What Your Ex Misses Most About You (And How to Get Them Back)

By Nataly Porter Feb 14, 2023
Since childhood, we’ve got used to the fact that nothing lasts forever, especially when it comes to a relationship. We have left people, and they have left us. Sometimes, both sides are happy about this; in some cases, at least one partner is suffering and wants his former lover back. What does your ex still miss about you, and how can you get him or her back? Scroll to your sign to learn it now!


Aries natives are responsible for bringing fun in a relationship; what’s more, they help their partners feel completely relaxed. If they love a person and believe in him or her, they will remain faithful. When an Aries person leaves someone, the left one feels that life has lost its spark. Dear Aries, when you leave somebody or are left, you take the touch of excitement with you. Your ex will miss it as well as your ability to enjoy the smallest things in life.

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A couple with the woman's ex

Taureans are one of the most stubborn zodiac reps; one more quality they’re known for is their wish to feel safe and secure with their partner. These people are so stubborn they prefer to hold onto a relationship that no longer works for them. They are ready to forgive and forget a lot, and their partners realize what a precious quality it is once they lose their Taurus significant other. The exes of Taurus guys miss the security Taurus brings to them and their incredible commitment to the relationship. Taurus people are not only selfless – they perform selfless acts quite often, too, and defend their partners no matter what. These are the things that any ex of a Taurus will sooner or later miss.


Represented by twins, Gemini guys are often thought to have a dual nature. While in the majority of cases, other people see just one way out, one view of the situation, or one truth, it’s Gemini who will show others how multifaceted the thing is. When you lose a partner, dear Gemini, your ex will soon miss your ability to see things differently, and life will soon much duller for him or her. Gemini people make their significant others think outside the box, which makes life much more interesting, too. Besides, they can bring fun and color to their love life. Missing Gemini is missing this vigor as well as a unique view of the world around.

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As Cancers are the “mothers” of the zodiac, what can their exes miss the most about them? This is, of course, their nurturing qualities and their unique ability to give love not asking anything in return. A Cancer person is always someone it’s pleasant to come to, and people feel at ease when staying next to them. However, when they leave or are abandoned, they make their exes suffer because they can no longer give them the affection they have got used to. Despite the fact Cancer people are sometimes clingy, this clinginess is something their exes will miss most. 


Although Leo natives can sometimes behave selfishly, they still know it better than others what’s important in our life. One of the strongest qualities of Leos is their loyalty and how important you and your opinion were for them. They feel what is worthy of their efforts and what’s not; if a person means something to them, they will move mountains to give you what you need. Leo guys see others better than anybody else and appreciate others, too. Their exes will look for this quality in their next partners but fail to find it. People of other signs will always expect something from others while you, dear Leo, can see through the fog and give without being asked for.

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Virgo people like upgrading the lives of their partners. They help their partners by ordering things or doing things around the house. When their partners turn into their exes, they starting missing this quality of Virgo most. Virgo natives don’t drain their significant others; instead, they see the best in their partners and help them believe in themselves. They’re so kind that their former lover will keep looking for similar qualities in their future relationships. Virgos make their own life as well as the lives of those they love more organized and comfortable. Dear Virgo, you can be sure that your ex will miss this about you most! 


Although Libra may seem boring people who love order more than anything, some things about them make them especially attractive. These things include their charming personality and ability to find common ground with almost anyone. Balance is everything for Libra guys, and they do their best to make the lives of their close people as balanced as possible. Libras help their partners feel complete; on the other hand, it helps them feel like the best couple in the world because of Libra charms. When somebody breaks up with you, dear Libra, this person will miss this balance you’ve given to him or her. 


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Scorpio natives combine two contrastive traits: a very intense nature and the ability to love deeply. Normally, a relationship with Scorpio can survive almost anything, and this is what Scorpio’s partners appreciate in them. Scorpio natives give all of them to their partners, still managing to keep the relationship balanced. This is such a rare quality that a Scorpio’s ex will miss it immensely. Scorpios are both delicate and fierce and cope with balancing between the two opposite sides of their nature.  

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The brightest feature of a relationship with a Sagittarius is the spontaneity of this sign. They love doing new exciting things; besides, they love and appreciate their partners and are not afraid or shy of admitting it to others. When your partner loses you, dear Sag, he or she soon realizes how boring the people around can be. Sagittarius natives show their partners brand new definitions of love, family, and security, and it becomes hard to find another partner who will look at these notions and values in the same way. They love their significant others passionately and dearly and teach them to see the light even when everything is dark. Your exes will miss, dear Sag.


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To start with, having a Cap as a partner is like being a part of the upper class. Capricorns are known as hardworking and successful people with almost no flaws (if they have any, you will never notice it). That’s why every ex of a Cap is destined to move on to something less bright and successful. Besides, your ex-partner, dear Capricorn, will miss your determination and your ability to help others reach their aims. Being a very strong-willed person, a Capricorn will make his or her ask wonder if they will ever meet a similar person again. They will lack your constant support, too.


Aquarius people are especially notable for turning their partners into better versions of themselves. They’re happy when they make their significant others happier, too. When somebody is leaving an Aquarius or is left by this sign, this person will keep asking if he or she has been the best and will they ever feel the same. Dear Aquarius, you’re kind and generous and help your partner feel smart, powerful, and kind, too. It would be hard for your ex to find another person who will support him or her as you did. You’re very straightforward, too, and your exes always used to know what you thought of them and what they had to work at. You also quickly forget about your anger and let things come back to normal, and this quality of yours will be missed by your exes as well.


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Pisces people are romantic and attentive to details. They love art and see the brightest colors of the world around them. Walking away from a person like you makes your ex look for these features in other people but almost surely fail in these attempts. You look at the world differently and help your partner see everything in a similar light, too. Your tender and thoughtful attitude is something your significant other appreciates in you and will start missing as soon as you break up. They will also lack the romance of your relationship and your ability to see the best in the worst things and people around you. 

Bonus: Best Time for Getting Your Ex Back

Strangely enough, Mercury Retrograde is one of the best periods for those who are eager to make their former lovers come back. To be more exact, this is the moment when Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of love and romance, both go retrograde. During these periods, people tend to think more about their relationships, including the past ones, and the chances are high that your former significant other spends these days dreaming about you. Remember that Mercury is in retrograde about three to four times a year, while Venus only every 18 months.

The Moon is another thing you can take into consideration when choosing the best time for getting your ex back. Get in touch with your ex when the Moon is passing Taurus, Libra, or Scorpio (if you want to make sex one of your powerful tools). Don’t do anything related to your former lover when the Moon is in Capricorn or Virgo because these business-like signs are not going to help you in your aspirations. 

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