Who You Were in Your Past Life

By Nataly Porter Mar 13, 2023
Do you believe that stars and constellations can form our future and predetermine the peculiarities of our character? Then you may believe in reincarnation, too, and in the fact that your zodiac sign can become a clue to who you were in your past lives. Ready to lift the veil?


As romantic Pisces stay in your 12th House of the Unseen, the chances are high that in your past lives you were a poetic and spiritual person. You were compassionate and eagerly helped others, which means in your past life you could be a Poet.

On the other hand, having been born under the sign of Aries means you’re a strong, brave, and stubborn person. Speaking of your past lives, you could as well be an Army Leader or at least a Warrior. You tend to act first and think afterwards which means in your past life it was hard for you to restrain your fierce personality. You can get a more detailed analysis of your personality here



With a fierce Aries in your 12th House of the Unseen, in one of your past life, you could be a fearless and aggressive person ready to fight and not ready to stand passively waiting for someone to come to your help. You were a wonderful Warrior, dear Taurus, and there is surely something to be proud of in this fact!

Besides, you’re full of energy and creativity which could make you a wonderful Artist in one of your past lives. Taureans typically love comfort, beauty, and luxury and it was much harder to have things connected with these notions in the past than it is now. It means you could want to create an object of beauty and art yourself thus being a better professional than your mates.


Dear Gemini, your 12th House of the Unseen is occupied by materialistic Taurus known for its passion for life pleasures. In your past life, comfort was one of the most important things for you, which means you were probably a Wealthy Businessman. You did your best to bring more money and confidence into your life. You just couldn’t live without being sure what your life would bring you. By the way, you can learn more about your future and your life's purpose here. 

However, now you’re a Gemini – a person that doesn’t even have to do anything to be loved by those surrounding him or her. Being smart and creative, in your past life, you could be a Celebrity. Both your close people and those you hardly knew adored you and saw your names on dozens of billboards across your country. Lucky you! 



Having Gemini in your 12th House of the Unseen allows us to guess that in your past life you were an intelligent and versatile person – most probably, a Writer. You were curious enough to look for a great story both in real life and inside your busy brain. Do you still get the urge to take a pen and express your deepest thoughts on a sheet of paper? 

Cancer people are also known for their selfless character and wish to help others. In one of your past lives, dear Cancer, you could be a Preschool Teacher! You’re patient, adaptable, smart, and tactful and all these qualities turn you into an irreplaceable friend of little kids. Being overly sensitive could, of course, make things a bit complicated but we’re sure children loved you anyway! 


With domestic and nurturing Cancer in your 12th House of the Unseen, dear Cancer, you were probably a very sentimental person in one of your past lives. You liked to help people, especially women and kids, that’s why you could be a Midwife. Saving people’s lives was your primary goal and you knew it perfectly well how to support the weak and ease their pain. See how your sign handles pain and grief! 

On the other hand, Leos are creative personalities who are able and willing to bring something really beautiful into this world. In your past life, you could be a Writer or an Actor – someone with the qualities inherent to naturally born leaders. You expressed your ideas freely and were eager to share your thoughts with others. Do you still behave like this?



Bright and charismatic Leo stays in your 12th House of the Unseen, which means in your past life you must have been a powerful yet rather selfish leader who loved to be in the center of everybody’s attention. People around you admired you and considered you a smart and influential persona able to move mountains. You were probably a real Royalty! 

Belonging to the sign of Virgo now means that you love to think things over and analyze them. It means that in one of your past lives you could be a Scientist – someone whose bold ideas and remarkable discoveries could change the world (and probably did). You’re always so attentive to the smallest details and can analyze things; you believe it’s a pleasure to make other people’s lives easier.


As earthy Virgo remains in your 12th House of the Unseen, it means in one of you past reincarnations you must have been a Healer. It was not hard for you to sacrifice yourself if necessary and you even found it pleasant to help those in need. People loved you for your self-denial and your willingness to serve humanity. 

Now, your sign is one of the most balanced representatives of the zodiac. You love partnerships and allies and want to bring peace and justice into the world. In your past life, you could be a Judge because you love people and want them to get what they truly deserve. It doesn’t mean that you did no mistakes yourself; however, you were fair to yourself and to others, too.



You have Venus-ruled Libra in your 12th House of the Unseen, which lets us guess that in your past life you used to be someone very sensual and creative. The first thing that comes to our mind is an Artist. You were eager to change things that surrounded you for the better and did your best to bring some more beauty into this world.

Today, the manipulative and secretive Scorpio could be somebody ruthless in the past life – why not a dangerous Assassin? Someone could ask you to do some dirty job and you found it totally acceptable and even attractive to cope with the task! Now, you’re a different person but who knows what changes can rouse the tiger in you?


Dear Sag, you have obsessive and mysterious Scorpio in your 12th House of the Unseen, which presupposes that in one of your past lives you could be somebody very intense and analytical. Why not a brilliant Scientist? You never trusted others until you were able to see the facts for yourself and preferred to prove unproven and discover the undiscovered. 

At present, you belong to the sign for whom freedom and justice are no empty boast. In a hard time of poverty, famine, and war you remain the one who wants to and can protect others not sparing yourself. You were a great Warrior, dear Sag, and your current desire for adventures and long journeys was satisfied in one of your past reincarnations. Learn more about your life path and what makes it special here.



Having Sagittarius in your 12th House of the Unseen means you were incredibly adventurous and freedom-loving in your past lives. The chances are high that you used to be a Traveler – somebody who is a genuinely free spirit and doesn’t want to make any agreements with his or her personality. 

What your zodiac sign tells about you now is that there is no other sign as passionate about work as you are. Your jobs must be the biggest and the most important part of your life and so it was in your past life, too. You’re logical, calm, and rational; you know how to have things done and never give up until you reach your goal. You could be a perfect CEO in your past life – resolute and highly motivated.


Having hard-working and ambitious Capricorn in your 12th House of the Unseen is a hell of a task and you know it like nobody else. This fact predetermines your experience as well as you probably were a Politician in one of your previous reincarnations. Once you decided to do or change something there was nothing that could make you reverse your decision.

Another side of Capricorn’s personality is its patience and rationality. This means you could be an experienced Psychiatrist in your past life. You wanted to help people cope with their mental problems and were able to notice the symptoms other people could easily overlook. You knew what was going to happen in 10 years and it helped you be a great professional. 



Eccentric Aquarius in your 12th House of the Unseen makes you a very unconventional person in one (or some) of your past lives. You must have been a Rebel – someone who wanted to stand out against the crowd and do things in your way. Not really a profession, being a Rebel could turn you into any disobedient person, from a brave atheist to a famous explorer who didn’t believe the Earth is flat.

Another profession that would suit you in your previous reincarnations is a Philosopher. You loved to create your own rules and make discoveries that moved the humankind forward. You were eager to change the world for the better and had a view on life that was different from others’. You must have a bee a great Philosopher, dear Pisces, as your thirst for wisdom encouraged to explore various fields of knowledge and get smarter.

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