February Horoscope Digest

By Nataly Porter Jan 27, 2022
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Hi guys!

The month of New Year is over, and the month of love is coming. Are you ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Anyway, there are many other reasons to become a bit happier in February for both singles and attached. Ready to check them now! Get some instructions from Nataly Porter, your editor-in-chief, below!

Let’s start with January and check what readings may still be of use for you today:

  • As usual, we started the new month with our fresh monthly horoscope. January is over now, but why not go and check if its predictions have come true? Do it now and share your results via Customer Care or on Facebook
  • Have you noticed that the second half of January has been pretty tough? Have you faced any challenges or failures during it? If you have, we bet you’re to blame Mercury Retrograde, which has taken place from January 14 up to February 3. The good news is that the harsh period is finally over, and we can celebrate it! However, the next Mercury Retrograde won’t be long in coming. Make sure you know what to expect – check the Mercury horoscope for your sign here
  • We all face problems in our love and family relationships from time to time. However, some problems seem to reappear without any prospect of solving them once and for all. Which are the most common relationship issues, and how to solve them successfully? We have the answer here. What are the problems you most often face in your relationships? 
  • It seems January has been the month of love, not February! The cold outside makes us think about the warmest feeling on Earth more and devote more time to our romantic relationships. In January, we sent you some practical tips on detecting if you’re in a karmic relationship now. Is such a relationship good or bad for you, and what (if anything) should be done about this? Check now! 
February Horoscope Digest
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Guys, that’s all for January and let’s pass to February now. What’s coming soon? 

  • A remarkably positive event marks the very beginning of the month. Mercury finishes its retrograde period on February 3 and starts moving direct! Isn’t this a date to celebrate? Check what beneficial changes are coming soon.
  • We can’t leave you without your complete monthly prediction, can we? That’s why your next monthly reading is almost ready. Don’t miss it at the beginning of February! 
  • Have you ever noticed that you keep attracting the same type of people? Why does it happen, and what people are attracted to you? Check your What People You Attract horoscope to find out. Coming soon! 
  • 12 signs of astrology are divided into 4 larger groups according to their elements. What is your element, and how does it affect you? What signs belong to the same element as you do? Is it good or bad to start a relationship with a person of your element? Check closer to the end of the month! 
  • Who are you, indeed? Who could you be if you weren’t yourself? Are you a warrior, a clairvoyant, or a leader at heart? Your zodiac sign will help you explore your alter ego! Don’t miss our special Alter Ego horoscope in February. 

While waiting for all the fresh horoscopes, you can check your daily or weekly horoscopes, look through your romantic and Tarot predictions, and try your Birth Chart report. To receive your horoscopes via texts, please click here! See you in a month, and hope astrology will make the month one of the happiest ones! 

Always yours,

Nataly Porter

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