Three of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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Excitement is in the air as happiness and success are celebrated with others.

What Does the Three of Cups Tarot Card Mean?

The 3 of Сups meaning proposes that hard work and dedication have paid off and a time for enjoying the blessings that life provided is near.

Three of Cups Tarot Keywords

Some rather accurate keywords are togetherness, celebrations, joyousness, & partnership.

Three of Cups Upright Meaning

The Three of Cups upright brightens anyone's day as it projects fruitful happenings and the reunification of old friendships.

Raise a glass and enjoy the successes life has brought!
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Upright Health

The Three of Cups health surprises some as it warns that overindulging in festivities could lead to a lack of care for daily habits. Be mindful when celebrating and listen to your body.

Upright Love

Whether it is someone reentering your life or more serious steps being taken with a partner, the Three of Cups upright love predict the start of something new. A new chapter, perhaps an engagement or a first date, will occur.

Upright Money & Career

The Three of Cups money prediction hints at a milestone achievement or another perfectly executed project in the workspace. This will lead to financial wellness and stability!

Three of Cups Reversed Meaning

In opposition to the upright versions, one notices that the Three of Cups reversed signal cancellation or cessation of particular festivities/events.

Could it be flights, plans, or assignments that are unexpectedly being cancelled?
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Reversed Health

Whether there have been a few fun-filled parties or late weekends recently, one thing is certain, your health should become a greater focus. It is advised to slow down, to rest during this period.

Reversed Love

Separation or anxiety could define the Three of Cups reversed love realm. A last-minute date cancellation or a breakup of a close companionship might happen. Feeling distanced from friends tends to be a common theme.

Reversed Money & Career

All of those large projects or meetings in the works may not turn out exactly as planned. Whispers meant to derail your best intentions might spread. Moneywise, there is potential that the recent celebratory actions have stretched the budget thin. Keep an eye on the budget.

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