Biggest Obstacles You’ll Face in Life

By Nataly Porter Dec 22, 2022
Our life consists of many different moments. Some of them are lucky, some of them are challenging, and some are frankly tough. All these obstacles are different for different signs. When you know what to expect – even if this event can’t be called a very pleasant one – you’re prepared and can cope with the situation easier! Pick the sign for details!



For impulsive Aries representatives, it can be pretty tough to find a perfect balance between their job responsibilities and their careers. Being overly determined, they give 150% of their energy to their work and their desires to climb the career ladder. On the other hand, they can’t be called people who prefer to spend their lives without a family. They are eager to start new relationships and have a family and kids, too. The hardest obstacle for Aries natives is what to choose or how to choose both and combine these two things in their lives successfully.


Taureans are one of the most open-hearted representatives of the zodiac. It’s good for others but not so goods for the sign’s natives themselves. It’s so easy to suffer heartbreak for them and so difficult to cope with it! After this, Taurus guys get stuck in the negatives and can’t find a way out. For Taurus people, it’s a real challenge to pull themselves together and move on when their heart has just been broken. This obstacle is hard to overcome and this is what stops Taurus natives from being as invincible as they could.



 Gemini is a very relaxed zodiac sign. Its reps want to have fun and lead a very easygoing way of life. Troubles come when they have to apply the lessons they have previously learned. Gemini people don’t want and sometimes simply can’t think of their past mistakes and learn from them. They keep making them over and over again and the reason for this is very simple – Gemini guys can’t stand thinking over the things that have hurt them before. It hurts them even now and they prefer to avoid any situation that can remind them of their past errors.


Cancer people are shy and very sensitive. They typically dream big and have no limits in their imagination. However, when it comes to real life, the situation becomes much more difficult. They find it extremely hard to turn their plans into reality. Despite the fact their creativity knows no limits, their real abilities and skills do. Cancers often don’t find enough strength in themselves to realize their hopes and ambitions and this is what makes them most disappointed in life. To avoid such a problem, Cancer representatives have to learn to find the proper balance between the world of dreams and the real one.



Leo people are known for their love for luxury and even extravagance. This fact predetermines their attitude to themselves and to those around them. Leos hardly love anything more than going to the nearest mall and purchasing the most expensive clothes they can find. They want to be attractive and want others to both look at them and be more good-looking themselves. It makes budgeting one of Leo natives’ weakest points and results in numerous money-related problems. To cope with it, dear Leo, try to learn to deal with your money. Your life will be much easier when you realize what you can afford today and what should be forgotten about until tomorrow.


Virgo people are the workaholics of the zodiac and this is both a curse and a blessing for them. On one hand, being a workaholic is surely better than being any other type of a holic. However, Virgo people find it too hard to forget about their job responsibilities, email, and meetings even when they spend time with their families and friends. Another bad thing about being so much obsessed with work is that Virgo reps spend so much time and energy on it that they can’t invest the same amount into their personal relationships. If they want to have a happy family and loyal friends, Virgo guys have to learn to limit the influence of their career on them.


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Libra people are known as very sensitive zodiac representatives. They are not eager to accept their fate and are not ready for coping with the challenges their destiny sends them. Libras belong to the people who try to understand how every single thing works and are severely disappointed when they fail in their attempts. This urge for reasoning can be out in their way and prevent them from reaching new heights. They feel it hard to accept changes but if they want to live a more relaxed and calm life they have to learn it.


To some of us, Scorpio guys might seem people with a thick outer shell who don’t care about others and seldom if ever show compassion to their feelings. In fact, Scorpio reps have a very delicate soul and just hide their feelings and emotional turmoil under the heavy armor. The hardest thing for them is to let go of the past and start moving towards the bright future awaiting them. Don’t bury your emotions, dear Scorpio, as it will do no good to either you or those around you. Another piece of advice for you is to avoid dealing with your strong emotions when they’re fresh. Wait for some time for the feelings to cool down.


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Sags are brave and adventurous. They live in their own world of dreams and hate it when others make them get in touch with the real one. Unfortunately, sooner or later they still have to face our life as it is and this is what makes Sags sad. The biggest obstacles Sagittarius natives have in their lives are these collisions with reality. Once they manage to cope with such an attitude, their life is sure to become almost entirely cloudless. However, the task is now as easy as it may seem!


Capricorn people remind Virgo natives a lot. Just as their Earth colleagues, they do their best to achieve more and stay on the top. Caps demand a lot from themselves and they hate situations in which they fail or just have to give up. However, there is the reverse side of the coin, too. Being overachievers, they push themselves too hard. Every time they fail or just don’t manage to become the best ones in their area, their self-confidence is severely injured. Dear Capricorn, don’t be so hard on yourself! We can’t win all the time but we can still stay responsible people able to turn into strong leaders!


What sign was Peter Pan born under? We’re dead sure he is an Aquarius as these guys hate growing up. For these people, becoming an adult is something that prevents you from being entirely happy. They are not strong enough to pursue their dreams. In most cases, they’re unable to become happier because they worry a lot about the opinion of others. Dear Aquarius, you have to learn to let it go! Once you become calmer, many of your problems will recede into the background. Getting older is not so scary as it may seem!


Pisces natives are very seldom seen as highly responsible people. They are not eager to take serious decisions and often escape their responsibilities. They’re afraid they won’t be ready in the very last moment and this fear prevents them from living a brighter life and achieving more. Pisces representatives are sometimes too relaxed about things and don’t like it when complications come in their way. When they see real problems coming, they prefer simply to avoid them and bury their head in the sand.

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