Queen Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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It is all about intuition, mind, and emotions here. Often compared to the emotionally intense water signs, she offers either love and compassion or a fury unlike any other. Let’s see which will call you.

What Does Queen of Cups Tarot Card Mean

The Queen of Cups meaning holds depth and feminine energy to the utmost. As she sits at the water's edge on her stone throne, decorated in shells, sea nymphs, and waves, she looks with care at her full closed cup. This cup signifies her thoughts, dreams, and desires. It is closed to others, showing that she works from within her own mind and does not allow just anyone in. Her matronly appearance brings comfort and peace to those around her. 

Queen of Cups Tarot Keywords

When upright, the Queen of Cups keywords are loving, trusting, feminine, intuition, emotional stability and maturity, healer, and compassion.

If reversed, this would mean immature emotions, untrustworthy, not knowing yourself, sporadic thoughts, cruelty, manipulation, and vengefulness.

Typically torn, Queen of Cups can either bring comfort or extreme hardship. There is no in between.
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Queen of Cups Upright Meaning

If you find Queen of Cups upright, there is a call for compassion and empathy. Either from you or a female figure in your life, you are asking or being asked to look at your concerns through loving eyes. Understanding your own mind is key and moving forward with your creative dreams is very possible here. Remember to show yourself the same kindness you so willingly give to others. 

Upright Health

You need to allow yourself the time it takes to heal. You are not superhuman, and your body or mind will heal quicker in the right environment. Be appreciative of the support offered, and don't allow impatience or frustration to hinder your path.

Upright Love

Queen of Cups upright love is a time of comfort, love, and emotional strength. You are in a position to have a wonderful relationship if you are open and honest with your thoughts, dreams, and desires. If single, there is a caring, kind relationship in your future. 

Upright Money and Career

Does your career fill your cup emotionally as well as financially? If not, you may want to adjust your course. This could be an indication of trying a career path in healing or creative energies. Finances are not a significant concern at this time, though it is always best to make prudent, thought-out decisions. 

Queen of Cups tests our subconscious thoughts
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Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning

With the Queen of Cups reversed meaning, there is baggage to unpack. Look to not become spiteful just to be so when life doesn’t turn your way. Seeking revenge is petty and beneath who you truly are. Adjust your emotions and take the high road. There is a concern for unfounded sensitivity and moodiness. You may suffer from depression or simple disinterest in life. Take the time you may need but remember to move through this stage, as you do not want to become overly stuck. 

Reversed Health

You need to recognize bad situations and work to remove yourself. Negative emotions or problems will manifest as physical illness right now. Seek help when needed so as not to become too withdrawn from life. 

Reversed Love

The Queen of Cups reversed love shows a tumultuous time for you. Clingy and emotionally chaotic behavior has the potential to take over your relationship. Being overly sensitive and easy to anger may blow simple situations out of proportion and lead to fights. If single, be cautious of people looking to take advantage and do not jump into a new relationship just yet. 

Reversed Money and Career

Burnout and exhaustion cause elevated levels of stress at work. Though leaving seems like a great choice, make sure to take the time needed to really think about it. Do not make a rash, overly emotional choice based on a moment. With your finances, play everything close right now. It is not the time to invest or spend frivolously. Allow this time to pass and decide when you are in a better headspace. 

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