Two of Cups Tarot Card Meanings: Suit of Cups

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When people come together, two things can happen. Mutual agreement or a power imbalance. Here are the predictions of which route will be the one for you based on the 2 of Cups alignment.

What Does the Two of Cups Tarot Card Mean?

The Two of Cups meaning proposes quite a favorable future with the potential for success in various chapters of life.

Two of Cups Tarot Keywords

Two of Cups keywords are relationships, togetherness, equity, compatibility, & prosperity.

Two of Cups Upright Meaning

The Two of Cups upright promotes coming together as one. It blends different traits and uniqueness into something beautiful and long-lasting.

It is a perfect time to meet up with those you haven't seen in a while!
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Upright Health

Health is wealth, they say, and right now, it is freely flowing! Those healthy daily routines you began are starting to show progress and healing. As a signal of union, try working out or talking with a friend to further increase mental and physical health levels.

Upright Love

A beautiful combination of all things right is what defines the Two of Cups upright love. The links are forming, and a special bond is being built between partners and/or friends. Power differences have leveled out, and emotions are being better expressed. 

Upright Money & Career

Those bank accounts might be looking pretty nice here soon with the Two of Cups money Tarot reading. Helpful and supportive relationships with colleagues are being created, suggesting a more balanced lifestyle, both financially and career-wise.

Two of Cups Reversed Meaning

Unfortunately, that harmony that has been built up appears to be breaking down when the Two of Cups reversed comes into play.

Practicing mindfulness is a healthy habit to implement during this stressful period.
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Reversed Health

Since stress might be playing a significant role, health levels could decline. Be cautious of what your daily routine looks like. It could be beneficial to focus on an enhanced diet and a physical routine that helps your body expel built-up tension.

Reversed Love

The Two of Cups reversed love might signal a red flag that has been ignored but has come to the surface. Relationships may feel a bit rocky, and a power difference might shift to become more unbalanced. 

Reversed Money & Career

Trust and harmony in the office could be deteriorating, as predicted by the Two of Cups reversed career interpretation. Don't lose sight of the budget that has been keeping you on track. You might feel a tendency to want to spend more than what is coming in.

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