August Horoscope Digest

By Nataly Porter Jul 28, 2022
See our top July and August horoscopes here!

Hi there! Time flies, and it’s August already! But your editor-in-chief Nataly Porter is always here to bring you the most exciting horoscope predictions that come true. Let’s first review our July readings that can still be used, then pass to the freshest August horoscopes (early access is here, too!)

What may you have missed in July? See below:

  • As tradition demands, we send you monthly love predictions – and here’s the one you got in July. Has the prediction worked for you this time? Have you already found your significant other? What if you’re with the wrong person now? Follow the link to see the answers or, if you have special questions, talk to our Customer Care specialist here or ask us on our Facebook page here!
  • In July, we sent you quite a lot of special monthly readings. One of them was devoted to your July Tarot reading. Have you checked it already? Has the prediction come true? If you still haven’t, go and do it now here! See if the Tarot is as powerful as everybody believes.
  • It’s the 21st century already. Why and how is astrology still so popular? Why do people keep believing in things predicted by the stars, and why do these things and predictions still come true? What makes horoscopes so powerful, and why do you want to read them daily? Check here.
  • Do you believe in luck? Have you ever won a lottery? Tarot is a powerful tool that can help you win more money! Check simple Tarot tips and follow them to get the prize of your dream!
August Horoscope Digest
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So, what’s coming in August? Your early access is right here:

  • Will you fall in love soon? Is there a person who’s secretly in love with you now? Is your current partner the one you truly need? Check all the answers in our August Love horoscope – see what changes in your love life are coming!
  • August is the most beautiful month of the year regarding celestial body movements. This month, you could enjoy the brightest meteor shower of the year – the Perseids. How does it affect our life? Will it bring happiness or misfortunes? When will the shower reach its peak? Check it all here!
  • Committing a crime is something we should never do. However, if we give way to our wild imagination, we could think of how we could break the law. Does it depend on our zodiacs? Astrology says it does! Which crime are you most likely to commit, according to your sign? Check here!
  • We all sometimes think about our ex-partners, no matter who of us has become the breakup initiator. Don’t say you don’t! But what if your ex still misses you? What if they still think about you? Would they like to have you back? Would you like it, too? We’ve gathered all the answers in our horoscope – see here!
  • Each zodiac sign has got its lucky something – lucky days, lucky numbers, lucky colors, and more. How to make these lucky factors work for you? What are your lucky things, and how to make use of them? Check here!

Please don’t forget that you can always check your regular daily, weekly horoscopes, love, and Tarot predictions! To receive a deeper analysis of your personality and get some advice, get your special Natal Chart report here. Do you know you can get your daily reading in texts right to your mobile phone? Just join us here. Don’t forget to check your readings daily to always know what’s coming very soon!

Always yours,

Nataly Porter

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