The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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Fortunately, you have clicked on the Lovers Tarot card meaning to better interpret it! Go over the whole text below to glean various interpretations and see how they relate to your life and persona.

What does The Lovers Tarot card mean?

A little skeptical about what does the Lovers card mean in Tarot? Quite interestingly, the Lovers encompass togetherness and absolute, enduring love.

The Lovers Tarot Keywords

The Lovers’ tarot card upright card keywords are intimacy, togetherness, stability, equity, loyalty.

The Lovers Upright Meaning

The Lovers Tarot card interestingly describes the connections between yourself and others.
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Figuring out more about The Lovers tarot card upright meaning lands a few perks. Its message has a few categories that need deeper, more all-embracing interpretations.

Upright Health

What is the Lovers’ upright health meaning? For starters, it is worth it to know that this orientation means very prosperous things for your health. It connects to beneficial health outcomes and good recovery processes.

Upright Love

Additionally, The Lovers’ upright love meaning is interpreted as strong, deep loving reciprocity, while also feeling passionate optimistic while connecting with a significant other.

Upright Money & Career

What is the Lovers upright money meaning? The figures in the card's picture stand close, reminding you to exercise a better focus on where all of your finances are being spent. Usually suggesting that there could be a larger settlement to make to further distinguish what you know deep down you expect your career to be like.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning

The Major Arcana Tarot cards are just one group of cards that are worth knowing more about!
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While trying to gain greater knowledge about the Lovers’ tarot card meaning reversed, make a note that the reversals are particularly different from the ones mentioned above.

Reversed Health

What is the Lovers health tarot card reversed meaning? Astrologists would propose that some of your health-related ailments have been neglected for far too long and shedding light on them has to be an idea taken into consideration.

Reversed Love

Although not quite as idealistic, The Lovers reversed tarot love meaning seems to resemble a pragmatic symbolization. It might seem as if those romantic sparks aren’t appearing as fast as you were expecting, but progress will eventuate!

Reversed Money & Career

A refocus of attention needs to happen. The Lovers reversed career meaning indicates relationships and other worldly experiences that have more of a precedent. This essence encourages planning long-term career objectives with the necessary changes for arriving there.

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