which will help you avoid the challenges and troubles, or at least cushion the blow? Without further ado, check them all below!

So, in August, we sent you some predictions about:

  • Your love life in August. Now, it's time to check if the promises of the stars have come true. Have you met your significant other? Has any of your close people betrayed you? Click the link above to check how accurate your romantic August prediction was! If you still have any questions left, please ask them here or here!
  • The Perseids. On August 12 and 13, people who live far from big cities might enjoy one of the most spectacular events of the year - the Perseid meteor shower. In 2022, the combination of the Perseids and the Full Moon made the sight even more exciting. You could see up to 110 meteors per hour and up to one meteor every couple of minutes! However, the Perseids are not only about the spectacle but our fate, too! How did this period influence you? Is it still affecting it now? See here!
  • Crimes. Is it hard to break the law? What is your red line - money laundering, swindle, hacking, or MURDER? Astrology knows a lot about us, and our negative side is no exception. Which crime are you able to commit? What does your zodiac sign say about it? Check here.
  • Exes. Here it is – the hottest topic of the month! What do your exes think about you now? Do they miss you? Would they like to come back? How to bring THEM back if you want to? See all the answers inside!
  • Luck. What are your luckiest days, colors, and numbers? On which day of the week should you make an important decision? Which numbers will help you gamble and win? See here.

Now, it's time to check what the stars promise you in September:

  • This time, we start the month with your classic monthly horoscope. Is September the right month for starting something new? Should you agree to a new love affair? Is it better for you to ask your partner to leave or stay? Find all September insights for your zodiac sign in one place!
  • In August, we could enjoy the beauty of the Perseids. In September, things change, and we have to face the inevitability of Mercury Retrograde. Yes, here it is – coming to us on September 9 with all the negative predictions we could expect. Are things as gloomy as they seem? Could we expect a ray of light in the realm of darkness? Is your sign the lucky one to avoid all the coming challenges? Hurry up to check it all here!
  • September 23 is another crucial astrological date. On this day, the day equals the night, so we start moving to winter and the darkest days of the year. Sounds sad, isn't it? Are there any chances your sign will succeed after September 23? Are you the lucky guy to avoid problems caused by astrological events? Try your luck here!
  • There are no good or bad people. We all possess certain positive and negative qualities that help others form opinions about us. What are the best and the worst qualities of your sign? How to boost the former ones and get rid of the latter ones? Check it all in our new article at the end of September!

Besides our special predictions, you can always check your regular daily, weekly horoscopes, love, and Tarot predictions! Get your special Natal Chart report here for a deeper understanding of who you really are. If you'd like to get your readings in a convenient and short format, subscribe to our text horoscopes here. Make sure you read your sign's predictions daily to know what's coming!

Always yours,

Nataly Porter

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