The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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What does The Chariot Tarot card mean?

What does the Chariot card mean in Tarot? This compelling Chariot embodies grabbing ahold of the worldly energy channels and maneuvering them to best flow towards your future endeavors.

The Chariot Tarot Keywords

The Chariot tarot card upright card keywords representing the most precise descriptions are: composure, self-control, calculation, triumph, drive, and aspiration.

The Chariot Upright Meaning

The meaning of the Chariot tarot card essentially thrives when you are reaching your full potential!
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The Chariot upright meaning satisfyingly intrigues those who pull it. Here it stipulates the toughness and dauntlessness to be utilized when going for the things that truly make you happy. Hint: you already possess these traits! 

Upright Health

What is the Chariot upright health meaning? It proposes that all skills required to defeat mental/physical ailments are already in your possession. Try testing out new exercise or health habits!

Upright Love

Take a look into the Chariot upright love meaning. You are prompted to discover your deepest, most wanted desires in your romantic pursuits. Stand tall when declaring your standards and never settle for less than them.

Upright Money & Career

What are the Chariot upright money and career meaning? This insightful interpretation symbolizes your strong ability of making calculated steps to vanquish financial obstacles, just get comfortable and motivated in getting to where you need to go.

The Chariot Reversed Meaning

Receiving the Chariot tarot card in a reading is a prosperous sign!
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Reversals can be rather intriguing to decipher, so here are the Chariot reversed tarot card meanings for different sections of particular interest.

Reversed Health

The Chariot reversed health meaning predicts a great shift in energy levels, denoting a larger drive towards wanting to take better care of your health. Don’t strain yourself, however, because you might be wounding yourself further than you realized.

Reversed Love

The Chariot reversed love meaning requests that you pause more to ponder the predicaments you are in. Have you been feeling a little rushed into a big decision? Stick to your gut instincts and make resolutions on your own terms, not someone else's.

Reversed Money & Career

The Chariot reversed career and money meaning warns you to slow down. Are you diving headfirst too fast, or not giving it your best shot? This comes with its warnings but has positive aspects. Try to understand the bigger picture to prevent rushing into deals or expenditures.

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