Knight Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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It doesn't matter what struggles you have been through. There is a light and hope ahead!

What Does the Knight of Cups Tarot Card Mean?

The Knight of Cups meaning signifies being able to emotionally break through the barriers that have been blocking success.

Knight of Cups Tarot Keywords

There are a few important keywords: intuitive, endearing, visionary, & passionate.

Knight of Cups Upright Meaning

As a more feminine figure, this proves the importance and strength it means to be intuitive with your emotional intelligence.

Success is flowing and health is on the rise!
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Upright Health

You are on the mend, or at least that is what is expected! Results might just turn out better than you had hoped. Add a health reward into the schedule to fuel the emotional success of sticking to the goal of getting healthier and succeeding.

Upright Love

When interpreting the Knight of Cups love significance, one could expect to be swept up in a romantic pursuit. However, great levels of affection could lead to a suffocating feeling or impractical expectations. 

Upright Money & Career

Navigating the best path with ease is something that has come naturally in the workplace. Disagreements and disputes are more easily sorted through, especially in terms of finances.

Knight of Cups Reversed Meaning

When flipped on end, the Knight of Cups reversed expresses the trait of letting emotions control situations.

Emotions could get the best of you, but turning to your friends is always a great support idea!
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Reversed Health

However, this orientation implies that sickness or an ailment might be in the near future. It is the perfect time to put energy into strengthening the immune system. 

Reversed Love

The Knight of Cups love here implies that some words and promises may have been exaggerated. The heart likes to take precedence, and emotions may change quickly, making being in or beginning a relationship more difficult.

Reversed Money & Career

Work might have you feeling down in the dumps, but don't let those feelings impact the work you can do to get out of the funk. It may be indicative of a poor investment or not making any decisions at all regarding monetary assets.

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