Four Of Pentacles Meaning: Suit of Pentacles

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What does the Four of Pentacles Tarot card mean?

The Four of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is about feeling safe and secure, but it can sometimes point to a false sense of security. Not to mention, finding comfort in the wrong things can be dangerous to anyone. 

Four Of Pentacles Tarot Keywords

The Four of Pentacles keywords will vary based on whether the card is chosen upright or reversed.

  • Upright: caution, security, stability, comfort
  • Reversed: materialism, false security, out of control

Four Of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The four of pentacles upright means you like to feel secure by saving money for your future.
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The Four of Pentacles upright means you act conservatively, especially when it comes to money. With this skill, you’ve been able to foster a worry-free lifestyle that will allow you to feel secure for your future. 

Upright Health

Resisting peer pressure when making unhealthy choices is your strong suit (although it can sometimes feel like a challenge!) But acting with care regarding your health will yield positive results in the long run. 

Upright Love

With the Four of Pentacles, love should be considered with caution. Try not to be so guarded that you’re closed off, but just the right amount that you’re able to make meaningful romantic connections. You can never be too careful with your heart. 

Upright Money & Career

You value financial security more than anything but sometimes find it challenging to live this truth due to temptations. By remaining steadfast in your financial values, you’ll live a long, comfortable life. 

Four Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

The four of pentacles reversed often looks like greed rooted in money.
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The 4 of Pentacles reversed means you’re experiencing a false sense of security, one rooted in materialism and possibly greed. To overcome this, you need to transcend your ego and return to humility.

Reversed Health

It’s important to be happy about the way you look. However, it’s even more important to feel good inside. Try not to get caught up with materialistic beauty standards, and measure your personal value by your choices and actions. 

Reversed Love

The Four of Pentacles meaning in love is surface level. You’re looking for love for the wrong reasons, and it's showing through failed relationships. Try to go deeper to feel more fulfilled emotionally.

Upright Money & Career

You’ve had a taste of success and are hungry for more. However, you should be careful not to kick your morals to the curb in exchange for financial gain, or you’ll find yourself constantly chasing a high. 

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