King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning: Suit of Cups

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Most cards are not this night and day. There are many lessons to be had no matter which course it chooses. You are always moving forward, and so, too, shall move through this time, either more powerful than before, or comforted with the knowledge of growth.

What of King of Cups Tarot Card Mean

Sitting on a similar stone throne to that of the Queen, the King of Cups meaning takes a masculine approach to emotional stability. His cup, grasped in his right hand, doesn’t seem to be on his mind. This suggests that his thoughts and emotions are within his control, and thus, he can turn his attention elsewhere. His power and strength shone in the staff held in his left hand, he pays it little mind as well. This ruler is ever steady and calm, even amongst the roughest seas.

King of Cups Tarot Keywords

When upright, we will see tolerance, depth, stability, strength, caring, balance, and devotion. 

If reversed, we will see emotional chaos, rage, manipulation, anxiety, and detachment. 

King of Cups will show you your emotional strength or lack thereof. Which do you carry?
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King of Cups Upright Meaning

When the King of Cups upright shows himself, there is a calm benevolence surrounding you. You are full of compassion and empathy. You are able to see your life with open, tolerant eyes. You are not hasty and can see multiple solutions to problems. You have the ability to help those around you through your levelheadedness and comfort.

Upright Health

There is much positivity here. If an illness is happening, this is a sign of healing. You are able to move forward, heal completely, and continue living your best life. 

Upright Love

King of Cups upright love is all about the emotional fulfillment you are seeing right now. This is a wonderful card to see. You are, have, or are calling in a fantastic partner that will complete you with a depth of intimacy and open communication that you have never had before. There are beautiful times ahead.

Upright Money and Career

There may be a sage mentor coming your way. Be on the lookout and take the lessons given to heart. You will have a full career, but remember to find balance here. Your career is only one aspect of your life. Do not get so caught up that other parts of you suffer. Financially, you make prudent choices, but your drive to financial success is not always on your mind. This can be a good and bad thing. Money does make the world go around, so do what needs to be done to maintain your desired lifestyle.

King of Cups is either steadfastness or utter chaos.
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King of Cups Reversed Meaning

Kings of Cups reversed is advising you to take accountability here. This usually shows up as a lack of mental clarity or emotional stability. You may be too naive or sensitive to take full control of a situation. You need to recognize these things and take action to stop them. Do not jump too far to the other side, though, and become cunning and manipulative yourself. In a large sense, you need to control your emotions and take responsibility if they are lacking. In a small sense, take the time required to really think out your next step and heed the advice of stable, trusted mentors.

Reversed Health

There could be coping mechanisms sneaking into your life if you don’t already have them. Addictions are a genuine concern here. If you feel yourself slipping into one, seek help to come out before you cause yourself trouble.

Reversed Love

There is not much good happening here. Chaos often follows when a masculine emotional symbol such as this is out of alignment. You may see physical abuse, no communication, lack of accountability, or complete disconnect in your partner or yourself. If within you, take responsibility and step up or leave the situation. If it is your partner, you must take steps to heal or remove yourself from a bad situation. If single, do not go looking for something right now. You will not find anything suitable.

Reversed Money and Career

There is a ruthlessness here that aims to consume you. You may have a coworker out to demean you, a boss who doesn’t want to see you move up, or… yourself as you fight your way to the top. Remember that tyrants never reign for long. There needs to be communication and trust for business dealings to survive. Financially, do not trust new ventures or partners just yet.

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