Strength Tarot Card Meanings: Major Arcana

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In your tarot deck, drawing the Strength card is associated with matters of personal growth and harnessing the power of your intuition to overcome struggles.

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What does the Strength Card Mean?

The Strength Card is all about the power of overcoming, acknowledging the power you have and facing problems without using force. The image of the lion on the card represents fear, which is not denied, but accepted with calm. What does the Tarot card Strength mean in short? It means that we have within us a great power to find peace and resolution through trusting our intuition.

Strength Tarot Keywords

The Strength Tarot card upright card keywords can be found in this list: morality, care, instincts and slow but steady victories.

Strength Upright Meaning

Strength upright encourages you to channel your basic instincts and follow them in everything you do. It’s easy to forget the value of our intuition and individual strengths, but when it comes to difficult decisions, we must rely on them.

Upright Health

The Strength upright health meaning is about the willpower and fortitude required for recovery. Whether experiencing a mental or physical ailment, we have natural instincts which we should acknowledge for protection.

Upright Love

You may need to look deeper into your personal relationships if you draw the card in the upright position. The Strength upright love meaning is about good relationships that are built of a balance of energies, meaning a combination of mental and physical attraction. Without this we cannot live harmoniously with others.

Upright Money & Career

To overcome challenges on our career path or find ourselves in a stable job, we must stay true to ourselves, instead of forcefully trying to resolve issues. It’s important to pursue what feels right and check in with ourselves, due to the Strength upright career meaning.

Strength Reversed Meaning

The Strength reversed illustrates the pitfalls of weak willpower. If we do not find personal strength, we can suffer immunity issues, make poor decisions, and fall into toxic relationships.

Reversed Health

With busy, modern lifestyles comes the propensity to overwork, indulge in bad-habits and forget to nurture ourselves physically and mentally. The health Tarot card reversed meaning of Strength is the need to return to personal balance.

Reversed Love

Strength reversed love meaning encourages us to be brave with love. We may avoid taking relationships to the next level or believe that we haven’t found ‘the one’, meaning we’re afraid of experiencing true joy. If something feels right, trust your instincts.

Reversed Money & Career

While it can be difficult to know if we’re making the right choices, following your passions shouldn’t feel like a drag. The Strength reversed career meaning is to move gently towards the next steps in our career without fear of failure.

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