Zodiac Signs That Are Difficult (Or Easy) To Fall In Love With

By Eugenia Jun 26, 2023
Self-sufficient, independent, bold, sarcastic… some signs are just harder to love than others. People fail to understand them or appreciate them for who they are. Below, you will find the list of the most difficult signs and the most easy-to-love signs, ranked; maybe your sign is one of the difficult ones?!

1. Virgo

Zodiac Signs That Are Difficult (Or Easy) To Fall In Love With
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Virgo is one of the hardest signs to love. Self-sufficient and cold, they look at romance and relationships from a unique point of view; and their analytical approach can annoy or even scare someone. Usually, Virgos keep others at arm’s length until they’re ready to open up somewhat. And opening up is not really what they enjoy doing. Once they let their walls down, they can be great girlfriends or boyfriends, but it takes them a lot of time to warm up to someone. It doesn’t mean that Virgos are bad people or intentionally mean to others, it’s just their personality.

How difficult they are: 10/10

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2. Scorpio

Scorpio is not the most difficult sign to love, but just like Virgos, they can make their partner feel confused or detached sometimes. They just don’t know what they really want in their life. One moment they’re cold, the next they’re hot, which makes it almost impossible to read Scorpios or understand their feelings, even if you’re in a relationship with them. Maintaining your connection with a Scorpio can be a daunting task, and Scorps often find themselves alone. It may take them a lot of time to mature emotionally and be ready for a long-lasting relationship with someone.

How difficult they are: 9.5/10

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3. Sagittarius

Zodiac Signs That Are Difficult (Or Easy) To Fall In Love With
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Are Sags the hardest Zodiac sign to love? Not really, but it often can be quite difficult to be in a relationship with them. There are probably no other signs that are as impulsive and chaotic as Sagittarius. In a way, that always makes your connection with them exciting and full of adventures. You will never get bored in a relationship with a Sag. However, it may be extremely hard to make them open up to you or settle down. Sags want to continue their boisterous life full of adventures, they want to chase the next exciting thing. They won’t settle down until they find someone who is ready to be their full-time adventure partner.

How difficult they are: 8/10

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4. Aquarius

Extremely private and reserved, Aquarius people may be quite difficult to love. Letting others in is not what they usually do — not until they warm up to you and start trusting you, and they usually need a lot of time to start trusting anyone. Reading or understanding them and their emotions can be very difficult, even if you’re very close. Aquarius people just want to feel 100% comfortable around you, they want to be vulnerable with you without expecting you to hurt them, and when they do finally open up, they will make their partner feel the warmth and comfort they deserve. Even though in this article ranking Zodiac signs by their difficulty, Aquarius people are among the hardest ones, they can actually be great partners!

How difficult they are: 7.5/10

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5. Capricorn

Zodiac Signs That Are Difficult (Or Easy) To Fall In Love With
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Which Zodiac sign loves the hardest? Probably, Capricorn. Which Zodiac sign is one of the hardest to love? Capricorn is definitely up there among the most difficult signs. They’re the epitome of practicality and reliability. Usually, it means that Caps use the same approach in romantic relationships as well — they view their relationships as business partnerships. And most people don’t really like being involved in a weird combo of business and romance. If a Cap wants to find real love, they need to trust their heart instead of their mind.

How difficult they are: 7/10

6. Gemini

Gemini is among the hardest signs to date due to their indecisiveness and sensitivity. They’re not very good at controlling their emotions, and this can make communicating with them or being in a relationship with them somewhat tiring or chaotic. However, it also means that Geminis can love with all of their heart. They usually go all in and hold nothing back. Some people can find this scary or overwhelming, but Gemini will definitely make you feel like a queen or a king — they will do literally EVERYTHING for their partner.

How difficult they are: 6/10

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7. Leo

Zodiac Signs That Are Difficult (Or Easy) To Fall In Love With
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Leo is not the most difficult sign to love, but definitely the hardest sign to impress. Royal, proud, they want their partner to treat them like a king/queen and love everything about them. They’re also extremely captivating, and it’s never boring with them. If you’re in a relationship with a Leo, remember that they’re the main character and they don’t really need you. YOU need them. At the same time, they’re magical, unique, charming — it’s almost impossible not to be drawn to a Leo. You just can’t resist. They make everything in their life fun, including romantic relationships.

How difficult they are: 5.5/10

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8. Aries

Yeah, Aries is probably the most problematic Zodiac sign. They often have anger issues, their emotions are overwhelming, they hate being wrong (if you tell them that they’re wrong, they will just explode like a volcano)... but at the same time, being in a relationship with Aries people is so much fun. Passionate and active, they make their partner feel loved and appreciated in a lot of ways. They do everything to make others happy, and it’s never boring with them. Aries will be your partner in crime, your soulmate, your best friend, your passionate lover, and your shoulder to cry on. They want to be the best for you, and they’re ready to sacrifice something important for you.

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How difficult they are: 4/10

9. Taurus

Zodiac Signs That Are Difficult (Or Easy) To Fall In Love With
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Taurus is definitely not the most difficult sign to deal with — they’re loyal, down-to-earth, and always make their partner feel appreciated. If they love you, they go all in. They’re devoted to you, and they will always support you no matter what. Even when you’re wrong. Taureans are also very open and honest about their emotions, which makes communicating with them extremely easy and pleasant. There’s no guessing, no miscommunication in your relationship. If they’re unhappy about something, they will tell you. If they feel like you’re upset, they will gently ask you to share your feelings (no pushing!). And this kind of devotion is rare and precious.

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How difficult they are: 3.5/10

10. Libra

If there’s a list of the least dateable signs, Libra won’t be there — they’re perfect for dating. They want everyone, especially their partner, to be happy, comfortable, and appreciated. Libras would do everything humanly possible to make you feel like you’re the best, most cherished human in the world. It’s extremely easy to be in a relationship with a Libra, as they’re always dedicated to their partner. They take their relationship seriously — they may start it with their head in the clouds, but once they open up to their partner, their feet are on the ground.

How difficult they are: 3/10

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11. Pisces

Zodiac Signs That Are Difficult (Or Easy) To Fall In Love With
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Pisces is not the easiest sign to love (they may have some minor issues sometimes), but they definitely have the biggest heart of the Zodiac. They’re all about emotions, and usually, they have no trouble opening up or expressing what they actually feel. If a Pisces thinks that your connection needs healing, they will talk to you openly. They don’t leave anything unsaid or hidden. They will do everything for their partner (and expect them to return the favor), and they’re compassionate and giving. Pisceans enjoy supporting you or giving you advice, or just being your shoulder to cry on.

How difficult they are: 2/10

12. Cancer

Cancerians are most likely to love you unconditionally. They’re naive (they are probably the easiest Zodiac sign to seduce or deceive), they’re sensitive, open, kind, and compassionate. They’re forgiving, and they’re always there to support you no matter what. Dating Cancerians is a heartwarming experience! Even though they often put their emotions before logic, it’s not annoying — it’s sweet and touching. They’re the nurturers of the Zodiac who will nourish your soul and make you feel at home. Being in a relationship with Cancers can give you a sense of family you may have never experienced before.

How difficult they are: 1/10

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