The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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The Hermit tarot card is one of twenty-two major arcana. It’s primarily depicted as an old man carrying a lantern. As the image suggests, this card carries meanings of introspection and solitary action in the world of tarot.

What does the Hermit Tarot card mean?

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The Hermit is a character who heavily symbolises notions of isolation and reliance on the self. The figure of the old man is travelling alone, guided by his own lamp. This is a signifier of the trust and reliance he has in himself. The star glowing from within the lamp is a symbol of wisdom.

The Hermit Card Keywords

This card represents imagery associated with isolation, loneliness, personal growth and self-development, alongside failure to communicate, feeling stuck and struggling with focus.

The Hermit Upright Meaning

The hermit card, when positioned upwards, implies the beginning of an introspective journey, whether that means personal retreat or taking time for meditation and planning. It is normal for us all to be alone at times; solitary moments can even be highly beneficial for our wellbeing and future planning.

Upright Health

The Hermit card symbolises realigning your priorities to work out where your energy is most needed. While self-reliance is amazing, but make sure you’re finding balance in your daily tasks and jobs, so you don’t get carried away.

Upright Love

For single people, the Hermit represents healing and finding yourself before you date. The Hermit signifies coming out of the period of solitude, moving into a more open phase of life. In romantic relationships, the Hermit can represent a clever, older partner, or a need to improve your romantic connection.

Upright Money & Career

The introspective nature of this card suggests questioning your career path, wondering if you’re doing the right thing. You may question what truly motivates your actions. The Hermit suggests you think holistically about a variety of pursuits, not focussing on one single thing.

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The Hermit Reversed Meaning

The reversed Hermit is interpreted as a heightened version of the upright figure. Turning inwards and ruminating alone can result in loneliness and self-imposed isolation. The reversal of this card encourages you to improve this situation.

Reversed Health

In health, the reversed Hermit card calls upon the effects of loneliness and isolation on the human body, including anxiety and depression.

Reversed Love

In matters of love, the Hermit in reverse connotes a time or space of isolation, or that you’re hiding a part of yourself from your romantic partner; it’s ok to seek honest companionship.

Reversed Money & Career

The reversed Hermit symbolises networking and branching out, particularly in business. This card tells you you’re in a good position to move forward and put plans into action.

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