Five of Pentacles Meaning: Suit of Pentacles

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What Does Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean

Five of Pentacles meaning is that of difficulty and focused negativity. As these two persons trudge through a storm, they appear in shambles. Injured and unprepared for the weather, these two are destitute and lacking. In the background, however, shines a warm light from a church window, signifying that help is there. They do not seem to take notice because they only see their current circumstances. All they need to do is adjust their focus, and they will find a way to change their situation.

Five of Pentacles Tarot Keywords

When upright, we see turmoil and negativity in life. There is financial difficulty or ruin, lack of mindset and outlook, struggle, health concerns, alienation from family and friends, and career trouble.

When reversed, we see an adjustment in the situation. There is recovery, reconciliation, regaining finances, forgiveness, good health, and growth in career.

Complete chaos or the recovery from chaos is what Five of Pentacles signifies.
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Five of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Five of Pentacles upright meaning is that of great difficulty. You can be in for a very tumultuous time financially and with your relationships. There is a potential for complete ruin, major health concerns, and even homelessness. You may feel that there is nothing good in your life, but this would be a grave oversight. There is help out there in many forms. Make sure that you are communicating your needs effectively, and you will see things begin to transform.

Upright Health

There is so much stress right now that it will affect your physical health. Any potential illness will have roots in this stress. Do not allow your outer world to detrimentally alter your inner one. Take the time needed to destress and reconnect with your center every day.

Upright Love

With Five of Pentacles love, there are feelings of abandonment and alienation. There is no shortage of bad omens here. Whether it is fighting over finances, feeling ignored by others, or simply being rejected from a prospective relationship, you will be feeling negative emotions for a while. If committed, take time to recognize your feelings and their true source. Once you understand that, communicate it calmly to your partner. This will be the only way to move through it without tearing the relationship apart. Now is not the best time to be on the hunt for a new partner. Just focus on having fun and not on committing to one person.

Upright Money and Career

You are in for some tough times with your career and money. There will be a time when you will be unemployed and see no options to move through it. Your self-esteem will falter if you have to rely on others or social assistance. No matter what, these times are not here to stay, and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. It is a very stressful time, but you will learn things and look back with regained confidence once it is over.

Five of Pentacles can be a release and forgive card or an upheaval and heavy card.
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Five of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Five of Pentacles reversed is a sign of reconciliation. You are moving through a tough time right now, and seeing this will mean that the end is in sight. You will see many positive changes in your well-being, money, and relationships. There is a release from all the toxic negativity you have been holding onto recently.

Reversed Health

There is recovery and knowledge here. Either you will be on the road to a healthy you, or you will be finding out answers to health concerns. No matter which, both will help you move forward in life with a fresh outlook and happiness.

Reversed Love

The Five of Pentacles reversed in love is about acceptance, release, and forgiveness. This signifies an end to relationship difficulties. You are moving through a very stressful period and have either become stronger in your partnership or realized it is time to move on and release each other. If single, this could mean that you are finally seeing the other side of a past situation and are ready to start anew.

Reversed Money and Career

You will be recovering anything you have lost here. In your career, opportunities will make themselves known, and you will feel appreciated and confident. Financially, you will be recovering any recent losses or finding new ways to enhance your investments.

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