Your Family Routine and Problems, Based on Your Sign

By Nataly Porter May 13, 2020
Our family members often drive us crazy. The bad news is that we can’t just leave our family or forget about it; we have to look for some ways that will help us deal with our relatives and maintain good relations with them. Which typical problems every sign faces in their family life and how to make this life harmonious? Scroll to your sign to see the answer!



Aries people are no cowards at all. If some of your family members start driving you mad, you will never let the matter rest. They may think of you as an ill-natured person – just let them do so. At least, you will bring the fight to them and prove that you can’t treat you any way they like to. Dear Aries, you know it well when you can speak up and when it’s better to keep silent. As your family members know you well and know what you can do, they will probably be willing to listen to you. 

Aries people are brave and are not afraid of being in the center of everybody’s attention. That’s why they will never stand aside during family gatherings. Aries people are generous, too, so their dear people can always count on them. 


Dear Taurus, there is hardly a more challenging task for you than starting a fight with your family members even if they drive you crazy. It’s much easier for you to simply leave the battlefield because you strongly believe that not every situation needs any reaction. That’s a good decision because it will help you avoid saying the things you don’t mean. Instead, read a cool book or watch your fave TV series. 

You are one of those unique signs that, on one hand, need routine in their everyday life and, on the other hand, want to (and can) be extremely creative. You appreciate comfort and are never tired of decorating your house for holiday parties. They willingly share their lifestyle with their family members.



Dear Gemini, although it’s easier for you to deal with your family member than for reps of the other signs, it can still be a challenge. It’s good for you, though, that you know that your close people don’t require any big reaction from you because it’s pointless. If they’re driving you crazy you will only react if you have something important to say. If it happens on a regular basis, you will prefer to ignore them and just go for a walk with your friend.

Gemini natives are fun, social, and very energetic. Among all the family members, Gemini guys are those with the highest chances of throwing a party or gathering all members of a big family together. On the other hand, they can blow up in the snap of a finger and spoil the relationship with all their family members at once. 


Cancer guys are rather moody people. However, you know it well that your family members put up with your rats in the attic and this makes it easier for you to put up with theirs. If you see that something wrong and annoying is going on you will just stay patient waiting for this to end. Things could be much worse, couldn’t they?

Cancer people are the most family-oriented zodiac reps. They are ready to support and protect. Those who have Cancer as at least one of the parents are very lucky because they live not only inside a family but inside a circle of close friends. Cancer people will take care of all their family members – call their siblings after their exams, support their nephews after a bad date, and do other things that could even seem weird to other people. However, the family members of Cancers will only be grateful to them. 



Your family members, dear Leo, know that you’re a very honest person. If they’re driving you mad you will never keep silent and will say it to their face. You will let them know that their attitude causes headaches and that you need a break right now. However, being honest doesn’t mean being mean. You neither get angry at them nor start any fights. You just say that you don’t want to listen to them and have to leave.

Leo natives are willful and strong. They are those family members to whom other relatives will go if they need protection. Those who manage to attract a Leo relative to their side will get a lifelong ally. They are brave and will never let others hurt them and those they love.


Dear Virgo, you suffer a lot and accept everything your destiny sends you without any complaints. There are not so many people in the world who can boast of this rare quality – to see the best in their dear ones and forget them any hard moments. Even if you feel and understand that they're driving you crazy now, you are smart enough to realize that’s not so important in your long-term relationships. It’s also possible that you’re just too much busy with your own thoughts to pay too much attention to your angry family members.

In a family, Virgo is like a glue that holds the family members together. They willingly step in if their relatives have a stupid quarrel. Besides, their close ones know that they can always ask their Virgo relatives for help and support and will never be neglected. 



Dear Libra, you manage to stay calm even if there is a family war roaring around you. However, despite the fact your head remains cool you’re still bothered by the harsh situation. In most cases, you prefer to keep silent when your family members start driving you crazy. When you reach a boiling point, in fact, it’s not so hard for you to explode. You will express your disappointment and frustration and you’ll do it in a LOUD way!

In general, Libra people tend to solve family problems with the help of rational discussions and not just in a head-on way. They hate quarrels and confrontations and love to feel loved. If you have Libra as one of your close relatives you can be sure that they will become your style consultants, trainers, and best friends at the same time.


Dear Scorpio, you’re not one of those who patiently bear unfairness and arguments inside your family. You don’t like it when your close people poke fun at you even if they mean it to be fun. It's hard for you to ignore it all – it’s easier to explode as after this you become quiet and peaceful. However, you want your family to know that they’re driving you crazy and you need to be left alone to cool off. 

In general, Scorpio people are rather hard to talk to. On the other hand, they are extremely family-oriented and can support others, including their relatives. Scorpio people are very ambivalent: they can be selfish and still remain sympathetic. It’s hard for them to cope with their tension and find it hard to say what they feel to both their children and their parents. 



Dear Sag, you are a person with a very big heart and an even higher level of patience. Your family members drive you crazy literally all the time but you’re strong enough to stay calm and quiet! Why so? Just because you have more interesting things to do than let the situation wreck it all. You also know it well that your dear people are not going to do you any harm – on the contrary, they want to have fun and very often cross the line. Why worry too much about it?

Sagittarians love fun more than anything else. These are the sign’s reps who build shelters for kids in parks, tell the best jokes, and are the first ones to throw a big party. They’re adventurous and independent – your Sag siblings can have tried to run away when they were kids, and not once. They’re the heart of every party, even if this party is at their grandma’s house.


Capricorns haven’t got enough energy to resist their families when they’re driving them crazy. When you see their close people are going to irritate them, they prefer to ignore it. They have more interesting things to do than to simply sit around listening to them. If a Capricorn person decides to react in some way, he or she will certainly do it in a more mature manner. 

Having a Capricorn in a family is like having Jay Gatsby – these people have long-term plans about literally everything. They love to work hard and do it with pleasure, that’s why almost (or all) their plans are sooner or later brought to realization. Besides, Capricorns are the best caretakers who are willing to give all their heart to what they’re doing and those they love. Capricorn parents listen carefully and attentively to their kids and are always there to help them when necessary.



Although it may sound weird, you can even like it when your family members drive you crazy. Being a part of this makes you feel important. On the other hand, you know it well that everybody can be annoying (even you) and this is not the reason to become angry or upset. When reacting to your family’s annoying behavior, you prefer to separate yourself from it and spend some time alone. When your head is clear you feel much better.

It’s pretty easy to recognize an Aquarius in a family. If you think of somebody like Kevin McCallister, the boy must be a real Aquarian. He’s a bit strange, is eager to become independent as soon as possible, and is extremely creative.  Aquarians are often misunderstood in their families and can become family loners.


Dear Pisces, when your family members are driving you crazy you prefer to stay as far away from them as possible. Dreaming Pisces native in such situations run away from reality – they read books, watch TV series, or go for a walk with their best friends. Pisces people realize that their family doesn’t want to hurt them but their sensibility doesn't let them ignore the external irritants. 

Other family members often rely on their Pisces relatives if they want to unload. They will hardly give annoying advice but will willingly listen to what you want to tell them. However, they will not try to use the chance to become closer to you. On the contrary, they will simply observe and listen.

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