Predicting Relationship Changes

By Paul Barrett Jul 05, 2023
Astrology can help you understand your relationship, and it's potential much better.

What Astrology's Midpoints mean

A midpoint refers to the point located exactly halfway between two celestial bodies or other points in a natal chart. Here are some of the most important interpretations:

  1. Highlighting areas of particular strength or focus in an individual's life, as represented by the two planets involved in the midpoint.
  2. Indicating areas where the energies of the two planets may be in conflict or tension, requiring attention and balance.
  3. Showing where an individual may find opportunities for growth and development by integrating the energies of the two planets involved.

For example, the midpoint between the Sun and the Moon in a natal chart often indicates an individual's sense of identity and emotional needs. 

Overall, midpoints provide a valuable tool for exploring the complex interplay of energies and influences in a natal chart, helping us gain insight into their strengths, challenges, and potential for growth and development.

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Why the Sun/Moon midpoint is so important

The Sun/Moon midpoint is considered a vital point in astrology because it represents the merging of the two most fundamental archetypes in the natal chart — the masculine, active energy of the Sun and the feminine, receptive energy of the Moon.

The Sun represents the individual's ego, identity, and sense of self-expression, while the Moon represents the emotional nature, the unconscious, and the instinctual needs. Together, they symbolize the integration of conscious and unconscious aspects of the self.

The Sun/Moon midpoint is seen as a significant point for several reasons:

  1. It represents the individual's core sense of identity and personal power, as it combines the energies of the two luminaries.
  2. It can offer insights into the individual's emotional needs and how they can be fulfilled, as the Moon's influence is felt strongly through this midpoint.
  3. It can indicate potential growth and balance areas, as integrating the Sun and Moon energies can lead to greater self-awareness and harmony.

In terms of practical application, the Sun/Moon midpoint can be useful in exploring issues related to identity, creativity, and emotional well-being, as well as in analyzing the dynamic between conscious and unconscious motivations in the individual's life. It can also be used in relationship analysis, as the midpoint can highlight areas of compatibility and potential areas of tension between partners.


Aries and Virgo:

Aries, your fiery nature can make you impulsive and quick to act, but this month, you'll need to slow down and think things through. The planetary alignments suggest that some significant changes may come to your lovely couple. It's important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner so that you can navigate these changes together. Be prepared to compromise and work through any challenges that arise. Virgo, as the steady and grounded partner, you need to be the voice of reason in this situation. Use your patience and determination to help guide your Aries through difficult decisions. Together and united, you may solve so many problems. Separately, you would be consumed by them! 

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Gemini and Cancer:

Dear Gemini, your quick wit and charm can be both a blessing and a curse in your relationships. You may need to be more sensitive to your Cancer partner's emotional needs. Your relationship will be stable, but you shouldn't take it for granted. So, be prepared to adapt and stay open to new possibilities. As a sensitive and intuitive person, you may be more attuned to these changes than your partner. Use your nurturing nature to support them through any difficulties that arise. And, please, don't forget that relationship doesn't mean you + me. It should always mean us.


Leo and Taurus:

Leo, as a confident and charismatic partner, you may sometimes forget to consider your Virgo partner's practical and detail-oriented perspective. You really need to pay attention to the details and be more patient with your partner. Your relationship might get some refreshment as great changes are coming soon. However, to ensure these things bring only positive results, you must remember careful planning and organization. As the analytical and practical partner, Taurus may be more comfortable with these changes than Leo. Use your attention to detail to help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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Libra and Pisces:

Such an intense yet magnificent duo. Libra, as a diplomatic and charming person, you may need to navigate tricky relationship dynamics this month. The planetary alignments suggest that there may be some power struggles or conflicts with your partner. Don't think your partner is your enemy or that there's a competition you must win. Relax, relax, and relax once again. Pisces, as a passionate and intense being, you may feel more emotional than usual. Use your intuition and depth of feeling to help guide you through any challenges.


Sagittarius and Capricorn:

Sagittarius, an adventurous and free-spirited person, may feel restless and eager for change. This eagerness can lead to unpredictable results only if you don't control it. It's important to communicate openly and honestly with your lover and to compromise and work through any difficulties. Capricorn, as the practical and responsible partner, you may be more cautious about these changes than your Sagittarius. Use discipline and determination to help guide you both through this transition. Of course, you shouldn't be a 'parent' in your couple — it can lead to many problems and even destroy your relationship! Just be a little bit more mature and understanding. You are undoubtedly good at being so!

Aquarius and Scorpio:

Aquarius, you may need to balance your desire for freedom with your commitment to your partner. The planetary alignments suggest that there may be a lot of arguing and challenges in your relationship that require you to be adaptable and flexible. How can you overcome all of that? Please, just by yourself, but not too much! It's essential to have some honest, simple talks. They'll surely solve MOST of the problems. Scorpio, as a sensitive and intuitive person, you may be more attuned to these changes than your Aquarius partner. Use your empathy and compassion to help guide you both through this transition. Remember: conversations do help solve problems. Don't ignore them or pretend everything is fine and nothing is happening. If you feel there's a problem — discuss it!

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