Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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The Wheel of Fortune serves as a symbol of the human propensity to live through life in consecutive phases of changing fates, which can be beneficial or unfavorable.

What Does the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Mean?

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the spinning wheel of our individual and collective lives and the perpetually changing events that surround us. So, if we ask the question "What does the Wheel of Fortune tarot card mean?," the answer will be: everybody goes through pleasant and not-so-pleasant phases, which is recognised by both the optimistic and pessimistic associations of this card.

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Wheel of Fortune tarot Keywords

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card upright card keywords can be associated in our minds with the circle of life, events which shape us and our destiny.

Wheel of Fortune Upright Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card upright meaning is often particularly advantageous. Since the keyword is fate, you should be prepared to expect the unexpected; the world may start aligning in your best interest.

Upright Health

Trusting in positivity is key here; if you suffer from health anxiety, you need to start living with less concern for what could go wrong. The Wheel of Fortune upright health meaning is to appreciate the good in each day and trust your intuition regarding your body.

Upright Love

Now is the time to expect the unexpected. The Wheel of Fortune upright love meaning is that chance encounters are likely, and you may find yourself rekindling old romances. Very similar to the health associations the card carries, understanding what is best for yourself is key.

Upright Money & Career

The Wheel of Fortune upright money meaning presages an impending beneficial development in your finances, but it may also highlight what (or who) is holding back your career success. Try to take a progressive path forward that protects your own interests.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Meaning

While many Tarot readers interpret the Wheel of Fortune reversed meaning as poor luck, it is part of human nature to balance the rough with the smooth. You may be facing a challenge, or confronting hardship, but it’s valuable to remember that all trouble comes to an end, you can expect a reversal of fate.

Reversed Health

The Wheel of Fortune reversed health meaning encourages you to pluck up your courage and get ready for hard times. You may be thriving now but taking care of mind and body is a great way of making sure you don’t struggle when things start shifting.

Reversed Love

You may be spending too much time worrying about your romantic life. The Wheel of Fortune reversed love meaning implies that if all your dates go wrong, or you start worrying that your significant other isn’t right, step back from the current situation and trust your intuition.

Reversed Money & Career

The Wheel of Fortune reversed career meaning indicated that it’s natural to experience bad months in business, or to doubt the career path you’re on. There will be times when you worry you’ve made the wrong choices with money, meaning it’s important to think about how hard you worked to get to the point you’re currently at, and how much power you have to improve the circumstances you've found yourself in.

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