Special Letters of Your Name: N – Z

By Eugenia Jan 30, 2023
Explore your name from a different perspective! Check the meaning of its first letter and learn a bit more about your personality!

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You probably already know that your name shapes your life and future, but some letters of your name – the first letter (the Cornerstone of your name) and the last letter (the Capstone of your name) are even more important. Read on to learn more about your positive/negative traits, your strengths and weaknesses.

Note: it is advised to use your birth name to analyze your personality from this point of view!


Letter N

The letter N denotes a creative mind and a strong intuition. If you need to make a decision you can always trust your sixth sense and have no doubt – it won’t fail you. (But if you still need help making a decision, try this reading.) If you have this letter in your name, it means that you never fail to come up with a smart and fresh idea. You are unique and do not follow any conventional methods because of your atypical nature. You probably carry a lot of opinions, ideas, and beliefs – and they all are firm in nature. Your sensuality is very important to you – that’s why you may be involved in many love affairs.


The letter O denotes your courage and determination. You’re probably religious and driven by your moral integrity. One of the most important traits of yours is your patience – it makes it possible for you to deal with hardships more calmly, especially when you’re planning to start a new venture. You’re disciplined and active. Probably, the only negative trait of yours is that you’re too emotional and can sometimes be jealous.


If you have the letter P in your name, you are probably a very intelligent and knowledgeable person. You are analytical in nature and it’s really easy for you to give a good first impression. The only negative trait of yours is that you can sometimes be somewhat detached – you like to be isolated, unapproachable and reserved. Sometimes you tend to think it’s important to keep a distance from others. You are amazingly good at keeping secrets – even from your closest friends. Even though you’re pragmatic, you may sometimes get a bit too emotional under stress.


Letter Q

If you have this letter in your name, you probably attract a lot of wealth towards you. But you can also experience ups and downs in terms of the flow of money from time to time. You are an inborn leader and have enough willpower to influence others. It’s surprisingly easy for you to convince people around you and make them follow you. You are straight-forward and have a good set of communication skills.


People with the letter R in their names tend to be very sentimental and usually hold a lot of empathy towards others. It’s surprisingly easy for you to understand other people’s feelings and relate to them. You are a considerate soul and it’s very important for you to help others. You have an inner power and strength within which helps you be successful and overcome obstacles with ease. You’re energetic, hard-working but also sometimes tend to be ill-tempered. You devote your abilities to meaningful things.


If you have this letter in your name, it may mean that you have an appealing and captivating personality. You are kindhearted, gentle, and hold a lot of empathy towards others. You can sometimes be moody, though, because you tend to experience emotions in extremes – you go through a lot of emotional and dramatic highs and lows. Your mood swings may have a negative impact on you and people around you. You sometimes tend to become hasty while making some major decisions.


Letter T

People with the letter T in their names tend to be energetic and enthusiastic in nature. You’re always ready to go on an adventure. Because you have a curious mind, you love exploring many things and often have numerous hobbies at once. You are always ready to take in new experiences and evolve. You are also very sentimental in your nature – sometimes you tend to be overprotective and overly emotional. It can be easy for you to get emotionally hurt. You may also act aggressively at times when you can’t achieve what you want.

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People with the letter U in their names are usually fortunate and attract luck with ease. You always tend to be present in the right place at the right time. You are very creative, intellectual, and intuitive – your sixth sense never fails you. But of course you also have some negative traits: for example, you may be lethargic and lack commitment sometimes. It can also be difficult for you to analyze circumstances and make a quick and smart decision. Sometimes you can be a bit selfish which can create some problems for you.


The letter V is very powerful and influences your life greatly if you have this letter in your name. You are a very energetic and enthusiastic person. Your intuition is pretty strong as well. You have a lot of wisdom in you and you’re also very creative and imaginative. At any given moment, you’re full of ideas. You tend to be very unconventional in your methods. You can also be utterly capricious and possessive in relationships.


Letter W

If you have the letter W in your name, you are probably a doer in nature. You’re purposeful, creative, and extremely hard-working. You tend to be a multi-tasker and involve yourself in various activities. You rarely feel tired. Your personality is extremely charismatic which makes it easier for you to charm and convince people around you. You are good with your communicating skills – it makes you someone whose company anyone would love to have. You also like meeting new people and experiencing new things.


This letter is indeed special because it is connected with creativity and being artistic. It makes you passionate as well. You probably hold a lot of different perspectives towards life. Your open-mindedness allows your thoughts and ideas to flow freely. Your ability to grasp and analyze information is extraordinary – this makes you a very intelligent and even wise person. You’re zealous and quite sensual in your nature. Your unreasonable changes in mood can make you quite volatile. 

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People with the letter Y in their names tend to value their freedom above all things and pave their own paths. You love exploring the world around you without any limitations of any sort. It helps you get rid of any kind of boundaries and gives you a better perspective. The idea of restraining yourself is probably too heavy for you to handle. It’s just impossible for you to stop exploring and expressing yourself. You’re purposeful and self-dependent. Probably, the only negative trait of yours is that you can be unstable and suffer from sudden mood changes at times.


Letter Я

Those who have the letter Z in their names tend to be zealous, lively, and positive in nature. Your exceptional optimism helps you overcome obstacles with ease. You never fail to see the brighter side.

You are also quite demanding and tend to expect a lot from people around you. This trait of yours can be sometimes a source of discontentment. Apart from this, you are a very kindhearted person. You have a logical mindset which helps you make clever decisions quickly. Sometimes you tend to be a bit impatient.

The first part of the article containing letters A to M can be found here

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