The Juiciest Horoscopes About Love, Crime, and Karma

By Eugenia Dec 20, 2022
Is there karma in your relationship? Will your relationship last? Can your sign commit a crime?! Check out the top-rated horoscopes we have just selected for you and explore your personality and relationship in detail!

Is Your Relationship in Trouble?

Top-rated horoscopes about love, karma, and more
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Issues happen in every relationship — there may be mutual toxicity, codependency, jealousy, and so much more. YOU might be the toxic one in your relationship without even realizing it! So, what is YOUR relationship’s issue, and how to solve it? Is it even salvageable? Or should you just let it go? In this horoscope, you will find out what common problems may occur in your relationship, how to detect them, and how to solve them. Detecting your problems early may help you heal your connection!

What Type of People Do You Attract?

You may have noticed that already, but you attract a certain type of people. Just think about your exes — they all probably share one common trait (no, being a douchebag is not that trait). You may attract those who appreciate faithfulness or those who love adventures… or someone who is looking for a safe space. Check out this horoscope to find what type of people your sign attracts!

Is Your Relationship Karmic?

Top-rated horoscopes about love, karma, and more
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Being in a karmic relationship is not good news: such a relationship WON’T last, and it may leave a nasty scar. Do not cling to it, do not let it hurt you more than necessary. With this horoscope, you will find out how to detect a karmic relationship and analyze your own connection. If your relationship IS karmic, you should make a very important decision as soon as possible!

What Crime Are You Likely to Commit?

No, no. We’re not saying that you will commit a crime any moment now, but your sign may be prone to certain illegal activities, such as hacking or theft. So, what crime do you think your sign will be good at, according to your Zodiac personality traits? Check out this crime horoscope now.

Who Is In Love With You?

Top-rated horoscopes about love, karma, and more
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We know what crime you’re DEFINITELY good at — it’s stealing hearts because there’s totally someone who is desperately in love with you. They may be thinking about you right now, and you don’t have the slightest idea about their feelings! It may be one of your long-distance friends, or some of your coworkers, or maybe… gasp… even your ex. See this horoscope to find out who is in love with you!

Who Were You In Your Past Life?

If you sometimes have weird flashbacks or experience déjà vu while watching period dramas, you probably had a very eventful past life. You may have been a king, a poet, a warrior… or maybe even a midwife. If you feel like some certain emotions, skills, or interests of yours are heightened, you may be channeling the vibes of someone you were many, many years ago. Read this horoscope to learn more about your past life now!

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Sign?

Top-rated horoscopes about love, karma, and more
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If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or stressed, Mercury may be at it again. The planet enjoys its retrograde shenanigans a lot (like A LOT — its retrogrades happen four times a year), and it may be retrograding RIGHT NOW. So, if you’re underperforming at work, you can blame it on Mercury. Check out this horoscope to find out when the next retrograde will start (spoiler: SOON!) and see how it affects your sign!

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