Compatibility by Your Zodiac Element

By Nataly Porter Aug 18, 2020
It’s not only our zodiac sign that is so important for us and our relationships. Our zodiac element – fire, water, earth, or air – is of no less importance. Are you compatible if your partner is of the same element as you are? What if they are of the opposite element? Scroll down to find it out now!

By the way, let us remind you of your element first:

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire + Fire

Fire and Fire

There are no prizes for guessing that this combination is a combustible one. The relationship inside such a couple is normally very intense and changeable. One second there is a deep passion between the two of you and the next moment you find yourself in a heated argument. However, the good news is that no malice is seen between these elements. Even when they disagree with each other they don’t hate each other. On the other hand, none of them is ever going to be bored by their partner as well. In general, we can say that these two people will energize each other and this is definitely good.

Fire + Earth

Fire and Earth

This couple can face certain complications in their relationship. On one hand, these people can happily live and communicate with each other as long as they have similar interests and aims in life. The Earth representative will channel the fiery energy of his or her Fire partner. On the other hand, the Fire person may lose interest in his or her Earth significant other pretty soon. They can either look for more creative ways of communication or just give up and prefer to break up. The Fire one doesn’t need a predictable way of life; the Earth one is afraid of changes. Some tension is inevitable and it will depend on both guys if they cope with it or fail.

Fire + Air

Fire and Air

The worst thing about this combination is that its participants just don’t know where to stop. The Air rep blows up the Fire one making the two of them very excited about actually nothing. There are too many efforts in this couple but too few real actions. As they’re both not grounded at all, they will soon feel rather lost. Their inability to grow roots will cause lots of unpleasant states and consequences they will have no strength to cope with.

Fire + Water

Fire and Water

This union can be rather strange in its relationship, too. If they don’t have any serious contradictions, they may agree to disagree with each other from time to time. However, if there is any it can be too hard for them to put up with these contradictions. The Fire partner will feel that the Water partner demands too many emotions from him or her. In its turn, the Water one may put a bridle on the Fire companion which can be rather unpleasant for the latter one. 

Earth + Air

Earth and Air

This couple works pretty well normally as both partners are similar in their intellectual development. However, it works best if they’re ready to become members of one team. If their relationship is productive both partners are happy and fulfilled. If one of them starts criticizing the other one, the second partner can get depressed. Another problem that can appear in such a relationship will occur if the Air partner is irritated by the slowness of the Earth partner. Discuss these things before you form a serious connection. 

Earth + Earth

Earth and Earth

One of the best unions ever. As the partners belong to the same element, they know well how to comfort each other or turn each other on. They move through life slowly but steadily and don’t try to push or force each other. This combination is good for the inner peace of the two people. The only problem they can face is the pessimism of the couple. The partners can start dragging each other down and lose their positive inner connection.

Earth + Water

Earth and Water

A very healthy combination, too. These two people can build a balanced relationship as water soothes the earth and the earth can channel the water helping it move in the right way. This team is almost always great and can literally move mountains together. What’s more, together they’re stronger than when separated and they both can use their union to become stronger individually and as a couple. 

Water + Water

Water and Water

This combination is very interesting because it can be either very good or very bad. Water stands for emotions, so two water signs who have formed a couple can either inspire each other or drag each other down. Everything will depend on the people and the way they look at life around them. The combination of energies can either create atmospheric chemistry or ruin everything. Be more careful about your emotions, dear water signs, as your happy relationship will depend on them. 

Water + Air

Water and Air

This couple is not an easy one. While Water prefers to follow its course and flow in its own rhythm, air needs movement and is eager to change things around it. As a result, the element reps may fail to look in one and the same direction and won’t like each other so much. Things can seem exciting at first but sooner or later the partners will bump into a wall of misunderstanding. This is not gonna be a solitary case, though, and will probably happen over and over again. 

Air + Air

Air and Air

These airy guys can speak for hours without coming to any meaningful conclusion. They can say thousands of pleasant words without touching each other’s hearts. Their energies will hardly blend in the right way because they will drain each other by constant chatting, sarcasm, and gossips. They feel much better on their own than when they’re together. And have more peace in their hearts, too. 

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