Six of Pentacles Meaning: Suit of Pentacles

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What Does Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Mean

The Six of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is one of providing and obtaining. As the robed man gives out coins to two apparent beggars, a balanced scale sways in his other hand. This signifies his decency and justice to all. Although this may appear to be an elitist action, we see both sides of the coin in one picture. While being generous enough to give to those around you, you will see the appreciation of obtaining that charity when needed. It goes both ways, an ebb and flow in life that we all experience.

Six of Pentacles Tarot Keywords

When upright, we see kindness, generosity, and abundance. There is also prosperity and giving, support and gifts, and receiving just compensation for well-done work.

When reversed, we see greed, using others, financial manipulation, evil, illegal activities, bribery, and naivety.

Generosity abounds with the Six of Pentacles.
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Six of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The Six of Pentacles upright is a very prosperous sight. If you are feeling in need of support in any way, it is coming to you. This could be in many different forms. If you are feeling generous, this is a great omen that a person needs your charity right now. There is abundance flowing toward you or outward from you. Either way, these days are wonderful and fulfilling. 

Upright Health

If you are ailing, this is a sign that you will receive the support you need and come out the other side. In general, this signifies increased health and stamina.

Upright Love

The Six of Pentacles in love meaning is one of openness and gratitude. This is an auspicious time for relationships as they will flourish with kindness, communication, and affection. If you want to begin a partnership, now is the perfect time. Be open and receptive to new people, and you will meet someone amazing.

Upright Money and Career

This is a powerful time for you in your career. You will be recognized for your work and dedication. You will be seen as a powerhouse in your field, and promotions may be on the horizon. If you own a business, new partners will be clamoring for your attention. Your confidence and vibe will be undeniable. Financially, there is nothing better. Your money has never looked so good. You can be as generous as you would like, and if you have been struggling, those days are behind you, and nothing but sunshine and good times lay ahead.

Six of Pentacles is vibrant abundance or difficult pathways.
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Six of Pentacles Reversed Meaning

Six of Pentacles reversed shows a conniving side to someone. Abuse of power and manipulation is extreme here. You may be a victim of this or the perpetrator yourself. You may be seen as giving to some on the outside, but, in fact, your giving nature is a veil for your darker motives. If you are the victim, it could be that you are being swindled because of your excessive naivety.

Reversed Health

There is procrastination involving you seeking medical care — it will do you no good. Health concerns are exacerbated by your failed timing and lackadaisical attitude. Poor health will follow these behaviors.

Reversed Love

Six of Pentacles reversed in love is never a good sign. There is no equilibrium to the back and forth of a healthy relationship. You or your partner are ruling over the other and not giving of themselves when the other needs it. This is a relationship, not a subservient situation. If you are the giver, you can seek support. It is there waiting for you. If you are the one manipulating, reassess your goals and make the adjustments needed to restore balance in your relationship before you lose it. This is not a good time to start up something new. The level of negative jousting happening right now will never end well.

Reversed Money and Career

Your career may suffer immensely here. There could be unemployment or an extreme lack of appreciation for you. Be wary of those reaching out to commend you, as there may be sneaky motives behind these. Do not take on new investors and run from the “too good to be true” opportunities. Financially, take precautions here and guard yourself. Stay thrifty for a while and avoid large purchases. If you are in a position to give to someone, double-check their need so as not to be swindled.

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