5 Most Amiable Zodiac Signs

By Nataly Porter Oct 01, 2019
Have you been born under one of them? Check which signs of the zodiac are the most pleasant ones to spend time with!

One of the most pleasant words you can say to a person is that he or she is very easy to be around. Some people are so good at it it’s hard to believe you’re communicating with someone who hasn’t been your best friend or partner for ages. Such guys don’t draw the attention they don’t need, don’t try to find drama in the places where it doesn’t exist, and do their best to make sure they create a balanced and harmonious environment that everybody around them enjoys.

These people are not heartless – on the contrary, they can be pretty emotional but never let their emotions spoil others’ mood. They take the beat, easily apart to strange or even unpleasant situations and still manage to maintain a relaxed atmosphere that helps others feel at ease. They’re seldom (if ever) negative towards other people and try to see the best even in the worst situations they find themselves in. They seldom get angry and try not to take things personally.

Happy people

These guys don’t want to argue, don’t start (or participate in) nasty confrontation and don’t engage in the provocation. They’re open-minded and not only listen but hear other people willingly taking picture walks in their shoes. When you’re with such a person, you feel no tension and can speak about anything and do anything without constantly accusing yourself of minor mistakes. No need to pretend – you can be who you are!

It’s time to find out who these guys are in the zodiac world – check if your sign belongs to the most charming signs of the zodiac!

1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius person looking in the sky

Sagittarians are the naturally born free spirits with wandering souls. People often say that the representatives of the sign are unconcerned and avoid responsibilities and commitments. On the one hand, it’s true but on the other hand, these qualities just emphasize their easygoing personality. These guys prefer to stay away from problems as they don’t want the troubles of the world around win over them. They are eager to have a good time whenever possible and want others to feel at ease and enjoy themselves a


2. Libra

Libra woman with 2 clowds

Libra guys are probably the most charming zodiac representatives in the most traditional meaning of this word. They’re easy and pleasant to communicate with and their charisma can hardly leave anyone indifferent. They don’t try to stay in the center of everybody’s attention and always know how to deal with the people they spend time with. Libra reps know how to make a person feel comfortable and are happy to do it.

3. Aquarius

Young couple looking in the sky

What makes Aquarians so charming? It’s undoubtedly their charming intellect. These guys are so smart it’s a real pleasure to spend time in their company. They are never tired of using their intelligence to connect with others and are knowledgeable enough to turn any casual conversation into a witty talk about things that will interest both of you. Another great quality that makes Aquarius people pleasant to stay with is their wish to avoid drama and strong unpleasant feelings. It’s hard to start a quarrel when your Aquarius friend is somewhere around here.

4. Gemini

Gemini made of stars

You must have heard that those born under Gemini have a split personality; however, sometimes it may mean they’re more adaptable than people of other signs. This adaptability helps them engage with other people easily regardless of the type of situation they find themselves in. Besides, they know how to shine and do it in any social situation. It’s easy for those born under Gemini to please others and others find it delightful to spend time in their company.

5. Pisces

Pisces image

These guys are romantic and can boast of unlimited amounts of energy and this is the very thing that makes them so charming in the face of others. They are energetic to such an extent that can even make those around them more productive in what they’re doing. Pisces people are also well-known dreamers that shine so bright that can make those around them shine, too.

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