The Dark Side Of Love

By Diana Jul 10, 2023
Love is a powerful force that can transform our lives. It has the ability to bring us bliss and contentment, yet it can also be a source of tremendous heartache. Such overwhelming complexity makes love one of life's most captivating mysteries! Astrology may shed light on the more challenging aspects of love. Let's see how having Pluto in your natal chart may bring darkness to your love life!

The shadow side of planet Pluto

Pluto is the planet of transformation, power, and intensity. In the context of love, Pluto can represent the transformative and sometimes destructive aspects of romantic relationships. Individuals with prominent Pluto placements in their natal chart may experience love in a deeply intense and powerful way, but they may also be prone to toxic and potentially abusive relationships.

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The position of Pluto is especially significant in connection with the planet of love, Venus. When Venus and Pluto come together, love can be either a great source of strength or an intensely destructive force. If these two planets are connected in your birth chart, this connection will profoundly influence the dynamic of your relationships throughout life. The Sextile and Trine aspects bring out powerful and intense connections, while the Square and Opposition tend to attract the darker side of love. If you and your partner have a Venus-Pluto connection in your synastry, you are bound to be fatally attracted to each other, but such a relationship will most likely end up in a most horrific break-up.

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The dark side of love can manifest in various ways. For example, individuals with Pluto in prominent positions may be drawn to intense and all-consuming relationships that push them to their emotional limits. They may experience a deep sense of passion and desire that borders on obsession, leading to a pattern of destructive behavior.

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Moreover, Pluto's influence in love can also lead to a fear of vulnerability. Those with Pluto in their birth chart may find trusting others challenging and struggle to open up emotionally. This fear can bring about a tendency to manipulate and control their partners to avoid feeling vulnerable themselves. It can lead to codependent and dysfunctional relationships. 

Furthermore, people with Pluto in their natal chart may have a difficult time letting go of past relationships. They may become fixated on their ex-partners to the point of obsession, which can lead to further challenges in their current relationships.

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Despite these potential challenges, Pluto's transformative power can also bring about positive changes in love. Those with prominent Pluto placements in their chart have the potential to experience deep and profound love that transcends the ordinary. They may undergo transformative experiences in their relationships, ultimately leading to growth and healing.

Love vs. hate

Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Wouldn't you agree? If you dig deep enough, you'll be able to see that, quite often, hate appears when you are wounded or rejected by your loved ones. If your feeling is so overpowering and profound, you seem to become more vulnerable and emotionally dependent on those who you love. Hate comes from understanding, conscious or subconscious, that other people have control over you, which gives them the power to hurt you.

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Sometimes people become bitter and vengeful when they feel that their love is not appreciated and cannot be reciprocated in full. Anger and hate appear because they are in a place of extreme pain and sorrow themselves. It's hard to control one's dark side, especially for those who have Pluto in the prominent position of their birth chart. The recipients of this hate find it hard to understand how all this bitterness can come from that dear person who loved and cherished them so much before. The only true way to shield yourself from the dark side of love is through compassion and understanding.

Coming full circle into love

It is truly hard to admit and confront your dark side. But only when you are ready to embrace it, you'll finally be able to love and appreciate yourself and your close ones. Have you let hate settle in your heart? When you manage to analyze the core of that hate, surrender to it, and finally liberate yourself, you'll be ready to love and be loved.

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To navigate the dark side of love, you must cultivate self-awareness and self-reflection. By understanding your own patterns and tendencies, you can work to overcome the challenges posed by Pluto's influence. Therapy, introspection, and mindfulness practices can all be useful tools for cultivating greater self-awareness and healing.

Ultimately, the dark side of love in connection to Pluto's position in the natal chart represents a complex and challenging aspect of romantic relationships. However, by acknowledging its influence and working to cultivate healthy relationships, individuals can harness Pluto's transformative power to achieve greater fulfillment in love.

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