Your Love life in July

By Diana Jul 01, 2024
The hottest month in terms of temperature and adventure is already here! What does it bring for fiery Leo and raging Aquarius? Come on, let's find out now!


The winds of change have arrived. This is the best month for Aries to make one last important decision before we all find ourselves in the eclipse corridor. Asking that very boy/girl out on a date, ending that very "so-so" relationship, or moving in with the one you love, it's up to you to decide. If you're an April Aries, you have a great chance of meeting your destiny, and if you were born in March, you're highly likely to learn a lot about your partner.

Fortune favors the bold, remember that!

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Dear Taurus, Mercury retrograde has passed, but its echoes can still be felt in our lives. That turbulence of events is taking us in more and more. But there is no need to despair. This is a great time to cleanse one's space, thoughts, and social circle of unwanted things. By working on yourself, you can find the right match for you in the future. 

For Taureans who are in a relationship, good practice at this time would be to discuss problems and say goodbye to long-standing grievances. A little reminder, if you keep it to yourself, the problem won't be solved, and it may even get worse.


Gemini is always looking for their soulmate, and when they find one, they experience great happiness.

Geminis searching for their pair will soon receive a gift from fate. You could meet your true love in July. Summer picnics, outings, and walks together await you.

Those Geminis who have already found their mate will have a challenging month after the Mercury retrograde. It will rock your relationship like a big swing, but eventually, all the storms will subside, and your love will burst forth with even greater force like a phoenix.

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July is the best month for Cancer to find or keep up your love. Love is in the air for Cancers, and you have to spend your time fruitfully. This month is the best to embark upon all sorts of unexpected ventures, they will bring lots of acquaintances.

The moon will try to push you and your soulmate together or strengthen your bond. This may prompt different thoughts, but you'll get through it all if it's true love.

Explore each other's preferences. You can play bonding games or just ask questions you are interested in about your partner. It's time to find out how many spoonfuls of sugar your partner puts in their tea, and what he or she dreamed of being as a child!


The moon this month wants to remind you that everything is fickle. Loneliness can change abruptly with the appearance of a new company or the appearance of someone without whom you now can't imagine your day. But it can also be the other way around. All Lions in July should fasten their seatbelts...1...2...3... let's go!

This month is perfect for understanding your taste, how you like to relax, and what your inner child has been dreaming of for so long. Understanding who you are and realizing your worth will help you in any changing circumstances.


As the Moon appears in Aquarius, there may be an incomprehensible urge to break up with your partner, quit your boring job, and cut loose. Try to put off making important decisions until later, when it won't be as much of an emotional letdown.

The Full Moon does bring to the surface a lot of what we try to hide. However, try to separate what you think is happening from what's really going on in reality. Ask your friends if they think your partner is cheating on you. The Moon in Aquarius likes to breed suspicion, forge fears, make us jealous and force us to manipulate those close to us in completely repulsive ways.

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The Moon exudes an enormous amount of love for Libra, and it would be a crime or idiocy to close yourself off from it. Don't hesitate to exude love either: be sure to go for a drink with someone you find nice.

For Libras who are already in a relationship, this rule works, too. Allow yourself to love and be loved. When we act out of love, it comes back karmically to us in return on a larger scale.

As they say, there is such a bond in the world that it doesn't matter how many times you break it. You'll still meet each other.


Fate wants Scorpios to put their trust in it this month. Try to look for signs this month. They'll be all over the place on posters, in random songs, and in snippets of dialogue from strangers.

If you decipher the messages of fate correctly, it will help you resolve pressing issues in the pair. Try to listen more to your partner's requests, desires and dreams so that he or she can hear yours. Nobody's perfect. Love and accept your close ones for who they are.

These signs can also help Scorpios find their soulmate. Try to focus on the present moment without looking to the future or the past.


Dear Sagittarius, this month your heart will tell you all the right answers. Trust your feelings. This is a time of reflection on whether you are on the right track. Try to feel the energy from the person you are attracted to or your partner.

Venus in the Cancer promises a slight cooling in relationships, but not for the fire signs. You should take more initiative this month. Suggest trips and spend time together. As Venus moves into its next phase, your partner will cease to be melancholic and be able to thank you for your attention and concern for your relationship.

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The last earth sign of the zodiac has a lot of optimism, childishness, and playfulness. Remember to add this to your relationship with your partner. We often become very strict with our very close people.

This month is a great month to add lightness to your relationship. Goof around, make unexpected little or big surprises, less planning, more love. This will help to add fuel to your love fire.

Scorpios who have not yet found their soulmate should put the focus on themselves and their desires. Be yourself, make your dreams come true, and you will find your mate.


Dear Aquarian, you need constant movement to live, to make things happen, and to save your soul waters from stagnation. The Moon will be in your sign in July and, therefore, on your side. So go on a trip with your soul mate without a doubt, and make plans for the future together. There will be many unforgettable memories waiting for you, which you will remember in winter with a cup of tea.

However, the likelihood of meeting your soulmate in July is very small for Aquarius. Venus in Cancer will bring a lot of sadness. Stay close to your friends, who will be able to give you comfort and support during difficult times.


Pisces may be caught up in the past this month. Old friends, lovers, and problems may resurface. But don't forget that you have the power to cope. These are the delayed effects of Mercury retrograde, which continually muddies the waters of our lives and brings to the surface all the unresolved issues. So don't be intimidated and act first.

If you are in a relationship, talk to your partner about what has been bothering you for a long time, irritating you, or the things you don't understand. If you haven't found your partner yet, resolve internal conflicts with yourself. By solving these problems in your head, you will give space for new energy that will open your eyes, and you will see what you have been missing for a long time.

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