The World Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Enveloped by representations of the four known elements, the World advises you when it's time to fulfill your journey.

The World card signifies the achievement that comes at the end of a journey.

What Does the World Tarot Card Mean?

What does the World Tarot Card mean? It’s a message that a cycle you’re in has come to an end and are wrapping things up so that you can move on to something new.

The World Tarot Keywords

The World Tarot upright keywords include: 

  • Completion
  • Wholeness
  • Accomplishment 
  • Endings 
  • Achievement 

The World Upright Meaning

In a reading, the World upright signifies you’re finishing up an important chapter in your life. Maybe you’ve accomplished your goals, or you’re tying up loose ends. Whatever it is, you’re ready to start a new journey.

Upright Health Meaning

The World upright in a health reading tells you there’s an end to a difficult situation. You’ve successfully made it through the most challenging part of this adventure and can expect a nice recovery.

Upright Love Meaning 

The World upright in a love reading is a great card to pull! You’re experiencing the true love you’ve been waiting for. This can speak to that of a romantic partner, but also reaching a place to enjoy self-love.

Upright Money and Career Meaning 

The World upright in a money and career meaning can signal the end of a huge work project or objective. It can also mean it’s time to move on from your current line of work. Expect to level up your finances when you take your next step!

The World Reversed Meaning

In a reading, the World reversed Tarot card meaning tells you that you still have some loose ends to tie up before you’re ready to start something new. You may be feeling a lack of closure from a problematic situation.

Reversed Health Meaning

Pulling the World reversed in a Health Tarot reading lets you know that you still have some time before you find a resolution to the issue you’re facing. Remember everything is a cycle, and you’ll hopefully feel better soon!

Reversed Love Meaning 

You may take your relationship for granted if you pull the World reversed in a love reading. You’re yearning for something more as things feel incomplete. Go within to discover if you’re missing something or if you can find gratitude for your current situation.

Reversed Money and Career Meaning 

The World reversed money and career meaning highlights that you feel unfulfilled even though you live comfortably. Your financial success didn’t bring you the satisfaction you were expecting.

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