The Fool Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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The Major Arcana of the Tarot contains 22 cards. Each gives insight and guidance. The Fool can give insight to beautiful beginnings or caution against detrimental foolishness. 

What Does the Fool Tarot Card Mean:

What does the Fool card mean in Tarot? The Fool depicts a vibrant young man starting on a bright adventure. His frolicking nature tells us he is carefree and unencumbered by life, carrying only a small knapsack of essentials. As we look along the path, we notice the Fool edging toward a cliff face yet blissfully ignorant of the danger. Is it his innocent character or reckless naivety that keeps him on this dangerous course? This Fool had better start focusing and assess his next steps carefully or he may never reach his potential!

The Fool Tarot Keywords:

The Fool Tarot keywords show two vastly different sides of life depending on whether the card is upright or reversed. 

When the Fool is Upright, there is a sense of resurgence or revival, innocence, unlimited potential, original thought, and freedom. 

When the Fool is Reversed, there is dullness, stagnancy, foolhardiness, flippancy, and lack of focus. 

The Fool in Tarot can bring either rebirth or utter disregard to your life.
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The Fool Upright Meaning:

Let’s begin again! This is what the Fool Tarot card upright keywords scream at us! The Universe is ready to catch you after that first step. It will launch you forward if you trust. 

Upright Health:

The Fool upright health meaning is simple and direct. Do the thing! Take action. If you have been battling health concerns, this is your sign that healing is imminent. 

Upright Love

Though rebirth is at the core of the Fool card, don’t assume that means you must end your relationship and start over. The Fool upright love meaning could be a new relationship or an evolution to an existing one. Either way, change is evident. 

Upright Money and Career

Being bold and a bit impulsive are key components to the Fool upright money and career meaning. Desiring that promotion? How about a whole new career path? It is coming. Looking for a fresh financial outlook? Maybe look into some ideas you once were too fearful to take seriously. 

Reversed Fool in Tarot doesn't always mean impending doom.
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The Reversed Fool Meaning

When the Fool shows up reversed, there is growth to be done. When addressing the Fool reversed Tarot card meaning, you will see a reluctance, fear, or just blatant disregard toward the question. Don’t allow these traits to win, you can move through them. 

Reversed Health:

Have you been ignoring the glaringly obvious signs of illness? The Fool reversed health meaning says you have. Stop putting yourself last and take control of your health now before it is too late. 

Reversed Love:

The Fool reversed love card meaning can take a couple paths. You may have to check in with yourself and make sure you're not naive to the way a relationship is happening. Do not get exploited. The Fool could also be telling you to hold on committing to a serious relationship. There is more work to be done first.

Reversed Money and Career:

Do you feel a bit bogged down? The Fool reversed money and career meaning is saying just that. You may want to dissolve this staleness with excessive spending. Do not be careless. Take on new projects, look at what career you really want, and do not use your pocketbook to escape. 

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