Justice Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Did you pull The Justice Tarot card today? Either way you are seeing her, she is guiding you toward something final, something that has come to fruition or soon will. Even reversed, seeing her typically calls on your lack in an area, not your demise.

What does The Justice Tarot Card Mean

Much like The Hierophant and The High Priestess, Justice is positioned in the center, with a pillar on either side, which stands for balance. The purple shroud hanging behind her lends credit to the sympathy she actively shows those who pull her. With her right hand, she holds a double edged sword that reminds us that we are never without repercussions to our choices. Holding scales in her right, more intuitive, hand prompts us to remember that, no matter the issue, Justice is impartial and logical. This is further confirmed by the squared jewel embedded in her crown, symbolizing thoughtfulness and unbiased judgment.

The Justice Tarot Keywords

When Justice is upright she stands for truth, accountability, integrity, and karma. When Justice is reversed, she signifies negligence, lies, as well as unscrupulousness.

Justice in Tarot is the keeper of balance and karma
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The Justice Upright Meaning

Justice upright calls you to account. She is telling you that, if you have done wrong, judgment is well on its way. If you have been wronged, you can rest easy knowing that karma will boomerang right back at them.

Upright Health

When it comes to your health, seeing Justice upright calls your attention to your own imbalance. Disease is often caused by imbalance within the body, whether spiritual or physical. Work to find that balance and your health issues will resolve.

Upright Love

When Justice is upright in love, this is fully calling in the Universal Law of cause and effect. You will receive what you have put out there. Are you kind, compassionate, and loving toward your partner? You receive the same energy you put out. If single, you will attract wonderful partners if you are emitting wonderful energy.

Upright Money and Career

Justice upright in money and career is more of a reminder. Always act according to your best self. Do not cheat or lie your way to a promotion or financial gain. Karma will find you if you do. If you are impeccable with your integrity, great things await you.

Calling to account your actions is what Justice is known for.
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The Justice Reversed Meaning

If Justice reversed has come to you, it is time to really step up. Time to be accountable for your actions. Stop living in denial or making excuses for things you have done. Justice is calling you out.

Reversed Health

As upright, Justice reversed in health is advising you that something is unbalanced. In reverse, however, the problem tends to be more imminent and in need of care promptly. Maybe it is time to take some rest days or rein in your diet.

Reversed Love

Life is rarely fair. If Justice shows reversed love, you may have some explaining to do. How are you treating your relationship? Examine your own self and make sure that you are taking accountability for any problems. If you are single, Justice could be saying that your past is still part of you. You must learn those lessons first before venturing out into the relationship world.

Reversed Money and Career

Is there trouble afoot? Perhaps none of it is truly your fault. Now is not the time to point fingers, however. If you are seeing Justice reversed in money and career, you need to step up, take the heat, learn, and move forward. Whoever may be trying to sabotage you will get theirs soon enough. Really be cautious with who you trust your finances too.

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